May 2010
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Lord Browne – give us some money to clean up your mess

Under Lord Browne, BP spent years cutting costs and cutting corners in order to push up their profits and make multimillionaires out of their senior managers. Maybe they should be giving some of their millions back to pay for the catastrophe which is their responsibility. Perhaps Lord Browne will volunteer ten to twenty million of […]

Germany thrashes Britain

That was just in the ghastly Eurovision Idiots Song Competition. Still, getting reamed by Germany last night will be good practice for the Football World Cup where England’s lazy, self-indulgent, overpaid and undertalented prima donnas will get the thrashing they so fully deserve.

Send Fat Fergie to the Treasury

Fat Princess Fergie has once again been shown to be a greedy, self-centered liar. Maybe she would be perfect to replace David Laws at the Treasury. There she could really make some good hard cash to support her in the lifestyle she thinks she deserves for putting up with dopey Airmiles Andrew for a few […]

Breaking the Laws

Stealing our money had nothing to do with David Laws’ private life. He is already a rich man and had no need to claim tens of thousands of pounds for housing. He did it because he was greedy, dishonest and thought he could get away with it. He should be fired, prosecuted and lose his […]

Shouldn’t thieving David Laws be in prison?

Time for Cameron and Clegg to sack thieving David Laws and for them to call in the police. Laws’ offer to give back a tiny amount of the money he has stolen from us does not absolve him of the crime of theft. He is a thief and a liar. He should be prosecuted for […]

Will Clegg fire Laws? Or is Clegg a liar?

They’re still at it. Our greedy, lazy, hypocritical thieving MPs just can’t keep their hands off our money. Next up is LibDem David Laws, the man supposed to cut public spending. He’s raked in a lovely £40,000 taxfree by claiming for rent paid to his male partner.

Nick Clegg promised a new kind of politics […]

Our greedy MPs haven’t changed

The government is set to raise the state pension age to save money. Of course our trough-swilling MPs and sycophantic, incompetent civil servants will still be allowed to retire at 60 with massive tax-free pay-offs and full inflation-protected pensions paid for by us. Each of us would have to put £50,000 a year into our […]

The answer is the 4-day week, you fools

Today the government will start announcing its cuts. In fact no money will be saved as the cost of redundancies will be higher than any savings. The real way to cut spending is to put all public-sector administrative and managerial staff on a 4-day week – working Monday through Thursday. This would save £200m a […]

Lying, self-serving Labour scum?

Several of the contestants for Labour leadership are claiming that they thought the Iraq war was a mistake and that they were against it. Why? Because they really believe this? Or because they know that saying it will help their chances of being elected? Yet if they were so opposed to the Iraq war, it’s […]

Is Diane Abbott a racist?

Yesterday, Diane Abbott said that all the contenders for the Labour Party leadership ‘looked the same’. Had any white politician said that a group of black candidates ‘all looked the same’ no doubt Ms Abbott and the politically-correct rent-a-mob would be up in arms screaming for resignation and even prosecution. But it seems that Ms […]