May 2024

Does anyone really care what the Iraqis do to each other?

It seems like every day, some mournful politically-correct BBC newsreader reports that some Iraqis have blown some other Iraqis up. But does anyone really care anymore? I believe (like most people) the the Iraq invasion was a war crime based (I believe) on a bunch of blatant lies cobbled together (I believe) by that nice group of chaps – Blair, Campbell, Scarlett and Mandelson. But what’s done is done, though I think most people would love to see that smarmy scumbag Blair prosecuted as a war criminal. Anyway, once Saddam was deposed, the Iraqis had a choice. They could either behave like civilised people and use their huge oil income to build hospitals, schools, roads, electricity plants, water treatment and so on. They could have built a bright future. Or they could have behaved like a bunch of pig-ignorant savages and spent the next ten years gleefully killing each other while incompetent, corrupt politicians stole most of their oil revenues. They chose the latter course. Well good luck to them. May they happily enjoy slaughtering each other for the next hundred years if they want. But it’s not our problem and Iraqis killing each other shouldn’t even be in the news.

Iraq can at least serve as a shining example to other countries of how a nation can destroy its own future through stupidity, intolerance and corruption. All quite sad really.

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