May 2024

Is it envy which makes us denigrate America’s achievements?

The USA has many faults. But too often these blind us to its achievements. Tens of  millions fled poverty, corruption, oppression and religious intolerance to move to America. For most, this was the best decision they ever made. The USA managed to avoid the corruption, appalling leadership and concentration of wealth in the hands of a few families which we see in all Latin American countries. It managed to avoid the religious intolerance, backwardness and continuous tribal warfare which has meant Arab countries have not advanced in the last five hundred years. It managed to avoid the putrid kleptocracy, incompetent government and rotten social structures of African countries. And it managed to avoid the destruction of democracy by a self-serving bureaucratic ruling class which has allowed the EU to take over Europe.

So while there is much to criticise in the USA, at least it is not a joke like Italy, Greece, Spain and Latin America; at least it isn’t living in the Dark Ages like most Arab countries, at least it is not a basket case like most of Africa and at least there is still some democracy unlike Europe. And maybe those of us still stuck in Latin, Arab, African and European countries are just a little bit envious that the US has achieved a better life for most of its citizens than our own countries.

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