June 2024

How the lying liars at the lying Met Office lie to us

Friday-weekend blog

As we all shiver in the autumnal weather during what is meant to be summer and some of us have even turned our central heating back on, there is one certainty – in a few weeks time, the liars at the lying Met Office will tell us that we’ve just had the […]

Article on ‘The Conservative Woman’ today

Monday blog

I have an article about our beloved national broadcaster – the BBC – on The Conservative Woman today (link below).

As usual, the best bit is the reader comments.

Licence fee up – yet still BBC brandishes the begging bowl […]

Here’s some real genocide. How about protesting about this?

Friday blog

Here’s a rather unpleasant photo from Sudan where Arab/Muslim militias are slaughtering every black African they can find:

I believe over 220 black Africans were slaughtered by the Muslim Arabs in just one incident.

I wonder if the BBC or any UK Hamas-adoring mainstream media will think this genocide worth mentioning? I […]

Should we ever trust our doctors again?

Wednesday-Thursday blog

Hopefully many readers are realising what a disaster the mass vaccination with fake and ineffective Covid-19 supposed vaccines was. It is probable that the vaccines did reduce the number of hospitalisations among the frail and elderly during the first phase of the Covid pandemic. But it is becoming clear that natural immunity […]

“It’s all still to play for” claim lying fake Tories

Wednesday-Thursday blog

The lying game

We’re seemingly stuck in a strange charade. Following the local elections disaster for the incompetent self-serving, expenses-fiddling, sexually-deviant fake Tories, it seems that the official lines Conservative MPs have been ordered to spout at every interview are “It’s all still to play for” and “the election result isn’t a […]

Palestinians dying – of laughter at our gullibility?

Tuesday blog

I have no doubt that the Hamas-adoring citizens of Gaza are suffering under the Israeli onslaught. But there’s a worthwhile article on The Daily Sceptic which rather undermines the constant claims of the mouth-frothing, useful idiot anti-semites that Israel is committing genocide:

This Is No Genocide

I also found this shortish video […]

We’re on the road to nowhere

Wednesday-Thursday blog

I’ve just had an article on the Conservative Woman website. The link is below. I thoroughly recommend that you have a look at the readers’ comments. It’s gratifying for me to see how many people agree with me that our rulers are deliberately leading us to national bankruptcy. I try not to […]

BBC cheers as Britain goes bankrupt

Monday-Tuesday blog

Sometimes on Sundays I watch the Laura Kuensberg programme on the BBC while working out in my gym. Last Sunday the whole programme as about how Britain was ‘fighting’ climate change’. Almost all the participants, especially Kuensberg, bleated and moaned and complained that Britain risked losing its position as the world leader […]

Yesterday’s climate lunacy ‘double whammy’

Wednesday-Thursday blog

What to say about yesterday? There were two events showing that climate-catastrophist lunacy is totally out of control. These two events were:

March – “hottest on record” lies European Courth of Human Rights ruling that governments have a duty to protect their citizens from the (non-existent) negative effects of (non-existent) human-caused climate […]

US mainstream media’s unhinged Trump Derangement Syndrome

weekend blog

First let me say that I’m no fan of Russell Brand. In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever watched any of his videos. However, this one came up when I accessed YouTube a couple of days ago. I only watched the first 10 minutes. But it opened my eyes to how totally deranged […]