October 2020
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In Pakistan today at least 3 Christian girls aged 6-14 will be kidnapped, gang-raped and forced to convert and marry

(Wednesday/Thursday blog)

First some good news

KANDAHAR, Afghanistan, Oct. 13 (Xinhua) — Ten Taliban militants were killed as their vehicle ran over a mine planted by the group in Afghanistan’s southern Kandahar province on Monday, Kandahar police spokesman Jamal Barikzai said Tuesday.

According to the official, a group of Taliban militants planted mine on a […]

How the howling media mob panicked our pathetic politicians?

(Wednesday/ Thursday blog)

You can’t expect Einsteinian insights from a 600- to 700-word blog (with pictures for the hard-of-understanding) written at 05.00 in the morning. But I think I’m beginning to understand how our rulers allowed our economy to be trashed by the Xi Pingpong’s Wuhan flu and what to do about it now.

That […]

Is the Earth round? Does it go round the Sun? Is our climate cyclical?

(Friday/weekend blog)

Please do NOT look at the chart below!

Why not? Because it suggests that our climate changes in cycles alternating between warm and cold. And some lunatics (like myself) even believe that the cyclical nature of our climate might have something to do with the fact that most planets in our solar […]

“Snowfalls are now just a thing of the past”

(Wednesday blog)

I’m not going to comment on the US presidential debate as it will take time to sift through all the lies and distortions from the Trump-loathing, Biden-adoring lying UK mainstream media.

“Snowfalls are now just a thing of the past”

Let’s imagine we’d just had a blistering hot September and all the snow […]

Trump kicks China’s *ss at the UN

(Monday blog)

Covid-19 melts snowflakes

Never in human history has there been so much whining, bleating and moaning by such total drips about so little.

I am, of course, referring to Britain’s woke, selfie-adoring, social-media-obsessed, snowflake students. As new cases of the Wuhan flu soar amongst student populations, a few thousand of the 700,000 or […]

Has Trump been one of the most successful US presidents ever?

(weekend blog)

Croydon is multi-culturally enriched?

Given the amount of time it has taken our rulers to release any details of the Croydon police murderer, I think we can safely assume that the person has a multi-culturally enriching background. Though curiously we were quickly told the suspect was “autistic”. I guess our rulers are preparing […]

Is Joe Biden the new El ‘Private Godfrey’ Cid?

(Thursday blog)

Today I wanted to focus on Joe Biden’s increasingly obvious and increasingly worrying mental decline as we never hear anything about this in the Trump-loathing, Democrat-adoring UK mainstream media.

I don’t know how many readers are old enough to remember the 1961 film El Cid starring Charlton Heston and Sophia Loren:

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Was Friday evening’s “Millionaire” a fix?

(weekend blog – this weekend, a less serious subject than usual)

Like probably many millions of others, I watched Friday evening’s “WHO WANTS TO BE A MILLIONAIRE?”. And like probably many millions of others I saw the contestant, Donald Fear, win one million pounds. After all, there had been loads of stories in the mainstream […]

Sky News says Global Warming is total bollox

(Tuesday blog)

Oh dear, nobody understands me

First I wanted to correct what seems to be a misunderstanding over yesterday’s blog. In the blog I featured what I thought was a brilliant piece from Sky News (Australia). This suggested our rulers would use the same tactics they have used to crush us into submission to […]

How low will the lying, progressive, libtard, Trump-hating media go?

(weekend blog)

Australia’s fascist biased BLM-loving police?

Yesterday I wrote a blog about how the Australian state of Victoria sent its police to arrest a pregnant woman for supposed “incitement”. Her ‘crime’ was to write something on Facebook encouraging people to take part in a protest about Victoria premier Daniel ‘China’ Andrews’s draconian State of […]