July 2023

Why would Nigel Farage want to be associated with the crooks at Coutts?

Monday/Tuesday blog

Coutts Bank apears to be a highly disreputable bank which discriminates against millionaires in favour of multimillionaires and seems to be happy to take money from any passing kleptocrat or fraudster. Being associated with Coutts could be damaging to Nigel Farage’s reputation.

Coutts’s Wikipedia page reports of enormous financial malpractice by Coutts, which […]

It’s “Global Boiling” – be afraid, be very afraid!

Friday/weekend blog

It seems that we plebs weren’t frightened enough by the supposed threat of ‘Global Warming’ nor by ‘Climate Crisis’ nor by ‘Climate Emergency’ nor even by ‘Climate Breakdown’. So, our private-jet-setting, climate-conference-attending, one-world-government rulers have come up with a new name for weather to browbeat us into giving up our lifestyles and our […]

Will you be ‘nudged’ by Sky’s climate propaganda?

Wednesday/Thursday blog

Apologies if you already knew about this. But I guess I’m a bit slow in keeping up with things as I’ve just found out about this.

It appears that around the time of the 2021 Glasgow Cop26 climate junket, Sky News, working in collaboration with the Behavioural Insights Team (BIT) also known as […]

The next English Civil War?

Monday/Tuesday blog

More BBC climate lies

On BBC Breakfast this morning (Monday 24 July), we were warned that the temperature in Catania could reach “a record 48°C”. But here’s a link to the BBC’s own weather forecast for Catania for the next week or so:

As you’ll see, the forecast is for “sunny with […]

It still ain’t hot, Justin!

Friday/weekend blog

It still ain’t hot, Justin

In my previous blog (Wednesday/Thursday) I featured a BBC news report about the supposed planet-destroying heatwave reportedly by the BBC ‘tearing’ across the Southern United States and the Mediterranean. And I highlighted a typically useless, dopey BBC reporter who, while telling us about the supposedly devastating heatwave in […]

It ain’t actually that hot, mum

Wednesday/Thursday blog

Hopefully you’re all utterly terrified of the Earth spontaneously combusting as heat apocalypse Cerberus roasts Southern Europe:

Apparently, it’s the same weather system which is heating the Southern United States:

It’s apparently something to do with an unusually long (3 years) La Nina being followed by El […]

Climate grifter John Kerry gets torn apart

Monday/Tuesday blog

Those stupid South Koreans

First, just some brief comments about the ‘stupid’ South Koreans.

I’ve just had one of my blogs adapted for The Conservative Woman website:

Gender versus sex – a simple guide from the WHO

There are two small points I’d like to make: Firstly, the best bit about my […]

‘Mental health issues’ – what a surprise!

Friday/weekend blog

I had actually planned this blog before the previously un-named BBC presenter was named. What I was going to suggest, before the name was made public, was that as soon as the individual was named, we would be told that he had ‘serious mental health issues’. After all, isn’t this what all celebs […]

Artificial Intelligence (AI) or Authoritarian Idiocy (AI)?

Wednesday/Thursday blog

There has been quite a lot recently in the media about Artificial Intelligence (AI), especially since a deepfake video appeared on-line supposedly featuring financial expert, Martin Lewis, recommending some investment or other.

In this blog I just wanted to give a glimpse of the Kafkaesque nightmare that may await some of us as […]

Will Neil Oliver be Ofcommed?

Monday/Tuesday blog

I have actually written a new blog. But I thought it better you used your valuable time listening to the latest Neil Oliver video rather than reading anything I might write.

I wonder how long it will be before Neil Oliver will be Ofcommed by the UK-loathing, migrant-hugging, BBC-loving, perv-promoting, Tory-hating libtards at […]