March 2018
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Sacking soldiers while giving bonuses to bureaucrats

The dismal incompetence of this government goes on and on. Now we hear that about 11,000 of our troops are to lose their jobs, meanwhile the over 87,000 civilian bureaucrats at the Ministry of Defence (MoD) continue to get bonuses, presumably for penpushing above and beyond the call of duty. About 3,300 of these penpushers are fortunate enough to work in the recently refurbished MoD HQ in the centre of London just beside the Thames. This building will cost us taxpayers more than £2.3 billion over the next thirty years – £78 million a year. This gives office costs of £23,636 per person per year – an interesting number when you consider that the starting wages of a squaddie are around £16,000 a year and that you can get office space in other UK cities for just £4,000 per person per year.

But as we’re seeing with most of the government’s cuts, the bureaucrats keep their jobs and bonuses, the lower-paid frontline workers get hammered.

And as for the buffoon governor of the Bank of England, while bemoaning the fact that our standard of living may never reach pre-2007 levels, he popped a cool extra £1.4 million of our money into his pension fund. So his standard of living will continue to be beyond the wildest dreams of those who actually pay his salary and pension.

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