February 2014

The crowded, multicultural hell-hole we are creating for our children

Yesterday, I revealed how ethnic British would be a minority in our country by 2067, if not earlier. Today, I’ll try to show what this means in terms of numbers of people and overcrowding.

Here’s how the UK’s population is likely to develop by 2081 – from 63 million today to 95 million in 67 […]

By 2067, ethnic British will be a minority in Britain

Here’s something I hope readers will find interesting.

I’m sure readers know that fertility rates amongst Britain’s immigrant population are much higher (often more than twice the level) of ethnic British. This means that, if the current rates of immigration continue (and they’ll probably increase as ever more countries join the EU) within 53 years […]

How the Government will gradually abolish the state pension

I realise that on my blog, I probably sound too much like a Cassandra. But I genuinely try to bring stories that are not covered by the mainstream media. And remember, Cassandra was proved right.

Here’s a story that sent a chill through me:

The Government is planning to rename National Insurance (NI) by calling […]

No blog today

Just to say that there will be no blog today as I’m up in London for the presentation THE GREAT SAVINGS AND PENSIONS SCANDAL that I gave yesterday evening.

Back Wednesday 26 February with a couple of horror stories like how I know that the Government will be abolishing the state pension.

(By the way, […]

Mr Cameron – can you please help arrange my family’s coming move to Pakistan?


Dear Mr. Cameron,

I’m planning to move my family and extended family to Pakistan so we can all have a better life and I would like to ask you to assist me with this.

We’re all planning to simply fly from Britain to Pakistan and we’ll need your help to make a few arrangements […]

Boeing’s flying b*mb?

You’ve probably read about the fires that have occurred in the lithium-ion batteries on Boeing’s 787 Dreamliner. If you Google lithium-ion batteries, there are hundreds of articles about so-called “thermal runaways” in lithium ion batteries. For example, in June 2014, police at San Diego International Airport noticed a passenger’s bag was smoking as it journeyed […]

Those “FTSE hits new highs” lies

Here’s a rather encouraging headline from a newspaper yesterday: “Strong Vodafone puts FTSE in grasp of all-time high”. And here’s another one: “Vodafone helps lift FTSE100 towards new highs”. And another: “2014 could see the FTSE100 reach new highs”.

Seems like pretty good news for anyone with any money in shares, unit trusts or a […]

The fascism of political correctness that is spreading like a cancer

Apologies to people who have already seen this on the news or in newspapers. It happened while I was abroad, so I only came across it yesterday. But I think it’s so important that I’ll risk annoying readers who already know about it by reproducing the story here.

Below is a letter sent to the […]

The Warmists must hope we’ve got very short memories

The picture below features Dame Julia Slingo. She’s quite an important lady in all our lives. She’s the chief scientist at the Met Office. So she has huge influence over government policies regarding Global Warming or Climate Change or whatever it is called this week. Everything from ever-increasing green taxes, windfarms, solar farms, prematurely closing […]

Reminder for 24 February



Monday 24th February

“The Great Savings and Pensions Scandal”

David Craig

Author and speaker

VENUE: ROYAL OVERSEAS LEAGUE Park Place, St. James’s Street, London, SW1A 1LR

6.30 pm

Drinks and Networking

7.00 pm

Event start

7.30 pm