August 2022
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Hey proles! How will you spend your “carbon budget”?

Monday/Tuesday blog

Yesterday’s dystopia becomes today’s reality?

Regular readers will know that, in addition to trying to promote my own book about climate catastrophism – THERE IS NO CLIMATE CRISIS – I have several times recommended journalist Ross Clark’s satirical novel about climate lunacy – THE DENIAL:

In his novel, Ross Clark […]

The globalist elites make fools of us all

Friday/weekend blog

My apologies for the bad language in this blog. But I just couldn’t find any other way of expressing what the globalist elites are doing to us all.

The W.H.O. defecates on us

First two pieces of great news from the World Health Organisation:

On 24 May 2022 (last week), the (IMHO) utterly […]

Have any of our idiotic rulers understood the “Resources Powershift”?

Monday/Tuesday blog

I realise that most of my readers are highly intelligent and well-informed. They are certainly much more intelligent and better-informed than the politicians who have somehow crawled their way into lucrative positions of power over us and the media prostitutes who regularly preach to us unwashed, pig-ignorant plebs about how we should think […]

Time to learn some new words and concepts?

weekend blog

We live in new and exciting times:

We have almost destroyed our economy and burdened the next 5 to 10 generations with unrepayable levels of debt in order to fight a virus leaked from a US-funded Chinese lab which has a mortality rate of less than 1%. To put the WuFlu’s mortality rate […]

Hey Ceylon, maybe you’d have been better off as a British colony?

Thursday blog

Looting – Sri Lanka’s favourite national sport?

As you probably know, the once glorious island paradise of Sri Lanka is bankrupt and descending into a failed state. The three main reasons seem to me to be:

decades of utterly incompetent government massive, unrepayable loans, especially from China’s Belt and Road debt colonialism/enslavement alleged […]

China loves Russia’s Ukraine war and the West’s supposed ‘sanctions’

Tuesday blog

Kicking ourselves in the testicles with both feet?

Have you ever tried jumping in the air while shouting “I support net zero” and “Down with Putin” while kicking yourself in the balls with both feet at the same time? I haven’t tried this. And I imagine it’s quite difficult to do. And possibly […]

China buys Jamaica?

Monday blog

Just a short one today.

Moving on?

As you probably know, Jamaica’s PM told Prince William last week that Jamaica is “moving on” and embracing its destiny as an independent country, later calling the Caribbean nation’s switch to a republican model “inevitable”.

Though it seem as if Jamaica would like to […]

How the arrogance of victors causes the next war?

Monday/Tuesday blog

Humiliating your enemy

British Treasury official, John Maynard Keynes was so disgusted by the punitive conditions being imposed on Germany at the Treaty of Versailles, that he resigned from the negotiations and began work on The Economic Consequences of the Peace. The first print run of 5,000 copies was published in December 1919 […]

Will Russia and China be at each other’s throats one day?

weekend blog

For several years, I have been writing about the utter stupidity of the West alienating Russia by absorbing ever more former Warsaw Pact countries into NATO thus moving NATO tanks, troops and missiles ever closer to Russia’s borders. This is especially stupid because we have been pushing Russia into the arms of our […]

Has Putin exposed the West’s irrelevance?

weekend blog

“Massive, devastating” sanctions?

As Mad Vlad the Bad’s tanks roll across Ukraine, the West’s leaders have issued bloodcurdling threats about the supposedly “massive” and “devastating” sanctions they will impose on Russia. The UK for example, has temporarily frozen the London assets of five Russian banks, taken some sort of action (I’m not clear […]