July 2022
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Diversity is our strength – crime is our speciality

weekend blog

Prices aren’t the only thing rising

Some new figures have come out showing crime levels in England and Wales:

Police forces in England and Wales have recorded the highest number of crimes in 20 years, driven by a sharp rise in offences including fraud, rape and violent attacks.

A total […]

Can we trust anyone to tell us the truth?

Thursday/Friday blog

Be afraid, be obedient

There are so many supposed crises being inflicted on us proles that I’m surprised anyone dares get out of bed any more. There’s the climate crisis, the Covid crisis, the monkeypox crisis, the cost of living crisis, the gas crisis, the energy crisis, the worst UK drought for 50 […]

How to lie with statistics

Tuesday/Wednesday blog

Making a molehill look like a mountain?

There was a well-known book published in 1954 titled HOW TO LIE WITH STATISTICS:

I haven’t read it. But apparently one of the warnings given in the book was: Always Look at the Axes on a Chart

Adjusting the axes of a graph […]

The great mainstream-media “Britain Burning” fraud

Sunday/Monday blog

Panic, disaster – we’re all going to die

We’ve all seen the hyperventilating media reports of “Britain Burning” and “Britain on Fire” etc etc as temperatures reached 40.3ºC or something like that in a few places (possibly mainly near airports and RAF bases) in Central and Southern England:

Of course, […]

A Schoolchild’s Guide to Climate Change

Friday/Saturday blog

Given the recent outbreak of panic and hysteria about Climate Change in the UK’s media after two days of quite hot weather in a few places (mainly near airports) in Central and Southern England, in this blog I’d like to provide what I’ve called “A Schoolchild’s Guide to Climate Change” by trying to […]

Did Scorchageddon really happen?

Wednesday/Thursday blog

The great 2022 heatwave – Scorchageddon – has come and gone. One and a half to two days of hot weather in which thousands were predicted to die.

Some cynics have been circulating this picture which compares how weather forecasters used to present hot weather (map on your left) as something to enjoy […]

Could someone please remind me why Britain went into lockdown?

Monday/Tuesday blog

I’m running a bit late today, so I’ll keep this short.

Why did we lock down?

We all know that Britain went into economically-disastrous lockdowns to supposedly avoid the hundreds of thousands of deaths from the Chinese lab-leaked plague predicted by the Bonking Boffin at Imperial College. And, I’m sure you all remember […]

How many of Telford’s diversity enrichers are not paedophile gang-rapists?

Friday/weekend blog

Rotherham, Rochdale, Oldham and now Telford

You’ll all know about the recent report on the gang-raping of over 1,000 underage white working-class girls by ‘Asian’ men in Telford over a period of thirty years. So Telford joins a long and shameful list of English towns – Rotherham, Rochdale, Oldham, Oxford, Blackpool etc etc […]

Where Sri Lanka leads, Holland and Canada follow

Wednesday/Thursday blog

Sri Lanka leads where others will also boldly go

At Carrie’s, Boris’s and Alok Sharma’s utterly pointless Flop 26 climate jamboree in October 2021 in Scotland’s drug-addict and alcoholic capital Glasgow, Sri Lanka’s (IMHO utterly corrupt) PM, Gotabaya Rajapaksa got fawning applause from his fellow multi-millionaire (multi-billionaire?) peers as he boasted about all […]

It used to be called ‘summer’. Now it’s a ‘climate crisis’

Monday/Tuesday blog

Be afraid! Be very afraid!

If you watch weather forecasts, hopefully you’re terrified by the supposedly deadly heat-wave descending on Britain. We’re warned that temperatures might exceed 30 degrees in England this week. It was 24.3 degrees on Sunday somewhere in Northern Ireland and almost that ‘hot’ in Scotland.

This morning the BBC […]