November 2020
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How the Democrats will win every election in the future

(Wednesday/Thursday blog)

I’ll keep it short and sweet today.

Joe Biden supposedly got around 79,658,000 votes

Donald Trump officially got around 73,675,000 votes.

I write “around” as the final tallies haven’t come in yet. But we can still use the numbers we have.

Using these numbers, it would appear that the Democrats got around 5,983,000 more votes than the Republicans.

This means the Democrats got about 52% of the votes cast for either of the two main parties and the Republicans got 48%.

Importing democrat voters?

This is a pretty close result and no guarantee of a Democrat victory in 2024, especially if the Republicans put up a strong candidate like Nikki Haley – former governor of South Carolina and 29th US ambassador to the United Nations – or even Donald Trump.

No problem. The Democrats have a plan. Within the first few days of Biden getting into the White House (if he remembers where it is) he plans to launch legislation to give US citizenship to 10 to 12 million illegal immigrants. And who do you think those illegal immigrants will vote for in 2024? The Republicans who blocked their citizenship? Or the Democrats who gave them an amnesty and full citizenship?

Another 10 to 12 million Democrat voters by 2024 should pretty much ensure Democrats will never lose another election ever again.

Don’t believe me? Think I’m a crazed conspiracy theorist?

Well, just watch the first half minute of this interview with Sleepy, Creepy Joe Biden.

Doing a Blair?

Looks like the Democrats are going to “do a Blair” – scatter citizenships like confetti over hordes of Third-World garbage to increase the number of Democrat voters.

Here’s a chart from my book SQUANDERED. Blair claimed his government was successfully reducing the number of asylum applications (the dotted line on the chart). What he was really doing was throwing citizenships at potential asylum seekers (the unbroken line on the chart below) before they even had time to ask for asylum thus hugely increasing the number of Labour voters.

Just watch the first 35 seconds of the video below and you’ll see Biden’s plans to “do a Blair” by creating another 10 to 12 million Democrat voters:


Boris – you ain’t no Churchill!

(Monday/Tuesday blog)

Churchill’s greatness

In 2015, prior to becoming our great leader, our (IMHO) pathetic, sex-obsessed excuse for a Prime Minister published a book about Winston Churchill – THE CHURCHILL FACTOR How one man made history.

One reader reviewing the book on Amazon gave Boris’s book the lowest possible rating and wrote: “THE CHURCHILL FACTOR is an autobiography of Boris Johnson by Boris Johnson for the promotion of Boris Johnson”

There was a rather wonderful film in 2017 called “DARKEST HOUR” in which Gary Oldman played Winston Churchill. The whole film was based on Churchill’s battle in 1939 to persuade his government and Parliament to fight on against our murder-loving German friends when most ministers and MPs favoured negotiating a peace settlement with Angela Merkel’s hero – Adolf Hitler.

Churchill was great because he stood up for what was best for Britain and put his country before his personal comfort.

Boris, you ain’t no Churchill!

Now let’s look at Boris Johnson in comparison to Churchill.

If our bell-end-fixated joke of a prime minister wasn’t such a sex-obsessed buffoon he could have have been a Churchillian leader who would:

  • be doing his very best to make sure people – especially young children – weren’t being terrified into believing life’s simply not worth living because eventually they’re going to die in some ghastly global warming induced fireball, inferno or flood.
  • be pointing out that despite wildly-exaggerated computer modelling over more than three decades and a relentless stream of media hype and lies, the Earth has warmed 1 degree over the past 120 years (much less than the difference between the upstairs and downstairs of your house) and that there has been no overall global acceleration in sea level rise or increase in extreme weather events.
  • then he’d hold a short refresher course on atmospheric gases reminding everyone that CO2 is 0.04% of our atmosphere, the anthropogenic part of that is around 4%, the UK produces 1% of that, meaning it would be utterly pointless implementing Ed Miliband’s ludicrous Climate Change Act which would result in spending about £3 trillion on attempting to ‘de-carbonise’ 0.00001% of the Earth’s atmosphere (if I got my decimal places right).
  • then he would make it clear that CO2 levels in the past were 12-15 times higher than they are today and this did not lead to a mass extinction, runaway global warming, a climate emergency or a climate ‘tipping point’. If it did, we wouldn’t be here and neither would Extinction Rebellion nor Saint Greta the Gormless nor even the BBC nor C4 News.
  • he would then remind everyone that around 1,000 years ago temperatures were warmer than they are today at a time when there was no industrialisation.
  • he could also mention that we are currently in an interglacial period of 10-12 thousand years and that the Earth has been alternating with glaciations and warmer periods for the last 2.5 million years. At the point where we go back to a glacial period, nobody will want ‘global warming’ to stop, indeed, quite the opposite.
  • by this point the Green Blob and the BBC and C4 News and Sky News would be gnashing their teeth and wailing like a soiled baby, who has just been force-fed a Chicken Vindaloo, and claiming that this warmth was localised. Boris could then show that this is palpable nonsense and the Medieval Warm Period, amongst other historical periods of warmth, was in fact a global phenomenon and a hugely prosperous time for the Earth and people thrived.
  • he could provide plenty of evidence for this including recently uncovered ancient agricultural tools frozen beneath the glaciers of Norway and simple clues like Vine Street in London – named after an 18th century pub which is thought to be named after a vineyard that grew there in Roman times.

