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Are you ready for the great ‘Climate Change’ lockdowns?

(Tuesday/Wednesday blog by David Craig – proudly banned from commenting on the Times and Sunday Times websites for political incorrectness about BLM and immigration and climate and Third-world corruption and our favouritest religion)

The great ‘Climate Change’ lockdowns?

Once again, I have to thank Sky News Australia for revealing a story that the UK media have mostly ‘overlooked’ about how our UK rulers despise us and plan to increase their power over us.

It appears that about two weeks ago there was an online conference of speakers from various countries. At this conference, our very own Lindsay Hoyle (sorry, I meant “Sir Lindsay Hoyle” as, of course, all people like him are inevitably Sirs or Lords or have loads of gongs and well-paid, well-pensioned jobs for life) proposed that the type of restrictions used to tackle the Chinese Covid-19 plague could command public support if used to fight supposed ‘Climate Change’.

World-respected climatologist Sir Lindsay told the online gathering of equally scientifically-enlightened counterparts from some of the world’s most powerful countries that the pandemic shows people are prepared to accept limitations on their lifestyles – if they recognise it is for the greater good.

Chairman Hoyle said he was surprised by the willingness of millions of people to wear masks and accept new rules, and said the urgent response the world has shown to deal with Covid-19 should now be harnessed to address climate change.

Speaking online at the G7 Speakers’ Meeting, Mr Hoyle (who, as far as I know, has absolutely no scientific education beyond secondary school) said: “If one lesson from the pandemic is that taking serious action in a timely manner is key – then shouldn’t this also be true in terms of climate change? With Covid, what surprised many of us in the UK was how engaged most of the population became once the seriousness of the situation was made clear.

“People were prepared to accept limitations on personal choice and lifestyle – for the good of their own family and friends. No-one could ever imagine that we would be wearing masks so readily and that we would all be so compliant. Perhaps we ought not to underestimate the ability of people and communities to work together for the common good, if there is united and clear leadership.”

The conference at which Sir Lindsay ‘Greta’ Hoyle made his remarks was hosted by one of the most powerful figures in US politics – crazy, Trump-loathing Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the US House of Representatives.

The (IMHO) scientifically-challenged Sir Lindsay said: “The tragedy is that unlike the pandemic, the climate crisis is not simply an external threat, but one in which we have had a clear hand. In other words, it seems that we have brought this on ourselves. While this is again sobering, surely, it is in our hands to rescue it, if we have got the will to do it?”

Perhaps Professor Hoyle forgot that the Wuhan plague was man-made and accidentally released from a Chinese research lab whereas supposed Man-Made Climate Change is just a mad cult encouraged by gravy-train-riding, grant-hungry, West-hating academics and believed by the ignorant and the deranged?

Of course, our greatest living scientist Professor Lindsay Hoyle’s remarks are not government policy. At least not yet. But they do at least reveal how some of our rulers are starting to think. Having seen how easy it has been to trample on our freedoms with the Wuhan flu scare, they’re now wondering about using similar tactics to crush us into submission using other supposed ‘threats to our lives’.

As the great George Orwell warned: “nobody ever seizes power with the intention of relinquishing it”

Rationing meat and fuel?

So, what can we expect? I believe it’s already illegal to build new houses with efficient gas central heating. Supposedly ‘green’ taxes on our energy have made UK industry uncompetitive causing the closure of hundreds of companies and the loss of tens of thousands of jobs. We’ve demolished perfectly workable power stations. Others have been converted from using locally-mined coal to using wood pellets shipped in from 6,000 miles away. And, of course, by 2030 or even earlier it will be illegal to buy petrol-driven cars.

But what else will our rulers do? Meat rationing to save the planet from methane cow farts? Curfews confining us to our homes between 6pm and 5am? Limitations on how far anyone can drive each week? And ‘third-generation smart meters in our homes which will switch off our electricity if some pen-pushing bureaucrat thinks we’re ‘selfishly’ using too much power?

