May 2020
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Don’t waste your money on UNICEF. It goes to greedy bureaucrats, not starving children!

(Friday/weekend blog)

An almost Covid-19-free blog.

Don’t waste your money on UNICEF

Probably you’ve seen a flood of ads on your TV for UNICEF. The Chinese Covid-19 plague has given UNICEF (and loads of other supposed ‘charities) a new excuse to extract money from us.

On the Charity Commission website UNICEF UK claims:


Yippee! We can now stop all foreign aid and save £13bn a year

(Wednesday/ Thursday blog)

I’ve got some great news. There are no poor countries in the world. There are no countries which do not have sufficient natural resources and agricultural land to feed and house their people and to build schools, universities, hospitals, power plants, roads and all the other stuff a country needs to give […]

Developed, developing and disintegrating countries

(Friday/weekend blog)

I haven’t had the time or sufficient brain power to fully think through this weekend’s blog. But I’ll start it anyway and see how things go.

How can you solve a problem you won’t admit you have?

The basic premise of this weekend’s blog is that you cannot solve a problem if you […]

There isn’t a word in English strong enough to describe the plundering of Africa

(Wednesday/ Thursday blog)

In Monday’s blog, I mentioned that Isabel dos Santos, the daughter of Angola’s president, is the owner of a rather attractive £13m property in London. But £13m is mere small change for Isabel dos Santos who has mysteriously amassed an estimated $2.3 billion fortune by the still young age of 47 in […]

Hey, mad Mullahs! You’d better be careful when planning your next holiday!

(Monday blog)

Bang, crash, wallop!

Wow! The new year 2020 certainly started with a bang! A bang when the vehicle carrying Iranian terror chief Qassem Soleimani and his goat-busting Iraqi chum got hit by a US Hellfire missile as did the following vehicle carrying the two Islamic heroes’ bodyguards. As the mainstream Western media fulminates […]

People you don’t want to meet on holiday

(weekend blog)

I don’t have any good stories this weekend. So I’ve ‘borrowed’ and adapted the stuff below from someone else’s blog. I suspect they probably ‘borrowed’ it from some other person’s blog who probably ‘borrowed’ it from yet another blog and so on and so forth. The blogging world is a brutal place.

*Disclaimer; […]

Amnesty International? Don’t waste your money!

(Monday blog)

Amnesty International forgets its original purpose

Amnesty International used to be one of the world’s most respected campaigning groups.

Amnesty International is a London-based non-governmental organisation formed to focus on human rights, in particular the rights of people imprisoned for their political or religious beliefs. Over the decades, Amnesty International has been hugely […]

“Self-inflicted” – the adjective the mainstream media never use

(Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday blog)

I want you to imagine the population of the UK doubling every 20 years. Officially there are just over 66 million people living in the UK. But if you include all the unregistered illegal immigrants, the real figure is probably comfortably over 70 million. However, for the purposes of this exercise, let’s accept […]

Let us give thanks to Saint Bob of Africa

(Thursday/Friday blog)

All hail Saint Bob

I know you’ll all be as excited as I was to hear that Saint Bob Geldorf of Africa has just been awarded an honorary doctorate by that great and prestigious academic institution – the University of Limerick. In a press interview following the receipt of his obviously well-earned doctorate, […]

Give generously to help produce more starving African children!

(Monday blog)

Yemen bollox

I guess we’ve all seen them – the TV commercials where ‘famous’, holier-than-thou, virtue-signalling actors tell us that we need to give and give and give and give to help starving Third-Worlders in Africa. This year, it’s Yemen that we must help. And, as our well-heeled luvvie superiors demand our money […]