He could then remind us that we are currently in the worst national debt in 300 years thanks to him. But if people really feel the Government still has a spare £3 trillion of our money, he just wanted to check with the people he supposedly serves what they wanted him to do with it. Did they want him to:

A. Spend it on ‘fighting’ 0.00001% of a trace gas that keeps everything on this planet alive?

B. Spend it on 6,000 brand new hospitals with free parking? 750 million ICU ventilators? 42.6 million trained nurses? 230 million trained police officers? 12 million ambulances? 24.8 million affordable homes? Free university education for 60 million students? A £3 trillion donation to cancer research, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s, Altzheimers, AIDS, malaria or any other potentially devastating disease they could think of? Or some combination of the preceding possibilities?

C: Give everyone in the country £50,000 cash this Christmas in a ‘Bonkers Boris tax-back giveaway!!!!’.

If the answer came back B or C, he would then tell the Green Blob to go and stick itself somewhere where the sun doesn’t shine just as Churchill saw off those who wanted to appease Hitler. But knowing Boris Johnson’s stupidity and grovelling obedience to (IMHO) ecoloon Princess Nut Nut and her Green Blob chums, Johnson will probably choose A.

Sky News Australia – please come and save us

Here’s a brief video from the wonderful Sky News Australia once again debunking all the Greeny eco-crap. Sadly there isn’t any mainstream media outlet in the increasingly politically-correct, libtard, eco-fascist UK that would dare say what Sky News Australia is prepared to say:

Is our ‘wonderful’ NHS actually doing any work at all?

(weekend blog)

I obviously haven’t a clue about what is really happening in the NHS. Though I have ghost-written and published one book about the NHS – WHO CARES? by Amanda Steane and I was married to a (female) cancer surgeon for over 20 years. But I have a nagging suspicion that in many A&E departments staff are sitting around much of the day with little to do and that many hospital wards are almost empty as they wait for the great supposed tsunami of Chinese plague victims predicted by ‘experts’ like Imperial College’s Professor Penis and the Government’s Dr Gloom and Professor Doom:

It was, of course, Gloom and Doom who produced their ludicrously exaggerated (and quickly debunked) ‘scenario’ with 4,000 Xi Pingpong plague deaths a day in the UK even though this is about four times the Covid-19 death rate of a country like India which has about twenty times the population of the UK and probably 80% of the population without any proper medical care.

For me, the 4,000 deaths a day scenario was Doom and Gloom’s ‘Colin Powell moment’:

the moment they lost all credibility.

Moreover, I get the impression that it would be easier to break into Fort Knox than it would be to get into many GP surgeries.

My own limited personal experience is that it is close to impossible to see my GP, in spite of the massive taxes I pay to support our ‘wonderful’ NHS that is ‘the envy of the world’. Though I am allowed to send messages through a complicated on-line consulting system and get brief rather dismissive emailed replies from my GP.