The possibilities are almost endless. And we’ll be crushed into submission because our rulers and obedient media will tell us we’re “saving the planet”. Plus, of course, all these restrictions will be enforced by massive fines and even imprisonment for anyone daring to flout our rulers’ ever-increasing restrictions on our lives and livelihoods.

And we’ll be harangued into snitching to the authorities if we believe our neighbours are using too much electricity.

How George Orwell must be laughing as his prophecies all come true.

Will we be fooled again?

You might have thought that our bungling, incompetent, self-serving, power-grabbing elites have caused enough damage to our economies and lives with their failed Chinese flu lockdowns.

If people like Professor Lindsay Hoyle get their way, you ain’t seen nothing yet:

I ain’t no epidemiologist, but ……

(Sunday/Monday blog by David Craig – proudly banned from commenting by the Times and Sunday Times for insufficient political correctness such as supporting Donald Trump, supporting Brexit, ridiculing free-speech-hating trans-nazis, calling BLM rioters ‘fascists’, worrying about the uncontrolled Third-World migrant invasion and calling Man-Made Climate Change/Extinction a ‘scam’)

I ain’t no epidemiologist, but….

In fact I hardly know how to spell ‘epedimiologist’. But as the experts howl and scream about the disastrous ‘second wave’ that’s going to kill us all if we don’t immediately shut the economy down completely and all commit suicide, I was starting to do some number-crunching around the issue of ‘false positives’.

Very few medical tests are always 100% accurate. And with a new hastily-developed and hastily-introduced test, like the one for the Wuhan plague, being administered by hastily-trained staff at hastily-constructed test centres and analysed by often hastily-trained staff in many different labs each with their own methods and quality control systems, there’s no way current tests are going to be 100% accurate. From the little I understand, the ‘false positive’ rate is at least somewhere between 1% and 1.5%.

This does NOT mean that if there are 4,000 positives, then 1% to 1.5% (40 to 60) will be ‘false positives’.

Let me explain:

Here comes the complicated bit. I ain’t no statistician but I think the calculation goes as follows (readers are welcome to click on the headline and correct me if I’ve got this wrong):

  • Let’s imagine 200,000 tests are done in one day and there are 4,000 positives. That would give 196,000 negatives.
  • If there is a ‘false positive rate’ of 1%, then that would give 1,960 ‘false positives’ – 1% of the 196,000 negatives. Thus almost half the 4,000 supposed positives would actually be ‘false positives’
  • If there is a ‘false positive’ rate of say 1.5%, then there would be 2,940 ‘false positives’. Thus 73.5% of the 4,000 supposed positives would actually be ‘false positives’

I have a feeling that most people (like Matt ‘Hapless’ Hancock) think the number of ‘false positives’ is derived by applying the ‘false positive’ rate (1% to 1.5%) to the total number of positives – which gives a tiny number of ‘false positives’. But I believe that the correct calculation is to apply the ‘false positive’ rate to the total number of negatives – which gives a massive number of ‘false positives’. I hope that makes sense.

So, if I am right with my calculations and if the ‘false positive rate’ is between 1% and 1.5%, then maybe there is only a slight rise in real infections. But the large increase in tests is giving a large increase in ‘false positives’ making the apparent rise in infections appear much larger than the actual real rise.

Even worse than this is the fact that, as the number of ‘false positives’ is a function of the number of negative test results, then the fewer people who test positive (real positive and false positive) then the greater the number of ‘false positives’ will be as a percentage of all the positive results.

This all means that our statistically-challenged government may be about to trash our economy and impose massive hardship on hundreds of thousands of businesses and millions of families for absolutely no reason at all.

Moreover, if I am right, then the situation may even be more absurd than described above. Let’s assume that general testing reveals an apparent rise in infections in say Bolton. To help quantify and control the apparent rise, our geniuses running the testing system would rush loads of extra testing capacity to Bolton. But if the ‘false positive’ rate is actually 1% to 1.5%, the more people that are tested in Bolton, the more it will appear that infections are shooting up due to the increase in ‘false positives’ when, in fact, the real rise in infections may actually be quite limited.

