July 2021
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Sunday Times spewing out climate catastrophist nonsense

Monday/Tuesday blog

Sincere apologies – it’s climate change yet again and again

I wanted to write about something different. But then I read the Sunday Times yesterday. It seems the formerly serious Sunday Times has swallowed the catastrophic anthropogenic climate change nonsense hook, line and sinker.

Here’s the headline of one of the Sunday Times’s […]

A flood of lies – as usual

Friday/weekend blog

Sorry – it’s climate change yet again today

Here’s the start of an article in Thursday’s (yesterday’s) Daily Telegraph:

Gushing water turned streets into rivers in the Chinese city of Zhengzhou, with levels so high that cars were floating at the same height as traffic lights. People waded through, looking for their children […]

Wildfires? Or wild lies?

Wednesday/Thursday blog

Proof that Australians are smarter than Brits?

Yesterday evening I watched probably the worst crap I have ever seen on a TV. It was the Sky News Climate Show – about 15 minutes of utter and total garbage about how we are all about to die from supposed catastrophic global warming.

It’s odd […]

Trust the mainstream media – to lie and lie and lie

Weekend blog

Saint Marcus of Rashford MBE not racially abused after all

What a week! After 5 days of being assured that horrific, racist comments were spray-painted on a mural of a footballer and modern-day saint, Saint Marcus of Rashford MBE, the Greater Manchester Police (GMP) have done a screeching reverse ferret. A police spokesperson […]

Are we really all Klu Klux Klan racists?

Wednesday – Friday blog

Are we really all rabid racists?

I have been slightly perturbed by the reaction of the media and politicians to the pathetic performance of the English football team against Italy last Sunday. In fact, almost nobody mentioned the lacklustre wandering around the pitch by the English football team. Instead, in the […]

Lying media lie and lie and lie like never before

Monday to Wednesday blog

The rise and rise and rise of media lying?

We’ve always known that all media lie when it comes to politics. For example, the Daily Telegraph and Daily Mail will always urinate over everything the Labour Party does and the Guardian and Mirror and Independent will always defecate over everything the […]

Are most of us really in mixed-race relationships like we see on TV?

Friday/weekend blog

First – a bit of climate news

Hopefully you’ve all been driven to bed-wetting terror by the ‘frightening’ reports on the BBC and C4 News of record heat and a few heat-linked deaths in Canada. Clearly, this one weather event proves that man-made global warming is going to fry us all.

But the […]

Is Sir David ‘Antarctica’ King coming to destroy your life?

Sunday – Tuesday blog

(Now I’ve finished writing my book THERE IS NO CLIMATE CRISIS, I’m planning to go from two blogs a week to three or even more)

In today’s blog, I will not mention my wonderful new book THERE IS NO CLIMATE CRISIS:

Nor will I suggest you buy a […]

Ha-ha-ha-ha! Made in China crap vaccine doesn’t work

Friday/weekend blog

Well, well, who would have thunk it? It seems that the crap Made in China vaccine doesn’t work.

Chile has probably the leading level of vaccination of any South American country and is close to the levels of Israel and the UK and above the US level:

(to see the charts more clearly, […]

Will they demolish your home to make way for a windfarm?

(Friday/weekend blog)

There are so many examples of the mindboggling stupidity of the global warming alarmists’ and politicians’ rush into supposed ‘clean, CO2-free, renewable energy’ that it’s difficult to choose which is the most ludicrous. But today I’ll just pick one that I haven’t seen covered in any media – the amount of land that […]