When I did have to go to the surgery to have my blood pressure measured, I found that I couldn’t go to my usual surgery as the machine there was broken, no medical staff would be available to take my blood pressure and nobody had any idea when the machine would be repaired. However, I was told to make an appointment to use the machine at the practice’s other surgery a few miles away. When making an appointment to use the machine that did still work, without actually being allowed to come into contact with any medical personnel, I found I could go at any time on any day as no other patient would be using it. And while at the surgery measuring my own blood pressure, I didn’t see any sign of any doctors or any other patients in what used to be a very busy practice.

As for the normally busy receptionist, she apparently had so little to do that I had to wait almost 10 minutes ringing the surgery bell every few minutes just to get into the locked surgery as the receptionist was away from her desk chatting with some of her chums possibly because there was no need for her to stay at her desk as she had little to nothing to do.

I wonder where all the patients have gone? And I wonder what our doctors do all day?

I’m sure there are a few hospitals up north full of whining Scousers and moaning Mancunians who did catch the virus as they chose to get pissed in large groups rather than maintaining the social distancing that most of the rest of us reluctantly adopted. But are most of our ‘wonderful’ hospitals run by our ‘wonderful’ NHS really full to bursting point?

Instead of me writing a blog this weekend, I’d like to refer you to this Daily Mail article written by journalist Ross Clark (click on link below)

Throughout the Chinese plague (media-induced?) panic, most mainstream media supposed journalists have desperately tried to outdo each other in writing/fabricating the worst ‘shock/horror’ headlines they could possibly think of. Ross Clark has been one of the few admirable exceptions. Instead of flatulently hyperventilating about the supposed catastrophic disaster that so many other journalists have irresponsibly and self-servingly hyped up in order to further their own lousy careers, Ross Clark has forensically analysed, and often dismantled, the Government’s hyperbolic figures and predictions as our rulers tried to bludgeon us into terrified submission.

I really am beginning to wonder whether our ‘wonderful’ NHS is actually doing any work at all.

Boris Johnson brain scan reveals horrifying truth

(Thursday/Friday blog)

Boris Johnson’s terrifying brain scan results

Sometimes the stupidity of politicians amazes even a cynic like me.

In the last election, the Tories won a stonking 80-seat majority by breaking through Labour’s ‘Red Wall’. While Labour were pushing woke greeny crap and identity politics and globalist anti-British propaganda, the Tories (guided by Cummings and Caine) appealed to voters with a practical patriotic message of “get Brexit done” and make Britain into a free sovereign nation again.

Unfortunately, in the last few days the Tories and bonking Boris ‘Bluffer’ Johnson in particular, seem to have forgotten why and how they won the last election. Allegedly under the influence of his latest  f**k-buddy (Princess Nut Nut) and her chums, our priapic PM has expelled the two people who guided his EU Referendum and election victories and has started blethering about precisely the same woke, greeny rubbish that helped Labour lose in the 2019 election.

Most Brits want our government to focus on finalising the Brexit negotiations and getting us out of the seemingly endless and pointless Chinese plague lockdowns. So, what does Bonking Boris do? He starts waffling about Britain’s supposed ‘green new deal’ and brings forward the ban on selling petrol and diesel cars to 2030.

This is total madness. Crappy greeny flatulence from our blustering excuse for a prime minister is not why voters in Labour’s ‘Red Wall’ constituencies abandoned Labour and voted Tory.

Why has Johnson become a crazed eco-idiot when there are real practical problems like Brexit and Xi’s Kung-Flu to be managed? Part of the reason is that there’s some big environmental conference in Glasgow (I think) in 2021 which will be chaired by Johnson. He hopes that by being the first country to ban petrol and diesel cars he’ll be able to grandstand what a wonderful person he is in front of all the other world leaders. This will be adoringly reported as a tremendous ‘triumph for Britain’ by the BBC and C4 News while the Chinese and other Asian countries, busy building ever more coal-fired power stations, will just be laughing at our stupidity as Johnson, encouraged by his latest bed-fellow and the British mainstream media wrecks what little is left of the British economy by pushing up energy prices thus making British companies uncompetitive.

But I can also reveal that Boris Johnson has recently had a brain scan and I have exclusively been given access to the results of Johnson’s brain scan (see image below)

A few facts for our incompetent rulers

But the banning of sales of petrol and diesel cars from 2030 is just part of the economic suicide our country is committing due to over 90% of our useless, greedy, expense-fiddling, self-serving MPs voting for the (IMHO) cretinous Ed Miliband’s Climate Change Act.

