February 2024

The certain road to national bankruptcy

Thursday-Friday blog

Does immigration increase national wealth?

Our useless, lying, fake Conservative government has massively increased immigration to 1,200,000 in 2022 while promising us it wants to bring the numbers down to the ‘tens of thousands’. The spurious reason given by the open-borders Establishment for ever more immigration is that immigration will supposedly increase our […]

Has the Irish government given the game away?

Monday-Wednesday blog

I hope readers who looked at my weekend blog noticed the likelihood that there will be over 75 million members of the Religion of Wonderfulness and Delight living in the European continent by 2050. That is an awful lot of people who may not particularly like either us or our way of life:


As our MPs grovel to Britain’s radical Islamists – you ain’t seen nothing yet!

weekend blog

You’ll all be aware of the shenanigans in Parliament this week when the speaker seemed to be influenced by MPs’ fears of being attacked by our Religion of Peace and Tolerance friends if they were seen to have voted the ‘wrong’ way on the Gaza ceasefire motion.

Here are two charts. On your […]

It’s NOT the economy, stupid!

Thursday-Friday blog

This catch phrase – “It’s the economy, stupid “- originated on a sign in the Little Rock headquarters of James Carville, political adviser to Bill Clinton in the 1992 presidential election. He posted it as a constant reminder that the main focus of the campaign was the economy. The expression was widely used […]

The three technologies from hell?

Monday-Wednesday blog

We didn’t obey our rulers

Hopefully readers have noticed a massive change in the relationship between ourselves and the ruling political, bureaucratic and media elites. In 2016 we were given a real opportunity to vote. But apparently we gave the wrong answer. In Britain we voted for Brexit and in the USA they […]

I don’t know what to make of this

weekend blog

Apologies to those of you who already follow Dr John Campbell’s videos.

Here’s a recent one in which he questions a funeral director about a new type of white blood clots which are being found in corpses – especially those of younger people who have died prematurely.

If what is discused in the […]

Ukraine is losing. Russia is winning. So, what do we do now?

Wednesday-Friday blog

You don’t see or hear much about the Russia/Ukraine war in the media nowadays. Could this be because Ukraine is losing and Russia is winning and that’s not quite the story our bungling rulers and the sycophantic mainstream media-for-sale want to portray?

The Pentagon Papers

The Pentagon Papers, officially titled The History of […]

Renewables – the certain route to national economic suicide

Monday-Wednesday blog

I attach below a short article I’ve just written to be translated into Korean for a South Korean newspaper. I know I’ve dealt with this subject several times before. But I’m back on it again as I think it’s sort of important. While getting the figures for this piece, I noiticed that it […]

Will there be a Starmer sterling crash?

Friday-weekend blog

Media attacks on Tucker Carlson

Before I start this blog, I just wanted to make a brief comment on the confected media outrage over Tucker Carlson interviewing Vladimir Putin. I suspect the reason much of the mainstream media loathes Tucker Carlson is because he’s not (as far as I know) a limp-wristed, women-can-have-penises, […]

The brazen lies of the brazen Net Zero liars

Tuesday-Thursday blog

I’ll keep it very short today, as I actually wanted to use today’s blog to recomend an inteview with the wonderful Douglas Murray “Cowardice is killing the West”.

The brazen lies of the brazen Net Zero liars

I turned on Talk TV a couple of days ago just as I was getting ready […]