And then you have questions around whether the tests only pick up the Chinese Covid-19 Coronavirus or whether some people being tested might actually have other Coronaviruses that have been around for years. I don’t know if tests picking up other Coronaviruses are currently included in the official ‘false positives’ infection estimates.

Why do no journalists mention the issue of ‘false positives’ when hyperventilating about how we’re all going to die?

Is the maths too complicated for journalists to report on? (That’s a rhetorical question, by the way).

Of course, I might be completely wrong in the way I have calculated the ‘false positive’ numbers.

But if my maths are correct, and I’m pretty sure they are, then we really are running around chasing our own tails by not separating out the ‘false positives’ from the real infections.

(since I wrote the above, a reader sent me the link below to a report about ‘false positives’. From what little I understand from glancing through the report, this proves my method of calculation of the number of ‘false positives’ is correct. Thus increased testing will give a massive increase in ‘false positives’ as just 1% or even a lower percentage of a huge number of negatives will give a ginormous increase in ‘false positives’ and probably lead to loads more totally unnecessary lockdowns.


(Here’s the link)

OMG!!!! I’ve just listened to the first 2 minutes of the Julia Hartley-Brewer interview with Health Secretary Matt Hancock that a reader mentioned (link below). Hancock thinks the rate of ‘false positives’ is less than 1% and that the number of ‘false positives’ is calculated by taking that percentage of the total number of positives. Whereas (as I have explained above) he should be calculating the number of ‘false positives’ by applying the percentage ‘false positives’ to the total number of negatives.

By using the wrong way of calculating the number of ‘false positives’ Hancock claims the actual number of ‘false positives’ is tiny. If he had used the correct method of calculation (as I have done above) he’d know that anywhere between 50% to 75% of supposed positives are probably ‘false positives’.

OMG!!! OMG!!! OMG!!!

Trump stomping all over Biden? Or Biden stomping all over Trump?

(weekend blog by David Craig – proudly banned from commenting by the Times and Sunday Times for insufficient political correctness)

I thought we could all relax this weekend by enjoying a few of Trump’s and Biden’s most recent campaign ads.

Trump kicking Biden?

Here’s one possibly questioning whether Old Joe is really up to the job of being president:

And here’s another wondering about Sleepy Joe’s basement teleprompter:

Here’s one highlighting the Democrats’ support for the ‘peaceful’ BLM protests:

Biden giving hope?

You have to run to keep up with a human dynamo like Joe Biden:

Biden blames Trump for Democrat supporters rioting in Democrat-run cities:

Biden slams Trump for mishandling the Chinese plague (even though Biden originally attacked Trump for trying to create a fake crisis and even though the US is a federal system in which each state is responsible for its own health policies)


Greenies only lie to us for our own good, don’t they mommy?

(Friday blog by David Craig – proudly banned from commenting by the Times and Sunday Times for insufficient political correctness)

With Greeny, Greta-worshipping stuff you can find whatever figures you want to justify either:

  • Global warming will wipe us out within the next ten years
  • There has been no warming at all
Burn baby burn!

So far this year the two big Global Warming panics/scams (delete as appropriate) concerned the supposedly ‘unprecedented’ and ‘apocalyptic’ wildfires in Australia and more recently in California and Oregon. The BBC and C4 News howled and screamed that never before had so much land been destroyed by wildfires and that this was definite proof of Global Warming.

But here’s a chart that suggests the BBC’s and C4’s howling and screaming are somewhat misleading:

It shows the ‘Global Burned Area’ from 2003 to 2015 taken from satellite observations. If accurate, this suggests that the Global Burned Area has been decreasing. But this chart only goes up to 2015. So maybe it doesn’t prove that this year’s wildfires have been within a normal range.

So, here’s a more up-to-date table showing the number of wildfires and acres burned from the USA since 2010:

If these figures are accurate, they suggest that 2017 and 2018 were well above the 10-year average of 40,787 fires burning 5,144,783 acres. But 2019 and 2020 have been around 25% below the 10-year average. (though this only goes up to 24 August 2020)

Naturally, California’s Greta-worshipping Democrat governor Gavin Nukesom blamed Global Warming “The debate is over, around climate change,” Mr. Newsom told reporters. “This is a climate damn emergency. This is real and it’s happening.”