The banning of gas cookers and central heating from 2025 is the start of the roll out of the Climate Change Act which decrees that ALL households must cook and heat by electricity by 2035.

The trouble, as we all know, is that 99% of our political masters can’t do even simple arithmetic:

Around 18,000,000 homes in the UK are currently heated by gas. In 2025 (and no later than 2035, 10 years being the lifetime of an average gas boiler) these will all be replaced by electrical heating. An average gas boiler is 25KW. An average person comes home from work at, say, 6pm and turns on the heating (25KW), plugs in his Electric Vehicle (8KW), turns on the oven (5KW) and takes a shower (7KW) – all at peak demand time.

Thus each household will be consuming electricity at the rate of 43KW at peak. Let‘s call that 40KW to make the sums simpler for our worthless PM and equally worthless MPs to understand.

Thus at peak time the UK will need: 18,000,000 x 40KW = 720GW. THIS IS MORE THAN *TEN TIMES* THE UK‘S CURRENT PEAK REQUIREMENT of 60GW.

It is the equivalent of 180 Drax sized power stations. Oh, and then there is the replacement cabling required to carry ten times the current! Every street in every village, town and city must be dug up and cables replaced with ones that are ten times thicker!!

As they say, ”Go figure!”• But our useless MPs can’t manage that.

Our government’s scientific knowledge would fit on the back of a postage stamp, which is partly why it comes up with these stupid ideas about banning gas central heating and banning the sale of petrol and diesel cars and, similarly, makes a spectacular hash of handling the coronavirus ‘crisis’. The other problem is that the PM simply seems to bow down to the (IMHO) bird-brained urgings of a 32-year-old art history and theatre studies graduate referred to by some (former?) Downing Street insiders as “Princess Nut Nut” for reasons I’ll leave to your imagination.

Boris may get lots more sex by his apparent grovelling subservience to his latest fancy. But this doesn’t end well for Britain!

The Great Reset

If you’ve got loads of time on your hands, here’s a longish (more than 30 minutes) video in which Paul Joseph Watson interviews Breitbart’s James Delingpole about “The Great Reset”. They do waffle on a bit. But still they do make some interesting points:

The suicidal West drowns in debt – a confident China rises?

(Tuesday/Wednesday blog)

Here’s a cheering picture to start the day. It’s the UK’s National Debt as a % of GDP from 1993 up till June 2020:

This is bad. But the situation will be much worse by end of the year as our Government has just magicked about £125bn from who knows where while shutting down large parts of the economy for yet another month.

However, Britain is not alone in this. Thanks to the Chinese plague, you could draw the same chart for pretty much any Western country.

Here’s the USA’s debt as a % of GDP – notice the nice almost vertical line in 2020 as Xi Pingpong’s Chinese plague was unleashed:

You ain’t seen nothing yet

But these two charts don’t do justice to what’s coming. As tax revenues collapse due to the economic contraction caused by Xi’s Kung-Flu, Western governments will be forced to borrow ever more to keep public services solvent as people have become used to getting free stuff always paid for by someone else. Thus borrowing will shoot up and the debt to GDP ratios will get ever worse. Here’s a projection for the US:

This will push many Western economies into a downward death spiral in which increased borrowing leads to increased interest payments leads to more taxation leads to lower economic growth leads to more borrowing leads to increased interest payments etc etc.

This death spiral will be made even more precipitous by the double suicide being committed by most Western governments:

  • pushing up energy prices due to ludicrous ‘climate change’ policies while our Asian friends build ever more coal-fired power stations to give them cheap energy and make their companies more competitive
  • opening our borders to millions of benefits-scrounging, uneducated, unemployable, often criminal Third-World migrants whose costs will wreck our social security systems and whose failure to integrate will cause havoc and violence in our societies

And here are the debt clocks for many of the world’s largest economies:

Notice how high the debt to GDP ratio is for most Western economies and how low the debt to GDP ratio is for most Asian countries.

The rise of the new Chinese empire

Probably the most important piece of news of the last few days was the signing of a massive trade deal – the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP). The RECP has been under discussion since 2012 and is made up of 10 Southeast Asian countries, as well as South Korea, China, Japan, Australia and New Zealand. It will cover about a third of the global economy. And with its 1.4 billion population, China will be the dominant member. Moreover, China’s 1.4 billion population is more than 50% larger than the total populations of the USA and Europe combined.

