April 2020
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Beware the coming Chinese smash, grab and takeaway!

(Thursday blog)

As we struggle to survive the Chinese Covid-19 plague, we might risk failing to prepare for some unwelcome consequences.

One of these is that many Western companies will emerge from the lockdown on their knees or even bankrupt. This will present a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for anyone with cash to buy up these companies […]

Hopefully Chinese blackmail will backfire and hurt them more than us

(Monday/Tuesday blog)

Last Thursday, I wrote a blog about how corrupt, lying, disease-ridden China is our enemy. In the blog I gave two examples of how the corrupt, lying, disease-ridden Chinese could blackmail the West and bring our economies crashing down. The two examples were China’s control of most of the planet’s rare-earth metals and […]

Blackmailing the useless EU. Our Turkish friends laughing all the way to the bank!

(weekend blog)

Blackmail is a Turkish delight

You might remember that last week Turkey’s magnificent president popped over to Brussels to give EU leaders a friendly ultimatum. Either they give Turkey loads more EU-taxpayers’ money or else the Turks would unleash a tsunami of migrants into Europe:

But things seem to have […]

China is our enemy! Will the Covid-19 plague will wake us up to this fact?

(Wednesday/Thursday blog)

The great antibiotic threat

Let me start with some figures I found shocking – somewhere between 80% and 95% of all antibiotics (different sources give different figures) used in the USA are manufactured in China.

Let’s think of the implications of this: were China and the USA to get into a spat about […]

Flying over misery with a G&T or two

(Wednesday no blog)

I’ve just got back from a 13-hour flight from the Far East (the land of the RFFM to be more precise) and won’t be able to do a proper blog today.

But there’s one thing I always find difficult to fully grasp.

As I’m sitting in my plane seat drinking my third […]

Don’t buy the Sanders hype – Democrat bosses will ensure Bloomberg gets it

(Monday blog)

Magic Grandpa – USA-style?

It’s quite extraordinary to watch the useless US Dumbocrats following the equally useless UK Labour Party up a blind alley into their own arseholes.

Like UK Labour, the US Democrats have abandoned their traditional voters – blue-collar workers – and instead jumped onto every progressive, liberal, woke bandwagon they […]

HS2 – why are our politicians so dumb-arse stupid?

(Friday/weekend blog)

Oh no, here we go again. At the time of writing, it looks like our useless politicians are going to approve the hugely-costly and totally unnecessary HS2 project.

Ask the wrong questions – you get the wrong answer

Let me bore you with why I think the idiots in Westminster have blundered into […]

Maybe Boris Johnson could be good?

(Christmas blog)

Let’s end the year on a high

(Monday blog)

There’s lots to write about. But perhaps this year it’s worth leaving for the Christmas break on a high note – the win for patriotism, common sense, decency, fairplay and democracy in last Thursday’s General Election.

In spite of continual pro-EU media bias by the BBC and C4 News against the Tories; in […]

Congratulations to British voters! What a wonderful Christmas present!

(weekend blog)

There will be so much blethering and blathering by the supposed ‘experts’ in the mainstream media that I doubt there’s anything a deplorable ignoramus like myself could add.

But I would like to express my delight at the election result and my admiration for the British electorate for yet again defying the instructions […]