Meanwhile, Trump was ridiculed by the mainstream media (as usual) for suggesting the fires had nothing to do with Global Warming and that poor forest management due to Greeny environmental policies preventing controlled burnings of fallen trees and scrub were to blame for the extent of the burning:

As one organisation pointed out “Environmentalism is why California stopped grooming forests or doing controlled burns to get rid of deadwood (AKA tinder). All this misbegotten environmentalism has controlled California even as more people have moved into fire zones over the past several decades”.

And nobody dares mention how many fires are started deliberately by Black Lives Matter and Antifa activists as part of their ‘peaceful protests’. Here’s a nice photo from Oregon. It shows a local lady holding an alleged arsonist at gunpoint until the police arrived to haul him away:

She found him on her land with a lot of matches. When asked why he had so many matches, he said he was a smoker. But when asked to show his cigarettes, he was unable to produce any.

You won’t see that story in any of the mainstream media

What about the early snowstorms?

Another story you won’t see reported in any mainstream media is that the US states of Wyoming, Colorado and a few others have just experienced their earliest snowfalls for over 100 years. Boulder Colorado and Denver had their first and earliest snow on September 8 this year and a local weather station is running a competition for people to guess when the second snowfall will come:

Nobody in the mainstream media is going to mention the record early snowfalls in the USA as they don’t fit the Greenies’ Global Warming narrative.

Meanwhile in Australia

Perhaps the most damning example of the idiocies of the environmentalists was during the Australian fires earlier this year.

An Australian named Liam Sheahan cleared trees and shrubs within 100 metres of his home in the hills at Strath Creek, central Victoria, to create a firebreak in case bushfires ever hit. While Mr Sheahan thought that was a ‘common sense’ decision, the local council did not, taking him to court where fines and legal costs left him $100,000 out of pocket

However his decision to clear the land was vindicated when his property was the only one still standing after bushfires devastated the tiny town.

I’ve been trying to find the short video in which an Australian fireman (son of a fire chief) rages against the Greenies for their legislation preventing people creating firebreaks using controlled burning during the Australian winter. But it seems to have disappeared. However, here’s another one in which a Australian public enquiry into the wildfires this year discovers to its astonishment and amazement something that most Australians (except Greta-adoring Greenies) have known for over a hundred years – in a hot dry country you need active forestry and land management to avoid catastrophic fires:

Is Joe Biden the new El ‘Private Godfrey’ Cid?

(Thursday blog)

Today I wanted to focus on Joe Biden’s increasingly obvious and increasingly worrying mental decline as we never hear anything about this in the Trump-loathing, Democrat-adoring UK mainstream media.

I don’t know how many readers are old enough to remember the 1961 film El Cid starring Charlton Heston and Sophia Loren:

At the end of the film Charlton Heston (El Cid) dies trying to defend Spain against the invading Moor (Muzlim) army. But with the help of an iron frame, Heston’s generals prop up his corpse, dressed in armour and holding a banner, on the back of his horse Babieca. Guided by two of his generals riding on either side, the horse carrying El Cid leads a charge against the Moors. Believing that El Cid has risen from the dead, the terrified Moors flee and are thoroughly beaten.

That brings us to Joe Biden. Sleepy Joe may actually still be alive. His body is still moving, but his brain seems to be going going gone. Yet the Democrats are desperately propping him up just like the Spaniards in El Cid propped up the dead Charlton Heston. Although, unfortunately Biden is no Charlton Heston. He’s more like Private Godfrey in Dads’ Army:

Joe ‘Private Godfrey’ Biden has a teleprompter in his basement to tell him what to say when he is fed easy pre-prepared questions supposedly asked by ordinary members of the public. He accidentally revealed this when holding up a photo of himself and his two sons during a basement broadcast:

Occasionally Biden is allowed out of his basement to give a short speech somewhere or other and he’s typically pictured waving to an empty field as nobody can be bothered to turn up to listen to him:

After each speech, Biden is hurried away by his minders to avoid him taking any questions from reporters.