But as Asia rises (the green line on the chart below), the USA’s (orange line) and EU’s (blue line) share of the global economy continues to decline:

As we enter the Asian era, whatever happens in the West is becoming ever more irrelevant.

Better get your grandchildren learning Chinese so they can communicate with their new overlords?

Oh, and maybe this is a good excuse to include my “Wuhan video” about how the lying, corrupt, disease-spreading Chinese have used their virus to gain global domination?

Debunking Climate Change bunkum – again and again and again

(Monday blog)

Is CO2 really a significant part of the Earth’s atmosphere?

Here’s a rather important graphic:

It shows the proportion of man-made CO2 in the Earth’s atmosphere. The man-made CO2 is that tiny little section in the lower right-hand corner.

The Greenies and Ecoloons and Extinction Rebellion cultists like to try to terrify us with charts showing a massive rise in CO2:

But CO2 is just a trace gas that makes up so little of the atmosphere that it can only be measured in Parts Per Million (ppm).

It’s true that CO2 in the atmosphere has increased from around 370 ppm in 2000 to 412 ppm today. So that’s 42 more ppm in 20 years – about 2 ppm per year. If you had a salary of say £30,000 and I was to generously give you a 2 ppm pay rise each year for 20 years, you’d be getting about £0.06p more a year – 0.5p more a month – salary increase. Probably you wouldn’t consider a 6p a year pay rise particularly significant. Yet the Warmies want us to believe that a minuscule annual increase of 2 ppm of CO2 in the atmosphere will destroy all life on Earth.

This truly is lunacy.

The chicken or the egg – which came first?

Here’s another rather important chart:

(to see the chart more clearly, left-click on it and then left-click again)

It shows the temperature (the blue line) and the atmospheric CO2 concentration (the red line) for the last 420,000 years taken from Antarctic ice core sampling.

The crazy Greenies (one of whom, it has been reported, occupies an important but unelected position in 10 Downing Street) and the mainstream media claim that the Earth’s temperature is now being driven by rising levels of atmospheric CO2. So here’s the inimitable Tony Heller explaining that the opposite is actually happening – that levels of atmospheric CO2 are a function of the Earth’s temperature – the more the Earth warms mainly due to increasing levels of solar activity and Milankovitch Cycles the more CO2 is released into the atmosphere and then when the Earth cools mainly due to falling levels of solar activity and Milankovitch Cycles the more CO2 is absorbed by the oceans:

(you have to scroll down a little to see the short video)

It’s rather worrying that, when we finally emerge from the catastrophic economic and social destruction caused by Xi Pingpong’s Chinese plague, the moronic Greenies will destroy what little is left of our economy due to their crazed but deliberate, politically-motivated misunderstanding of science.

Don’t give generously – to Pudsey’s BBC Bureaucrats in Greed!

(weekend blog)

Here’s BBC’s Pudsey from the BBC’s Children in Need charity appeal:

Isn’t Pudsey cute? Doesn’t he make you want to send lots of your money to the BBC? That’s what the over-paid, over-pensioned BBC bureaucrats hope.

Let’s have a quick look at where millions of pounds of your Children in Need donations go

Why does the BBC pay so much more than Oxfam?

Let’s start by comparing income and salaries at the BBC’s Children in Need with those at a well-known charity like Oxfam.

In 2018 Children in Need raised £67.7m. In 2019 this fell by 4% to £64.9m. In 2018, Oxfam raised £427.2m which rose by almost 2% to £434.1m in 2019.

So, Children in Need did slightly worse in 2019 compared to 2018, while Oxfam did slightly better.

But although the BBC’s Children in Need is much smaller than Oxfam – less than a sixth the size of Oxfam – and its performance declined slightly between 2018 and 2019, you wouldn’t know this from the salaries paid to the BBC Children in Need bureaucrats.

In 2018 the average salary at the BBC’s Children in Need was about £38,430 and this rose by almost 13% in 2019 to £43,300. This massive rise in salaries was in spite of a 4% drop in the BBC Children in Need’s income. As with everything linked to the BBC, the less work they do, the more they pay themselves. Ever fewer people actually watch the crap, lefty, multi-cultural, diverse, progressive, globalist propaganda drivel produced by the BBC, yet every few years the BBC demands the Government allow it to grab ever more of our money to squander on ever larger salaries for its employees.

