March 2024

How we lost Britain

Friday – weekend blog

I hope this works. I thought readers might find this chart informative. It shows how the ethnic make-up of London’s population has changed over the years of Britain’s open-borders migrant invasion. What has happened in London is becoming reality for most of our major cities.

Enjoy this glimpse into the […]

Even Hitler thinks Sunak is a disaster

Thursday blog

Sometimes you have to forget the disaster the fake Tories are inflicting on us and just have a laugh:

Do you have a ‘really interesting’ life story?

Friday-weekend blog

Some years ago, I was in touch with a news service (SWNS) about one of my books. Since then I get occasional messages from SWNS asking for ‘interesting’ stories from people with ‘interesting’ lives. Here’s an extract from the latest SWNS email. I’m blogging about this as it shows the utterly trivial drivel […]

Maybe we spend far too much on defence?

Tuesday-Thursday blog

All the mainstream media are saying it – “The world is becoming much more dangerous so Britain needs to spend more on defence”. And as we found out during the Covid lab-leaked plague disaster and are slowly finding out about the man-made climate apocalypse global boiling nonsense, when all the mainstream media agree […]

Nobody seems to care when our friends from the Most Peaceful Religion slaughter each other

weekend blog

I suppose there will be another huge hate march in London this weekend accusing Israel of murder and genocide and whatever. None of us knows how many civilians have been killed in Gaza – anyone who trusts anything said by the ludicrously-misnamed Hamas-run Gaza Health Authority needs their head examined. But what I […]

The real cancer killing us is the uselessness of our failing NHS

Wednesday-Friday blog

NHS worshippers’ lies

At the weekend, I used the latest Office for National Statistics figures to show that NHS England staff levels had increased by 30% to 40% in most medical and non-medical departments over the last 10 years (2013 to 2023) whereas the population of England had only increased by around 7%. […]

Don’t be fooled by the NHS’s “lack of staff” lies

Monday-Tuesday blog

NHS England’s ‘understaffing’

At the weekend, I wrote a blog using the latest Office for National Statistics numbers to show that NHS staffing in the NHS England had hugely increased between 2013 and 2023, in spite of just a 7% increase in England’s population over the 10 years and a very small increase […]

The illusion of freedom

Monday-Tuesday blog

I wanted to write about something else. But to avoid legal problems, I need to wait for a certain situation to evolve before throwing in my ignorant contribution.

The illusion of freedom

Anyone who watches the Neil Oliver monologues available on YouTube will be aware of his hypothesis that the idea of democracy […]

Another ‘death jab’ coming to a doctor’s surgery near you?

weekend blog

Roll up, roll up your sleeve for the mystery jab

(with apologies to the Beatles’ Magical Mystery Tour)

A few weeks ago, I got an sms message from my local NHS surgery offering me a jab commonly given to infants and those of more mature years – the pneumococcal vaccine. From what little […]