Each time, he does give a speech, Biden gets confused, loses his way and just starts rambling incoherently.

You wouldn’t be aware of any of this if you only followed the Biden-adoring, Trump-despising UK mainstream media. But it’s difficult to imagine the howls of mockery and derision from the BBC, C4 News (Jon Snow, Krishnan Whatever and Kathy Newman) and the UK newspapers if Trump was making the same gaffes as Biden.

Biden has declined so dramatically, that one might wonder whether Biden is the new El Cid, a sort of Private Godfrey already totally useless but propped up by his generals to win the election by conning moderate voters before being unceremoniously dumped by the more extreme wing of the Democrat Party and replaced by the much more radical Kamala Harris, the Bernie Bros and the Squad:

The vice president’s role is usually clearly subordinate to that of the president. But Kamala Harris is already talking in her speeches about “a Harris administration with Joe Biden”.

There are loads of wonderful videos highlighting Joe ‘El Private Godfery Cid’ Biden’s mental incapacity:

But here’s one pointing out that Biden is just being used like an already dead El Cid, by the real powers in the Democrat Party led by the very ambitious Kamala Harris and the leftists.

God help America!

Our increasingly diverse world is enriched every day

(Wednesday blog)

It’s always spiritually uplifting to celebrate the tremendous contributions diversity and the Religion of Peacefulness make to our world every day:

Those Lesbos lies

There has been great bleating and moaning and howling in the UK mainstream media for the last few days about the supposedly dreadful conditions being endured by the poor supposed ‘refugees’ (Religion of Peacefulness invaders) on the Greek island of Lesbos:

We are repeatedly being told that they are all now living in appalling conditions, often sleeping by the side of the road, because the refugee camp there “burnt down”. But we’re never told how and why the camp “burnt down”. Instead it’s presented to us by the media as some kind of cataclysmic natural event beyond human control. Our media never mentions that it was the rapemigrants themselves who burnt the camp down for some or all of the following reasons – they:

  • weren’t getting decent Halal food
  • wanted better free mobile phones
  • wanted homes and more money
  • thought that burning their camp down was the easiest way to blackmail the EU into letting them into other richer (with lots more benefits) EU countries
Snackbar attacks nothing to do with Izlum?

In Stoltberg Germany) a German was critically injured by a knifeman shouting something about his snackbar. As usual, the police are keeping an open mind about the motive for the attack. No doubt, it will be blamed on “mental illness”.

Also in Germany, a store owner was attacked by six Syrians using clubs, planks and stones. A police spokesperson said “No information can be given at this time of the police investigations about possible weapons being used or individual criminal involvement of certain persons”. Mental illness again?

Murder most honourable in Crapistan?

For most people in the West, murdering someone is generally considered a rather nasty thing to do – especially if the person being murdered is a member of your own family. But for our friends from our most favourite religion, murdering female members of the family seems to be the most popular sport available.

In Pakistan last week a 22-year-old man was arrested for killing his sister, Nighat Parveen. Parveen’s 22-year-old brother Abdullah Hashim allegedly confessed to murdering his sister during the investigation.

Abdullah allegedly told police that his sister had become “a source of disgrace” for his family for the past eight years. He added that people in the village had also started questioning the family’s honour due to Parveen’s “character”.

Nighat Parveen was just one of the thousand or so females honour-killed in Pakistan each year – about three every day. The murderers are seldom punished as honour-killings of female family members are considered quite a natural reaction when a female dares disobey the male members of her family.

And in Europe

But it’s not only in hell-holes like Crapistan where “honour” killings seem to be the favourite national sport. In Denmark, a Bosnian Muzlim man had been looking for his ex-wife and mother of his five children. Eventually he found her  behind a supermarket and killed her by stabbing her and cutting her throat with a knife in such a violent manner that the knife broke. He then smashed her skull crushing it with seven blows with the hammer.

Meanwhile in Britain, even the BBC admits that there are over twelve honour killings a year and that “They usually occur within South Asian and Middle Eastern families”.

