March 2019
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650 lying, cowardly thieves – enemies of the people

(weekend blog)

What to say? It’s not the job of this blog to regurgitate the stories and opinions already appearing in the mainstream media. Instead my intention is to find stories the mainstream media won’t cover and to back these up with facts and figures. However, after the chaotic scenes of the last few weeks, […]

Third-world London knife crime “nuffink to do wiv immigration!”

(Friday blog)

I’m not sure how many people have been stabbed, shot and/or murdered in London so far this year. But I know there have been more than one a day this week. And I suspect that London’s fabulous, selfless, public-servant mayor, Sadiq Khan, will be going for a record year in 2019.

As the […]

Convert, submit or die – you choose

(Thursday blog)

First let me say that I have no opinions about today’s blog. To dare to express an opinion might risk being considered as a criminal offence by our UK-hating Plods. So I am merely quoting what a revered cleric from our most favouritest religion says.

This distinguished, peace-loving, tolerant gentleman makes it very […]

Europe to welcome teeming millions

(Wednesday blog)

Europe ideal for migrants

Following on yesterday’s blog about how our rulers are secretly turning the supposedly “non-binding” UN Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration into a legally binding agreement, I’ve been looking at an official EU document discussing migration into the EU.

The headline of the document is (laughably?): EU […]

How they lied to us about the UN agreement on migration

Mueller report proves there definitely was collusion

(Monday blog)

We don’t yet know in detail what’s in the long-awaited Mueller Report. But I’m pretty certain it proves there was collusion. There was collusion between the Deep State, the sore-loser Democrats and all the US media (with the honourable exception of Fox News) to destroy democratically-elected President Trump and replace him with someone […]

This time Britain cravenly surrenders to the German Fourth Reich

(weekend blog)

Let’s leave the EU?

Being a realist, I know that our rulers are never going to allow us to leave the EU. With the useless Theresa May playing the role of Neville Chamberlain and the self-aggrandising Dominic Grieve playing the role of 1930s Hitler admirer and appeaser Lord Halifax, we’re going to get […]

Please give generously! The Crocodile needs/wants your money!

(Friday blog)

If you were watching TV last night you probably saw the Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC) appeal for your money to help all those millions supposedly affected by Cyclone Idai. And you would have been told what £10 and £20 and £50 would buy for these poor people. For example, £50 would buy food […]

How on earth did “misgendering” become a matter for the police?

(Thursday blog)

In Britain we used to respect the police. But the blundering political correctness of our police’s witless and useless libtard leaders has made our police into a laughing stock.

So, here’s a great article on Breitbart about how our police have turned themselves into a national (very bad) joke. Perhaps the police should […]

Good news! Tropical storm causes no damage and no deaths in Africa!

(Wednesday blog)

The BBC are reporting that hundreds have been killed and tens of thousands have been made homeless in Mozambique and Rhodesia (also known as Hell-hole Zimbabwe) due to a tropical storm or cyclone. And the BBC have blamed “the effects of rising waters brought about by climate change” for the storm.

But I […]