January 2021
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Brave Afghan freedom fighters start their spring offensive

After over 10 years of war, the US and Britain seem to have achieved absolutely nothing in Afghanistan. The corrupt, incompetent Karzai puppet government is loathed by most Afghans. And now Karzai is talking about holding elections in 2013, before the foreign troops leave in 2014. In this way, he can resign and scarper with his tribe off to Dubai with their stolen billions before the Afghan people string them up for being thieves and traitors. It will then be left  to his successor, if anybody wants the job, to rule the country till the Afghan freedom fighters and their Taliban mates take over in 2014.

Then the Taliban will drag the country back into the Stone Age. But so what? It’s not our problem. If Afghans threaten us or help our enemies, we should bomb them from thirty thousand feet so we don’t risk our troops’ lives. But if they want to have a civil war or massacre their own people – that’s their prerogative.

Meanwhile our lying PM David Liar Cameron and various military chiefs claim that we are ‘making progress’ in Afghanistan. Please don’t waste our time with your lies Mr Cameron. Nobody believes a word you say any more. With your claims about “we’re all in this together” and about Cornish pasties you bought in a shop which closed five years before you visited it, you have become a national embarrassment and a joke.

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