One of the most well-known cases is that of Banaz Mahmod, from Surrey:

Her murder was allegedly organised by her father and uncle who reportedly had some innocent, old-fashioned fun raping and torturing her before killing her and stuffing her body in a suitcase and burying it because she wouldn’t accept them controlling who she saw and who she married.

And in the USA

And, we should not forget the two beautiful sisters Amina and Sarah:

They were just two of the estimated two dozen or so honour killings in the USA every year by our friends from the bestest religion in the world. Their murderer – their father – has just been caught after 10 years on the run. Despite being on the FBI’s ‘Most Wanted’ list, it seems he managed to escape capture for so long because he was protected by members of his own community who, naturally, couldn’t see anything wrong with him murdering his own daughters because they dared dress in Western clothes and talk to Western boys. (Though there are suspicions that the real reason their father shot them to death in the back of his taxi was that he had raped one or both of them and so killed them to cover up his own crimes)

Diversity and multi-cultural enrichment make life so much better and more interesting.

Here’s a song one horrified musician wrote about Amina and Sarah’s honour-murders and about the hypocrisy and cynicism of Western ‘progressives’ who refuse to even mention the subject of honour-killings because it doesn’t fit their narrative that white men are responsible for all the ills in the world:


Poor Cressida, she ticks all the right boxes – yet the lefties still hate her

(Tuesday blog)

Poor Cressida, she ticks all the right boxes

You could be forgiven for feeling ever so slightly sorry for the head of the Met Police – Dame Cressida ‘Dickless’ Dick.

She ticks almost all the required diversity boxes – woman, lesbian, incompetent, woke, ugly. And yet the radical left is still unhappy with her. I write “almost all the required diversity boxes” because Dame Cressida misses three of the key diversity boxes – she’s not a person of colour, she’s not a Moozlim and she’s not obscenely gravitationally-challenged.

On Saturday, approximately 100 BLM demonstrators alongside activists from the 4Front Project and Tottenham Rights gathered outside the headquarters of the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) to denounce alleged cases of racial profiling against black people carried out by the Cressida Dick-led police force. Black Lives Matter protesters called for the resignation of Met Police Commissioner Cressida Dick and chanted “f*ck the police” outside force HQ Scotland Yard in London.

But the more Cressida and her ever-so-woke sidekick, Neil Basu, kneel and grovel to the BLM fascists, the more concessions the BLM fascists will demand.

Maybe it’s time to get rid of Cressida and Neil and get some real police running the Met?

If they don’t like it here, why don’t they leave?

As far as I know, virtually no ‘people of colour’ were brought to the UK as slaves. In my limited understanding, they or their ancestors came to Britain willingly to escape backwardness, ignorance, disease, poverty, violence and a life lived in excrement-filled hell-holes in order to benefit from the decent civilisation we had created in the UK.

We have given them opportunities they would never have had in the hell-holes they have left. Yet they demand ever more from us:

and we submit to their demands.

Why doesn’t someone dare say “if you don’t like it here, just leave”? After all, with the free education they have had in the UK thanks to the  enforced generosity of British taxpayers, surely their countries of origin would welcome them back to help rebuild those countries?

If you don’t like it here – just leave. Goodbye!

Did fat Beccy eat all the birds?

Cressida Dickless may not be gravitationally-challenged. But here’s the CEO of the RSPB, Beccy Speight, on C4 News yesterday evening:

Beccy was complaining to a suitably outraged John Snow about how human over-consumption was destroying many birds’ natural environments as increasing amounts of land were being converted to agricultural use. Here’s another picture of Beccy:

Dear Beccy, if anyone is consuming too much, maybe it’s you. Or did you just eat all the birds?

The RSPB accounts don’t tell us how much Beccy is being paid from our donations. I suspect it’s close to £100,000 a year, but I can’t be sure. However, clearly it’s quite enough for Beccy Speight to enjoy some excellent meals from some fine restaurants.

Next time you donate to the RSPB, remember you’re helping to feed fat Beccy.

Mad Hillary still blames the Russians

(Monday blog)

You couldn’t make it up

This weekend we had the fervent Remoaner and (IMHO) lying war criminal, Tony Blair, criticising Boris Johnson’s government for supposedly ‘breaking international law”. They even had Blair’s sidekick, Alistair Campbell, being interviewed on TV also putting the boot in.