In comparison, the average salary for UK-based employees at Oxfam in 2018 was £30,730 rising to £35,090 in 2019.

A cynic might wonder why BBC Children in Need employees were paid around 25% more than Oxfam employees in both 2018 and 2019. After all, the BBC Children in Need’s 137 employees (127 FTEs) just organise a few TV shows in which mostly third-rate supposed ‘celebs’ try to revive their flaccid careers by doing supposedly ‘hilarious’ things to show how charitable they are and then Children in Need penpushers divide the money taken among charities applying for grants. Oxfam’s more than 2,400 UK employees (2,083 FTEs), on the other hand, have to organise complex life-saving missions to some of the world’s worst hell-holes to help the populations there double every 20 or so years.

A cynic might also wonder why the pension costs for the BBC Children in Need employees shot up by a massive 43% between 2018 and 2019 from £311,000 to £444,000. In case you didn’t know, the BBC Children in Need employees are part of the BBC Pension Scheme which is fantastically generous with the money extorted from us through the compulsory license fee.

What about the big bosses?

The big boss at the BBC’s Children in Need was paid £131,358 in 2018, rising by 2.3% to £134,425 in 2019 in spite of a 4% drop in Children in Need’s income.

The big boss at Oxfam was paid £146,247 in 2018 and about £148,000 in 2019. So the BBC Children in Need boss pockets only about £10,000 a year less than the Oxfam boss, yet the Children in Need boss only manages about 137 employees all based in (presumably comfortable offices) in the UK while the Oxfam boss is responsible for 2,455 employees in the UK and another 2,646 (in possibly less comfortable work situations) overseas. Moreover, Oxfam raises and spends more than 6 times as much as the BBC’s Children in Need.

Don’t give to BBC bureaucrats – give to your local charities

The lesson for this weekend is please don’t waste your money on the over-paid, over-pensioned, self-serving, greedy bureaucrats at the BBC pretending to be working for charity when they’re really just filling their own pockets with your money. If you want to give to charity, choose small local charities without CEOs and Marketing Directors and Strategy Directors and Diversity Directors and all that other rubbish. Or else choose a charity with a clear purpose like Guide Dogs for the Blind.

BBC bureaucrats extort enough of your money from the license fee. Don’t give them any more!

Pfizer boss sells lorry-loads of shares. What could that mean?

(Thursday/Friday blog)

The mainstream media do NOT decide who the next US president will be

First I would recommend readers go to Wednesday’s blog and click on the headline. That will take you to ‘readers’ comments’. In the ‘readers’ comments’ there’s an excellent explanation of how the US presidential system works. This points out that the result doesn’t need to be called until all the votes are counted. So, it’s not up to the mainstream media to decide who won the election.

Lots of pfizz at Pfizer?

On Monday, Pfizer shares soared 16% following a bullish statement on the company’s experimental COVID-19 vaccine showed 90% effectiveness in preliminary results. You probably all saw media interviews with Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla explaining all about the vaccine’s “90% effectiveness”.

Then on Tuesday, according to a Securities and Exchange Commission filing, Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla reportedly sold 62% of his stock:

(to see the above form more clearly, left-click on it and then left-click again)

The SEC Form 4 filing showed Mr Bourla sold 132,508 shares at an average price of $41.94 per share, equivalent to $5.6 million – nearly top-ticking the 52-week-high:

Mr Bourla’s sale was reportedly conducted under Rule 10b5-1, established by the SEC, allowing the corporate insider to sell a predetermined number of shares at a predetermined time. A Pfizer spokesperson told Axios that the CEO’s predetermined trading plan was formed in August.

This reminds me of a silly song from 1974 which went something like this: “The bosses were Kung Flu fighting – they were selling with expert timing”.

I’m no financial genius, nor am I an epidemiologist, nor even a vaccinologist. But I suspect that the initial media and stock-market ecstasy over the Pfizer 90% effectiveness vaccine will abate more than slightly as people realise two things:

  • the logistical difficulties of distributing a vaccine that has to be kept at around -78c
  • the fact that the Pfizer vaccine will probably cost around £29 per treatment (two jabs) compared to the £2.23 per dose (just one jab) for the Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine (if that proves effective)

And these two more than minor issues may even negatively impact Pfizer’s share price.

