Beware the ‘new retirement home’ rip-off

How to lose £50,000 to £100,000 in one day

My mother is considering buying a retirement flat, so I thought I’d check a few prices. After talking to the main developers, I was struck by the apparently large difference in prices between newly-built flats and flats that were just a few years old. For example, […]

Powerhouse Fitness – can you trust their ‘customer reviews’?

Apologies to readers, but today I want to hijack my blog to highlight a company that I think might be a bit suspect. My aim is that people Googling the company might come across this blog and might think twice before buying anything from them.

On 4 June 2015 I bought a (expensive for me) […]

EU fury as democracy appears in Greece

Our EU-rulers don’t like democracy. Democracy – what we ordinary people want – can get in the way of our EU-rulers’ grand project of wiping out national borders and identities to turn Europe into a single, socialist Superstate dominated by Germany and run by an unelected elite of komissars. A mixture between a EUSSR and […]

“Hey Ali, let’s kill some Christians! It’s fun! And Western leaders are afraid to complain”

Yesterday was a busy day for our friends from the most blessed and peaceful of all religions. Though *sl*mo-Dave was quick to jump up and tell us that yesterday’s slaughter has “nothing to do with *sl*m” and that “*sl*m is a religion of peace”.

But *sl*mo-Dave’s treachery and lies avoid him confronting the reality of […]

The Trough is greater than the Truth

What fun to watch our useless EU rulers in complete confusion. The Greek debacle and the African/Arab invasion have exposed the massive gulf between what we the people of Europe want and the self-interest of our snouts-in-the-trough rulers.

The people of Europe couldn’t give a toss whether Greece stays in the euro or not. In […]

“Killing your daughter is really ok” says Big Mo

It is estimated that our dear friends from the most blessed and peaceful religion account for at least 91% of “honour killings” worldwide.

A manual of *sl*mic law certified as a reliable guide to Sunni orthodoxy by Al-Azhar University, the most respected authority in Sunni *sl*m, says that “retaliation is obligatory against anyone who kills […]

Welcome to Africa’s richest and poorest country

Equatorial Guinea is a wonderful country. Why? Because it’s a perfect example of everything that is wrong with that blighted, poverty-stricken sewer of a continent – Africa. It’s an example of why more than a million Africans a year will head for Europe, swamping our countries and turning our cities into stinking, crowded, crime-ridden, diseased, […]

Have a happy (and bloody) Ramadan

Apparently we’re now in Day 7 of Ramadan which started on 17 June and goes on to 18 July. In Iran a teenager has been sentenced to 72 lashes and two months imprisonment for being caught eating before sunset.

But this Ramadan has also been a pretty good one for murder and mayhem in the […]

The African invasion – hey, you ain’t seen nothing yet

As readers will know, the British navy, while cutting its strength from 37,500 to 29,000 in order to save money, has been busy making people traffickers rich by providing free ferry services for any African or Arab who feels like moving to Europe to live off crime and/or benefits.

So far this year at least […]

Our EU rulers are determined to crush the Greek rebellion

Everyone will have their own opinion of the Greek farce/tragedy currently being played out in Europe.

On one side: Many will feel the Greeks should pay back what they’re borrowed and then stolen or wasted. Plus they’ll feel that the Greeks need to transform their economy from a corrupt, Third-World kleptocracy run in the interests […]