I seem to have a vague recollection of a Blair government enthusiastically participating in a military attack on Iraq, which cost hundreds of thousands of lives, using the manufactured and false excuse that Iraq could launch WMDs within 45 minutes.

Unfortunately, those supposed ‘WMDs’ were never found.

Breaking international law? Perhaps Mr Blair has a short memory?

The madness of President Hillary?

I don’t have a new story today. So I thought it might be mildly amusing to remind everyone of the madness of sore loser – unhinged Democrat Hillary Clinton.

If you go onto Youtube and search for something like “Hillary Clinton blames the Russians”, you’ll find loads and loads of video recordings of interviews with mad Hillary Clinton after her 2016 defeat to Donald Trump. In every interview she rants on about how the Russians and Putin helped Trump beat her and about how she was cheated out of the presidency by Putin and the Russians.

However, if you then apply a filter to the Youtube search results to only include videos uploaded in the last week or so, you’ll come across the very short video below.

Yup, it’s Hillary Clinton still blaming the Russians for her defeat. Moreover, she’s now claiming the Russians are interfering in the coming 2020 election to help Trump beat the wonderful, dynamic Joe Biden in the same way the Russians allegedly helped Trump defeat her.

It’s slightly amusing to look at Bill Clinton’s dismayed face as Hillary rants and raves still blaming her defeat on the Russians rather on the fact that she lost because she is distrusted and loathed by a huge number of Americans.

I suspect that Bill’s life with crazy, paranoid Hillary is not a bundle of laughs and that there’s very little boom boom for Bill’s formerly very active willy:

Was Friday evening’s “Millionaire” a fix?

(weekend blog – this weekend, a less serious subject than usual)

Like probably many millions of others, I watched Friday evening’s “WHO WANTS TO BE A MILLIONAIRE?”. And like probably many millions of others I saw the contestant, Donald Fear, win one million pounds. After all, there had been loads of stories in the mainstream media prior to the broadcast about how someone in this series would win the £1m after many years with no winners.

The contestant was clearly knowledgeable. He taught history and philosophy or politics (if I remember correctly) and his brother had previously won £500,000 on the programme. So he seemed to come from a family that was interested in general knowledge. But thinking back on Friday evening’s £1m-winning episode, I started to have a niggling feeling that the ‘surprise’ win was as near a (IMHO) ‘fix’ as the programme-makers dared go.

Let’s review the evidence of a (IMHO) ‘fix’:

  • For several weeks, the programme’s PR department had been ‘leaking’ (deliberately spreading) the story around the main newspapers that someone during the series would win the £1m. That would be sure to boost viewing numbers and thus advertising revenues
  • Conveniently for the programme and advertisers, the £1m win came from the last contestant in the last programme of the series. This would also have helped maximise advertising revenues throughout the whole series
  • Usually the first question – “Fastest fingers first” – is something totally banal like putting four words in alphabetical order or four places in order from North to South. But with this contestant (if I remember correctly and I may well be wrong here) the “Fastest fingers first” question was actually quite difficult as it involved putting four English queens in date order of their reigns. One of them was Queen Anne and I doubt many people know when she reigned. And that was a question the history teacher was bound to know. In fact, only two of the contestants got the right answer – one of those was of course, the history teacher
  • One of the supposedly ‘difficult’ questions was about which of four whale species had teeth. I think pretty much everybody knows that’s the Sperm Whale which dives down deep to feast on giant squid. Another one was about the meaning of the word ‘loquacious’ – not too difficult, huh?
  • The first six or seven questions were, as usual, easy. But at least three of the supposedly ‘serious’ questions were all historical questions. One of them was about which of four well-known buildings was completed first. The penultimate (£250,000 to £500,000) question asked which of four UK politicians held all the “four great offices of state”. And the final question for £1m asked which of four pirates was killed in a battle in 1718. (The contestant ‘coincidentally’ had taught a course on piracy).
  • Extraordinarily, there was not a single ‘trivia question’ about some media celeb, TV soap or awful girl band – the kind of question that always catches out the most knowledgeable, well-educated, well-read contestants
  • The questions were so well-targeted to this contestant’s specific area of expertise – history – that he didn’t even bother using two of his lifelines
  • The contestant himself remarked with what seemed to cynical, nasty me to be some surprise something like how the questions “fell just right” and how there weren’t any trivia questions
  • As a (IMHO) ‘cynical’ Daily Telegraph reader has just commented: “And not once did Jeremy remind him how much he stood to lose if he got the last two questions wrong. Stranger still.” I, of course, would never support such a cynical comment!

