April 2022
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Watch out babies! Pfizer and Moderna Jabbermen are gonna get you too!

weekend blog

First, a reader wrote that he couldn’t find any reference of the study of 1,305 children aged 5 to 11 which the European Medicines Agency (EMA) used as the basis approving giving the mRNA vaccine to children. So, here’s the link to the official EMA announcement which I quoted from in my blog:


Watch out kids! Jabberman is coming to get you!

Thursday/Friday blog

I’m afraid it’s jabs for kids again today because I believe this story is important.

I just wanted to do two things:

recap two issues from my Tuesday/Wednesday blog look at a new assault on our kids by the jab-fanatics – Jabberman

Fooled by the vaccine fanatics? Yet again?

There […]

Is a sample size of 16 really a reliable basis for v*ccinating millions of children?

Tuesday/Wednesday blog

I just wanted to briefly compare two scientific studies of the effectiveness and effects of the mRNA ‘miracle’ v*ccines:

Effectiveness – the European Medicines Agency

Here’s what the European Medicines Agency (EMA) announced on 25 November 2021 when justifying giving tens of millions of children the mRNA v*ccine:

EMA’s human medicines committee (CHMP) […]

Putin and his rotten, corrupt, murderous, barbaric Orc army

Sunday/Monday blog

First a bit of nonsense. Then the serious stuff.

Azog, Putin and the Orcs

I saw a bit of a film on TV on Saturday evening. It was the third part of Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings trilogy – The Battle of the Five Armies.

The piece I saw featured the evil […]

Do we have too many “Yes Ministers”?

weekend blog

Back to slightly more serious stuff. But nothing too controversial. Here’s an aspect of our greedy, self-serving, net-zero-obsessed, incompetent government of which readers might not have been aware:

Yes Ministers?

One of the many ways for MPs to increase the amounts of our money they can pocket is by becoming government ministers. In […]

Do you have a newspaper, magazine or TV subscription?

Friday blog

I don’t normally write about myself. That’s not the purpose of either my blog or my books. But I thought this little story might amuse or even help some readers.

Netflix crashes and burns

As readers will know, with the cost of living shooting up at much more than the official inflation rate […]

Hey Ceylon, maybe you’d have been better off as a British colony?

Thursday blog

Looting – Sri Lanka’s favourite national sport?

As you probably know, the once glorious island paradise of Sri Lanka is bankrupt and descending into a failed state. The three main reasons seem to me to be:

decades of utterly incompetent government massive, unrepayable loans, especially from China’s Belt and Road debt colonialism/enslavement alleged […]

An unbelievable degree of stupidity?

Tuesday/Wednesday blog

The Blair creature rises again

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but the (IMHO) repulsive, lying war criminal, Tony Blair, has thrust his way back into the fawning media. This week he’s getting media attention by claiming that 70% of all young people should go to university. At the moment the figure is […]

We all want more migration and more enrichment, don’t we?

Monday blog

Multi-cultural enrichment reaches Ireland

As all the usual handwringers and their progressive, holier-than-thou UK-haters in the mainstream media howl and scream about the UK Government’s plan to screen illegal migrants in Rwanda, I thought I might bring you a short, heart-warming story of migration, diversity and multi-cultural enrichment from Ireland.

The story features […]

Hotter/colder/wetter/drier than average. Argghh, we’re all going to die!!

Weekend blog

I have taken the liberty of copying (below) the summary from the latest report on the Earth’s climate from the Global Warming Policy Foundation (GWPF) – The state of the climate in 2021

(If I have breached Copyright, I will happily delete the GWPF summary from this blog)

Here’s the full 54-page report: