February 2022
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Has Putin exposed the West’s irrelevance?

weekend blog

“Massive, devastating” sanctions?

As Mad Vlad the Bad’s tanks roll across Ukraine, the West’s leaders have issued bloodcurdling threats about the supposedly “massive” and “devastating” sanctions they will impose on Russia. The UK for example, has temporarily frozen the London assets of five Russian banks, taken some sort of action (I’m not clear […]

Snivelling, spoilt, self-indulgent, narcissistic brats?

Wednesday/Thursday/Friday blog

Spoilt, miserable, demanding, ill-disciplined brats?

If you read the Sunday Times, you’ll probably have noticed that in the Rod Liddle column last Sunday, Liddle quotes the brilliant US writer and satirist PJ O’Rourke who died last week. “At the core of liberalism is the spoilt child — miserable, as all spoilt children are, […]

China outmanoeuvres us again and again and again?

Monday/Tuesday blog

China’s hungry dragon

I’ll start with a fact that many readers may not be aware of: China was the fifth-largest petroleum and other liquids producer in the world in 2019.

But China has a more than small problem. China’s consumption of petroleum products (the blue line on the chart below) is growing while […]

Are global temperatures really rising?

weekend blog

(If you’ve read my book – THERE IS NO CLIMATE CRISIS – there’s probably no need to read this weekend’s blog)

I’d like to start by using a chart I used a couple of days ago:

(left-click on image, then left-click again to see more clearly)

The chart shows global […]

Well done you! You’ve managed to slow down global warming, say scientists

Wednesday/Thursday blog

Are we getting Global Warming under control?

I’ll try to keep it short today as I imagine, when you hear the latest great news from “scientists”, you’ll all want to rush out and celebrate.

According to “scientists”: ‘Worst-case’ climate change scenarios with up to 4ºC or 5ºC of warming are no longer possible’, […]

The first casualty?

Monday/Tuesday blog

I assume most readers know the following well-known quote;

I mention this because I’m becoming increasingly concerned at the way the Russia/Ukraine situation is being reported by the British press.

But let’s start with the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis

Who started the Cuban Missile Crisis?

If I remember correctly, the […]

Sorry – but I agree with Putin

Friday/weekend blog

I admit some bias as I studied Russian language, literature and history and spent several months there when it was the Soviet Union.

But, knowing a little about Russian history, I believe that in the current more than minor contretemps between Putin and the West, Putin is quite justified in demanding that NATO […]

Chief scientific advisers? Or just lefty, freedom-hating state-control freaks?

Wednesday/Thursday blog

Scratch a liberal, find a fascist?

There’s a saying “Scratch a liberal, find a fascist”. The logic is clear. While those on the right believe in individual freedom and personal choice, the liberal left believe that the state knows best and that the state should be given total control over people’s lives.

Here’s […]

V*ccin*tions? Or crimes against humanity

Monday/Tuesday blog

(I’m afraid it’s vaccines again)

We’re now more than two years into the Chinese Wuhan lab-leaked plague and so can start to look at what effect, if any, the miracle vaccines have had.

There are various figures we could use – overall infections, hospitalisations, ICU numbers, Covid deaths etc etc. To simplify things, […]

Are the miracle v*ccines h*rming our children?

weekend blog

I’m no statistician, so I might have got this all wrong. But I’ll try to explain it anyway.

The figures below all come from a recent Office for National Statistics (ONS) report which looked at death rates by age group for the vaccinated and unvaccinated:

I’ll start with a summary table: