August 2022
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Serial killer ‘Islamophobe’ in US is ….. ooops ……. a Muslim

Friday/weekend blog

Imagine the outrage

Can you imagine the mainstream media reaction if a white American serial killer was stalking a medium-sized US city (population about 500,000) murdering only Muslim men? Can you imagine the hours and hours and hours the BBC and C4 News and Sky News would spend on the story? Can you […]

What, if anything, do our police actually do?

Monday/Tuesday blog

Wonderful news from our police bosses

Hopefully, you’ll have been as excited as I was to learn about our police bosses’ latest brilliant plan – the Police Race Action Plan.

Our police proudly announced their great idea a few days ago:

The Police Race Action Plan has been developed jointly by the National […]

A reader asked: “why is there a high crime rate among black Americans?”

Friday/weekend blog

Following my previous blog in which I pointed out that 89.5% of all African-Americans murdered in the USA were murdered by other African-Americans, a reader asked “why is there a high crime rate among black Americans?”

So, let me start to suggest an answer for the US and also make some observations about […]

The African-American Philosophers Society strikes again

Tuesday blog

Hopefully most readers know about the entertaining incident at the recent Oscars when one member of the African-American Philosophers Society – a Mr William Smith – thumped another member of the African-American Philosophers Society during a discussion about the purpose of human existence or whatever:

To show that this is […]

Let’s give them billions! No, let’s give them trillions!

Friday/weekend blog

Hidden censorship blocking my book?

I want to write about money today, big money, big amounts of our money. But first just a brief little story about my latest book THERE IS NO CLIMATE CRISIS.

In March, when I decided to write THERE IS NO CLIMATE CRISIS, I emailed my literary agent asking […]

African billionaires thank you for your generous stupidity

Monday/Tuesday blog

Today – two stories about how we get fleeced when we think we’re giving to charities in Africa.

Story 1 – Ethiopian billionaires laughing at our gullibility

It makes you proud to be British, Last week the UK Government decided to chuck another £29m into supposedly tackling starvation in Ethiopia. Here’s part of […]

Why are so many non-blacks employed? Why are so many blacks unemployed?

Monday/Tuesday blog

The perpetually outraged are outraged yet again

There was a brief burst of outrage last week by those who spend their lives trying to find something to be outraged about. The reason for the outrage was a new report on levels of youth unemployment by ethnicity from the Office for National Statistics (ONS).


Dear Merseyside police – is this a parody?

Monday/Tuesday blog

You can’t be serious, can you?

Below is a short (less than 2 minutes) video apparently put out by the Merseyside police in support of a LGBT++ day or week or month or year or whatever.

When I first saw it, I assumed it was a parody mocking our increasingly progressive, liberal, intersectional, […]

Trust the mainstream media – to lie and lie and lie

Weekend blog

Saint Marcus of Rashford MBE not racially abused after all

What a week! After 5 days of being assured that horrific, racist comments were spray-painted on a mural of a footballer and modern-day saint, Saint Marcus of Rashford MBE, the Greater Manchester Police (GMP) have done a screeching reverse ferret. A police spokesperson […]

Let the corrupt Chinese vaccinate the billions of poor in the corrupt Third-World

Friday/weekend blog

As usual it’s us ‘racist’ Whities who have to pay

Here we go again. The UK is bankrupt. The EU is bankrupt. The US is bankrupt. Why? Mainly because of a rapidly-mutating, highly-infectious plague leaked from dirty, toilet-level labs by corrupt Chinese virologists trying to create new bioweapons working for the corrupt Chinese […]