January 2021
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“Record cold temperatures don’t mean the Earth isn’t warming” Duh!

(Monday/Tuesday blog)

“Record cold temperatures don’t mean the Earth isn’t warming”

On the news yesterday, I heard that somewhere in China had registered its coldest day since records began. Meanwhile in the USA, snowfalls in 2019 and 2020 have started earlier than they have for at least the last 40 years. This year Australia is […]

Can we believe anything our ‘scientists’ and ‘experts’ claim nowadays?

(Friday/weekend blog)

As I’m sure you know, studies of the demographic profile of victims of Xi’s Wuhan lab-released Chinese plague have shown that people from Black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME) communities are more likely to have serious health complications and are more likely to die from the Wu-Flu than white ethnic Brits.

Cue – […]

Boris – you ain’t no Churchill!

(Monday/Tuesday blog)

Churchill’s greatness

In 2015, prior to becoming our great leader, our (IMHO) pathetic, sex-obsessed excuse for a Prime Minister published a book about Winston Churchill – THE CHURCHILL FACTOR How one man made history.

One reader reviewing the book on Amazon gave Boris’s book the lowest possible rating and wrote: “THE CHURCHILL FACTOR […]

Is our ‘wonderful’ NHS actually doing any work at all?

(weekend blog)

I obviously haven’t a clue about what is really happening in the NHS. Though I have ghost-written and published one book about the NHS – WHO CARES? by Amanda Steane and I was married to a (female) cancer surgeon for over 20 years. But I have a nagging suspicion that in many A&E […]

Boris Johnson brain scan reveals horrifying truth

(Thursday/Friday blog)

Boris Johnson’s terrifying brain scan results

Sometimes the stupidity of politicians amazes even a cynic like me.

In the last election, the Tories won a stonking 80-seat majority by breaking through Labour’s ‘Red Wall’. While Labour were pushing woke greeny crap and identity politics and globalist anti-British propaganda, the Tories (guided by Cummings […]

Debunking Climate Change bunkum – again and again and again

(Monday blog)

Is CO2 really a significant part of the Earth’s atmosphere?

Here’s a rather important graphic:

It shows the proportion of man-made CO2 in the Earth’s atmosphere. The man-made CO2 is that tiny little section in the lower right-hand corner.

The Greenies and Ecoloons and Extinction Rebellion cultists like to try […]

Are the Democrats turning the USA into a banana republic?

(Wednesday blog)

Who really won the US election? Who knows? And will we ever know?

As Trump keeps claiming massive election vote-rigging, the British mainstream media keep claiming there is absolutely no evidence for Trump’s claims of election fraud.

Well, of course there’s no evidence yet as no investigations have yet been conducted into some […]

It’s not ‘Conspiracy’, it’s just ‘Contempt’

(Friday/weekend blog)

As the mainstream media delight in Trump losing to Biden, perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised at the US election result. For more than four years virtually all the mainstream media has attacked, belittled and ridiculed Trump. For four years the mainstream media has tried to overturn the 2016 election result by promoting the […]

Do ‘lead’ and ‘lag’ indicators expose our rulers’ stupidity and lies?

(Tuesday blog)

The importance of ‘lead’ and ‘lag’ indicators

I have to start today’s blog with a very brief explanation of ‘lead’ and ‘lag’ indicators. Apologies if you already understand this. But as our supposed ‘scientists’ and journalists and politicians don’t seem to have a clue about ‘lead’ and ‘lag’ indicators and, as understanding this […]

Imperial College vs Kings College – “University Covid-19 Exaggeration Challenge”?

(weekend blog)

WTF is really happening?

If you are unfortunate enough to watch either the BBC or C4 News about the spread of Xi Pingpong’s Chinese lab-manufactured plague, it’s most likely the figures you’ll see quoted will come from the (IMHO) totally discredited Imperial College in London. London’s Imperial College is where the now famous […]