I’ve written the above from memory as, at the time of writing, I haven’t managed to watch the whole programme again.

I’m not in any way blaming the contestant as I’m sure he knew nothing about the (IMHO) ‘fix’. Nor am I suggesting that the host, Jeremy Clarkson, knew the £1m-winning episode was a (IMHO) ‘fix’.

But I have a very strong feeling that there is sufficient evidence to suggest that the programme-makers orchestrated the whole £1m-winning episode as the last contestant in the last of the series and the extensive PR surrounding it to be as near a (IMHO) ‘fix’ as the programme-makers dared go in order to build suspense thus maximising viewer numbers and advertising revenues without too obviously giving the game away.

I wonder if anyone else had the same feeling?

(you can leave comments by clicking on the headline)

“No one ever seizes power with the intention of relinquishing it” George Orwell

(Friday blog)

First let’s start with something slightly less serious.

Latest news from the US elections

Joe Biden emerges from his basement:

Russia first with Covid-19 vaccine?

Meanwhile, as the AstraZeneca Covid-19 vaccine trials are temporarily halted, Russia seems to be rushing ahead in the race to be the first country to develop an effective Covid-19 vaccine:

Apparently the Russian vaccine is called Novichok and effectively kills all known viruses. It has already been almost successfully tested on Putin critic Alexander Navalny:

“No one ever seizes power with the intention of relinquishing it”

One of the many smart quotes from George Orwell was:

“No one ever seizes power with the intention of relinquishing it. Power is not a means; it is an end.

Using the Chinese Covid-19 plague as an excuse, rulers across the world have imposed the kind of restrictions on us plebs that you normally don’t even see in wartime. Yet the only danger to us is a flu-like virus which accidentally leaked from a Chinese research lab and which is almost only dangerous to the elderly:

Moreover, Covid-19 kills many fewer people than Alzheimers and Heart Disease:

So, we now know the key groups to protect against the Chinese plague and those who will hardly be affected by the Chinese plague. Yet countries across the world are imposing totalitarian restrictions on all their citizens which are wrecking their economies and destroying people’s lives.

In Spain, a young female lifeguard was arrested for going surfing:

OK, she had tested positive and should have been quarantining. But if there’s anywhere where you’re less likely to pass on Covid-19, it’s out in the sea.

In Canada, special centres have been set up to detain people who repeatedly break lockdown restrictions.

And in the UK we’re apparently going to have ‘Covid Marshals’ who will have the power to arrest anyone breaking our lockdown rules.

Now our rulers have got the taste for controlling our lives, one could wonder whether they will ever give up their new power over us. Or will we see similar powers used and abused to fight such fictitious threats as ‘Climate Change’ or supposedly to ‘protect the environment’ or to combat whatever other imaginary threat they can think of?

Australia turns to fascism?

Incredibly, nowhere in the supposedly ‘free world’ has imposed such draconian restrictions on people’s freedom and human rights as formerly freedom-loving Australia. The city of Melbourne is now under a curfew. The official State of Victoria government website states: “A curfew is in place between the hours of 8pm until 5am. This means you must be at your home during these hours”.

Here’s the wonderful Sky News Australia daring to question the politicians’ destruction of the State of Victoria’s economy and millions of people’s lives to fight a disease that has killed 788 people (more than 90% over the age of 80) – just 0.01% of the State of Victoria’s 6,359,000 population – after infections shot up following security guards at a government-run quarantine hotel having sex with some of the people being quarantined: