October 2021
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Well done China and India! They’ve told corrupt Barroso where to shove it

Anyone with more than half a brain knows that the earth goes through cycles of warming and cooling driven by the sun’s activity. Furthermore they know that most of the carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere comes from the seas warming (not human activity) and this will be reversed in the next cooling phase. So when the incompetent, corrupt Barroso and his corrupt, wasteful, lying eurocrats tried to get more money to fill their pockets by taxing non-EU airlines flying into and from EU airspace supposedly to reduce emissions, the Chinese and Indians politely told Barroso the Corrupt and his cronies that they could stick their new tax somewhere where the sun doesn’t shine.

But now we have a problem. If Barroso and his corrupt, thieving cronies back down, they’ll lose face. Yet if they don’t back down, thousands of Airbus employees will lose their jobs as China and India cancel orders for their planes. So what is more important – saving European jobs or saving face for the corrupt, thieving, wasteful eurocrats? You guessed it – Barroso and his eurocrats couldn’t give a toss about saving jobs as long as they save face. So they’re refusing to back down on their new tax. What scum, what absolute and utter scum – and they rule us.

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