Though I have read somewhere that Pfizer are working on developing a powder version of the vaccine to overcome the logistical difficulties of transporting the current vaccine at -78c.

But I suspect that within the next few months other companies will develop more robust and cheaper vaccines.

Yup, the Pfizer big boss was certainly “selling with expert timing”.

What about the 5 billion in the world’s hell-holes?

How are the five billion people living in the world’s hell-holes going to be vaccinated? After all, people who haven’t yet invented the wheel are hardly likely to be able to transport, distribute and administer a vaccine that needs to be kept at -78c.

And then there’s the price of the Pfizer vaccine. I know that the developed countries give over $100bn in aid to Third-World hell-holes every year. But most of that money gets looted by the Third-World kleptocrat rulers and funnelled into offshore bank accounts or else spent on buying palaces, private jets and fleets of Mercedes. So there’s no way the five billion or so Third-Worlders will be able to pay for the Pfizer vaccine – or even the much cheaper Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine.

But don’t worry. In spite of the fact that the Third World’s five billion people are responsible for their own misery due to their stupidity, laziness and corruption, we’ll be told that it’s our duty to provide the Third-Worlders with a vaccine at our expense.

In fact, such glorious corruption-free organisations as the ludicrously misnamed United Nations and the even more ludicrously misnamed World Health Organisation, which was largely responsible for the spread of the Kung Flu by denying human to human transmission and advising against a ban on international flights, are already preaching to us about how we all need to work together to protect everyone against Xi’s Chinese plague.

Prepare to be lied to and scammed yet again by our unelected, utterly corrupt, self-serving globalist rulers.

Are the Democrats turning the USA into a banana republic?

(Wednesday blog)

Who really won the US election? Who knows? And will we ever know?

As Trump keeps claiming massive election vote-rigging, the British mainstream media keep claiming there is absolutely no evidence for Trump’s claims of election fraud.

Well, of course there’s no evidence yet as no investigations have yet been conducted into some of the most questionable results.

But we do know that something ‘odd’ happened in Wisconsin. Trump was leading when suddenly a new bunch of votes arrived and every single one was for Biden (the straight vertical blue line on the chart below):

We also know that election officials are blaming a “computer glitch” for mysteriously awarding thousands of Trump votes to Biden in Michigan (I think).

And we do know that progressive, liberal, holier-than-thou lefties have previously used massive postal voting fraud to steal an election. This happened here in the UK – in Birmingham to be precise.

Here’s part of a 2011 report from the lefty Independent newspaper:

A judge has delivered a devastating indictment of the postal voting system championed by ministers as he found six Labour councillors guilty of electoral fraud. He said checks against corruption were “hopelessly insecure” and accused the Government of being in denial about the risks to democracy.

A Judge has delivered a devastating indictment of the postal voting system championed by ministers as he found six Labour councillors guilty of electoral fraud. He said checks against corruption were “hopelessly insecure” and accused the Government of being in denial about the risks to democracy.

Richard Mawrey QC, sitting as an electoral commissioner in Birmingham, found “overwhelming” evidence of fraud in last year’s city council elections that would “disgrace a banana republic”. The elections, where several Labour candidates bucked the trend to win, were dogged by claims of intimidation, bribery, ‘vote-buying’, impersonation and even the creation of a “vote-forging factory”.

Clearly the postal voting system is open to massive fraud as Trump has claimed. If this can happen in the UK, why shouldn’t it have also been the case in the USA – especially in a year when (due to the Chinese plague) many more people used postal votes than in past elections?

Here’s Tony Heller debunking the mainstream media’s claims that it was a ‘computer glitch’ which accidentally allocated thousands of Trump votes to Biden – a supposed ‘error’ that was only found when a manual count gave a completely different election result to the result given by the computer system:


‘Scientists’ and ‘experts’ want total control over us

(Tuesday blog)

First we had lockdown 1 based on utterly discredited exaggerated projections of 500,000 deaths from Professor Penis, the Bonking Boffin from the utterly discredited Imperial College. Then came another (possibly unnecessary) lockdown based on fraudulently fiddled figures from supposed ‘scientists’ and ‘experts’ relishing having some power for the first time in their pathetic lives.

