October 2023

Who was really responsible for the Russia/Ukraine war?

Monday/Tuesday blog

Rumours that the West wanted to fight Russia to the last Ukrainian

Ever since the Russian invasion of Ukraine, there have been rumours that the West pressured Zelensky to ditch peace talks with Russia as the West hoped that a prolongued war between Ukraine and Russia would weaken Russia making the country less […]

Will Israel exist in 5 years’ time?

Friday/weekend blog

I have little understanding of and, luckily for the world, no influence on what happens in the Middle East. But looking at the situation, I wonder if any of our leaders have the slightest understanding of where things may be heading either.

Has Israel missed a trick?

Israel must feel it is damned […]

Can Labour really be any worse?

Thursday/Friday blog

Borrow borrow borrow – as if there’s no tomorrow

The UK’s debt is now £2,629,377,653,182. Though it will be a lot higher by the time I finish writing this blog as it’s increasing by over £2,000 every second:

United Kingdom Debt Clock: British National Debt Grow By The Second

Here’s the chart […]

“You’re making me feel uncomfortable” says Gen-Z

Wednesday blog

I’ll only leave this up for one day as it’s not particularly insightful and nobody is interested in my boring little life.

Not having children and doing most of my administration on the Internet, thus avoiding bank branches and call centres, I don’t have much contact with the younger generation. But I found […]

I have a horrible feeling Hamas have won

Monday/Tuesday blog

Of course we don’t know what’s going to happen in the Israel/Palestine/Hamas imbroglio. And many more much more intelligent people than myself will speak and write millions of words about the situation. But I have a worrying suspicion that Hamas has already won. Here’s why:

Whatever the Israelis do will be ‘wrong’ The […]

How the government became our enemy

weekend blog

I did have a blog I wanted to write this weekend. But then I came across this (IMHO) excellent article from The Daily Sceptic:

The writer puts forward a similar position to the one Neil Oliver presents in his YouTube monologues.

I recommend readers to sign up for The Daily Sceptic daily […]

In pursuit of ‘likes’ in the Age of Inanity

Friday blog

I’ll just leave this up for one day as it’s not adding a great deal to the sum total of human knowledge.

I’ve just got back from a week on the Côte d’Azur. In the flat I was renting they had Netflix on the TV and my partner started watching a series called […]

The lies they tell us

Wednesday/Thursday blog

Whenever we’re given a new supposedly ‘official’ figure by our rulers, it usually is neccessary to do a little detective work to find out if we’re being deliberately lied to.

The EV fires lies

There’s an example of this in my previous blog in which I examined a government spokesperson’s claim that EVs […]

A government spokesperson says “EVs are safe”

Tuesday blog

Don’t believe anything till the government denies it

Following the Luton Airport carbecue, a government spokesperson reassured us that EVs are just as safe as other types of car: “There is no evidence that electric vehicle fires are more likely to occur than petrol or diesel vehicle fires and it remains safe to […]

The Luton airport carbecue – will we ever be told the truth?

Monday blog

The key point I took from this short video was that the fire was nowhere near the back of the car where the fuel tank would have been situated. So it cannot have been the diesel fuel which was powering the blaze. It seems odd that this more than important detail doesn’t seem […]