October 2021
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West goes woke/broke – China’s masterstroke?

Friday/weekend blog

Britain goes woke and broke?

As the UK rushes headlong towards the ‘renewable energy’ Nirvana which obsesses our scientifically-challenged, Greta-worshipping rulers, our climate catastrophist media seem somewhat reluctant to mention the practical economically-disastrous consequences.

Firstly, there seems to be little understanding that our energy prices are already over three times those in China […]

Are we living through the collapse of Western civilisation?

Thursday/weekend blog

Whatever I write about in this blog – government waste, our useless political leaders, the climate change doomsday cult nonsense, the BLM crazies, immigration, […]

Do we want our military to be wokies or warriors?

Friday/weekend blog

Lions led by limp-wristed tossers?

It is little wonder that the USA/UK and Western forces lost the Iraq, Afghanistan, Libyan wars. Troops on the ground and air forces risked their lives, but the senior officers, civil servants and politicians were incompetent. They mixed up ‘fighting the enemy’ with ‘aid and humanitarian mission’, and […]

An excellent week for Afghanistan?

Wednesday/Thursday blog

Great bleating and moaning from the holier-than-thou elites

Oh dear. As Afcrapistan falls under Taliban control, there is much wailing and bleating and moaning from our moral superiors. After all, as the Western NGOs and do-gooders scarper, who will be left to teach the poor Afghans about climate change and gender fluidity and […]

Victory in Afghanistan! For China!

Friday/weekend blog

China conquers Afghanistan – without firing a shot

When the U.S. announced its full withdrawal from Afghanistan, the supposed ‘experts’ warned us that there was a risk the Taliban could reconquer the country in ‘as little as 90 days’. Being a cynic, I guessed that it would only take the Taliban crazies nine […]

A flood of lies – as usual

Friday/weekend blog

Sorry – it’s climate change yet again today

Here’s the start of an article in Thursday’s (yesterday’s) Daily Telegraph:

Gushing water turned streets into rivers in the Chinese city of Zhengzhou, with levels so high that cars were floating at the same height as traffic lights. People waded through, looking for their children […]

Tainted Tedros turns on his Chinese masters?

Monday/Tuesday blog

Best friends for life?

Here are (IMHO) two of possibly the world’s greatest modern mass murderers:

So far they are only responsible or about 5 million deaths directly due to the lab-leaked Chinese Wuhan plague plus maybe another 5 million due to people unable to get treatment for other conditions […]

“He’s not transgender – he has a dick, he has a penis and testicles!”

Wednesday/Thursday blog

The rise and rise and rise of China

Every day, China gets stronger. China is building up its military:

China is concreting over coral atolls in the South China Sea turning them into military bases:

China is pouring money into the offshore bank accounts of corrupt Third-world […]

Will corrupt Third-worlders and their corrupt doctors kill us all?

Monday – Thursday blog

It was predictable – corruption from corrupt cesspits of corruption

So, later today we can expect our Prime Minister, Prince Nut Nut, to announce yet another four weeks of lockdown. Why? Because this idiot, Prince Nut Nut, allowed 20,000 Indians, most of whom probably had fake Chinese plague test certificates to […]

Let the corrupt Chinese vaccinate the billions of poor in the corrupt Third-World

Friday/weekend blog

As usual it’s us ‘racist’ Whities who have to pay

Here we go again. The UK is bankrupt. The EU is bankrupt. The US is bankrupt. Why? Mainly because of a rapidly-mutating, highly-infectious plague leaked from dirty, toilet-level labs by corrupt Chinese virologists trying to create new bioweapons working for the corrupt Chinese […]