August 2020
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Captain Tom vs today’s bleating, blubbing bed-wetters

(Friday blog)

Captain Tom vs today’s bleating bed-wetters

Anyone watching the TV programme yesterday evening about the life of Captain Sir Tom Moore got a glimpse of how great Britain could have been if we hadn’t become a country of whining, self-regarding, victim-status-claiming, bleating, blubbing bed-wetters.

BBC Breakfast can always be relied on to give […]

Why was Covid-19 downgraded by ‘experts’ just days before UK put into lockdown?

(Monday/Tuesday blog)

Utterly useless government run by Bojo the Clown?

I agree that the UK government’s response to Xi Pingpong’s Covid-19 Chinese plague has been disastrous:

the UK has the second highest rate of deaths per million of population in Europe Hancock, Williamson, Sharma and all the the other lightweight politicians have been worse than […]

What the hell is going on in the world now?

(Wednesday/Thursday blog)

Hey Gweilo! Wanna buy Chinese gord? Velly cheap! Velly good quarity!

First a rather amusing story from the land of plagues and fake goods. There’s lots of gold in filthy, corrupt, disease-spreading China. But not all of it is velly good quarity. In fact, like most things that come out of China, a […]

A climate emergency and a Chinese virus – 50 years ago

(weekend blog)

I think we’ve been here before

Can you imagine a situation in which the world’s leading supposed ‘climate scientists’ are predicting a global climate catastrophe which will result in tens of millions of deaths and then suddenly a new flu virus originates in China and becomes a pandemic spreading throughout the world infecting […]

Manipulate the media you muttonheads!

(Thursday blog)

Just a short ramble today.

Today’s sensationalist-generating, clickbait, self-serving, dishonest, news-twisting media has a tendency to brand anyone it features as either a ‘hero’ or a ‘villain’.

All NHS workers, for example, are heroes even though some were complicit in turfing over 15,000 patients out of hospital (without testing them for the Chinese […]

Will the UK be the world’s winner – with number of Covid-19 deaths?

(weekend blog)

Britain proudly shoots up the world premier league

As you’ll all have probably noticed – in the daily Downing Street briefings, our rulers no longer show us the chart with the trend of Chinese Covid-19 plague deaths by country. The list below probably shows why. With 542 deaths per million of population, the […]

BBC’s horror as brilliant Trump tears the World Health Organisation to pieces

(Wednesday/ Thursday blog)

Absolute horror at the BBC this week as brilliant President Trump sent a letter to the useless, China-ass-licking, incompetent, corrupt, self-serving, ludicrously misnamed World Health Organisation (WHO) giving an ultimatum – either the WHO reforms within 30 days or else the US will withdraw all funding.

Quickly the BBC rushed to defend […]

US Democrats claim Covid-19 came from Europe

(Thursday blog)

Today’s blog will be short.

The video below is so shockingly deceitful, it really doesn’t need much commentary.

As you all know, when President Trump called the Coronavirus “the Chinese virus” there were howls of outrage from the US and UK mainstream media calling Trump a “racist” and “xenophobe” and accusing him of […]

Australians threatened by China. Will they grovel like we do?

(Wednesday blog)

You won’t see this story on the sinophiliac BBC (Beijing Broadcasting Corporation?) nor on the West-hating C4 News (which I guess now stands for China 4 News?). But it’s possibly quite important as it reveals how powerful China has actually become and how impotent our rulers are because we have become so dependent […]