March 2023
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More pointless deaths in Afghanistan – they shall quickly be forgotten

Yet again there are even more completely pointless deaths of British troops in the disaster that is Afghanistan. No doubt our lying PM David Liar Cameron will stand up in the Commons, read out the names of those killed and say some platitude like “they shall not be forgotten”. Then our hundreds of thieving, self-serving MPs will all nod their heads and grunt in agreement. But not one of these gutless creatures will dare question why our troops are being killed to support an utterly corrupt, incompetent, drug-dealing puppet government that will all scarper to their luxury multimillion pound mansions in Dubai the moment UK and US troops leave. And as for claiming our soldiers’ sacrifice will never be forgotten. What rubbish! It would be interesting if any interviewer had the courage to ask Liar Cameron or any other MP to name say ten soldiers killed in Afghanistan. I doubt most could even name one.

Our MPs are too busy filling their own pockets to give a toss about our troops in Afghanistan and Liar Cameron is occupied having jolly, intimate dinners with rich donors to the Tory party. As for our dead soldiers – they shall be quickly forgotten by the thieving, gutless, greedy scum who sent them to be killed for nothing and who haven’t got the courage to admit the whole thing has been a disaster and it’s time to bring our troops home. At the current rate, we can expect another 40-50 British troops to be killed for absolutely no purpose.

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