However, now there seems to be a ray of light – an effective vaccine against Xi’s Kung Flu which China deliberately allowed to spread around the world to cripple Western economies. So, people are beginning to think that by mid-2021 life will gradually return to normal for all those who have a government-mandated certificate proving they have been vaccinated against the Wu-Flu.

Anyone who believes that is sadly deluded. The ‘scientists’ and ‘experts’ and bureaucrats and politicians have now seen how easy it is to manipulate the ignorant lumpenproletariat using fake data and imagined threats to our lives. But as George Orwell so prophetically warned:

Return of the great climate scam?

The ‘scientists’ and ‘experts’ and bureaucrats and politicians now have a taste for their almost unlimited power over us. They’ve seen how easily they can use fake data, imagined threats and a compliant media to control us. They’re not going to give that up. So, as soon as the Chinese plague pandemic is over, we can expect the ‘scientists’ and ‘experts’ and bureaucrats and politicians to come up with their next scam to crush us into obedient submission. And that scam, of course, will be bringing back the supposed threat of Global Warming or Climate Change or Climate Crisis or Climate Extinction or whatever it’s called this week.

In fact, the ‘scientists’ and ‘experts’ and bureaucrats and politicians are already gearing up to scare us witless.

A group calling itself the UK Health Alliance on Climate Change (UKHACC) has urged the UK government to impose a climate tax on food producers by 2025 – unless private industry takes voluntary measures to limit their carbon emissions.

In the report published on Nov. 4, titled “All-Consuming: Building A Healthier Food System For People And Planet,” UKHACC outlines that the supposed ‘Climate Crisis’ cannot be resolved without reducing food that causes high emissions, such as red meat and dairy products. “In particular, red meat consumption will need to be cut by half if the food system is to stay within sustainable environmental limits,” UKHACC wrote in the report:

Adding that, “changing our diets in this way will not only help to mitigate climate change but will also improve our health: there is also clear evidence that is replacing animal protein with plant-based protein results in lower rates of stroke, heart disease, diabetes, and overall death rates.”

UKHACC claims to represent doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals from ten Royal Colleges of medicine and nursing, the British Medical Association and The Lancet. The report makes several recommendations besides levies on food, such as ending buy-one-get-one-free offers for supermarket products that are deemed by the ‘scientists’ and ‘experts’ – people like the Bonking Boffin and two well-known figure-fiddlers who I can’t name for legal reasons – ‘harmful to the environment’:

UKHACC said a future tax on meat and dairy products could easily work. They point to changing consumer behaviors that have been observed around a “Sugar Tax” to limit the consumption of junk foods.

Figures have it that food production is responsible for at least a quarter of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions. What appears to become is that, in the name of climate change, a war on the food system will be waged and the foods we eat that are deemed too dangerous for the climate will either be taxed or banned completely.

We can’t reach our goals without addressing our food system,” said Kristin Bash, who led the Faculty of Public Health’s food group and was a co-author of the UKHACC report, who was quoted of course by the useless recidivist lefty liars at The Guardian.

Bash also repeated the warning of imminent catastrophe that we’ve been fed for over twenty years, “the climate crisis isn’t something we should see as far in the future. It’s time to take these issues seriously now. 

The new world order?

The coronavirus appears to be ushering in a new world order – a world where ”scientists’ and ‘experts’ and bureaucrats and politicians rule every aspect of our lives – what cars we drive, how we heat our homes, what we have in our supermarket trolleys, what we’re allowed to eat and even what we can say in public and in our own homes. Perhaps we’ll soon have rationing of food, fuel and supposed non-essential goods in order to supposedly ‘save the planet’?

As Orwell predicted in his book “1984”, technology will be used to ensure our obedience. As for our useless politicised police, they have always complained they don’t have the resources to deal with ‘inconveniences’ like burglaries and muggings but manage to send 10 to 15 dim-witted plods to any gym or pub suspected of ‘breaking the rules’:

But we can be sure that they’ll continue to ignore real crime while magically managing to find the resources to ruthlessly enforce the new rules imposed on us by the ‘scientists’ and ‘experts’ and bureaucrats and politicians.