July 2021
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How stupid do you have to be to become an MP?

Sunday to Wednesday blog

Steve Baker MP – In my humble opinion you are an idiot!

In my completely futile attempts to warn people that the West is committing economic and societal suicide by trying to ‘save the planet’ in their ludicrous and unnecessary rush to a ‘net zero’ nirvana, I thought about sending some […]

How the Democrats will win every election in the future

(Wednesday/Thursday blog)

I’ll keep it short and sweet today.

Joe Biden supposedly got around 79,658,000 votes

Donald Trump officially got around 73,675,000 votes.

I write “around” as the final tallies haven’t come in yet. But we can still use the numbers we have.

Using these numbers, it would appear that the Democrats got around 5,983,000 […]

Boris Johnson brain scan reveals horrifying truth

(Thursday/Friday blog)

Boris Johnson’s terrifying brain scan results

Sometimes the stupidity of politicians amazes even a cynic like me.

In the last election, the Tories won a stonking 80-seat majority by breaking through Labour’s ‘Red Wall’. While Labour were pushing woke greeny crap and identity politics and globalist anti-British propaganda, the Tories (guided by Cummings […]

The suicidal West drowns in debt – a confident China rises?

(Tuesday/Wednesday blog)

Here’s a cheering picture to start the day. It’s the UK’s National Debt as a % of GDP from 1993 up till June 2020:

This is bad. But the situation will be much worse by end of the year as our Government has just magicked about £125bn from who knows […]

Are the Democrats turning the USA into a banana republic?

(Wednesday blog)

Who really won the US election? Who knows? And will we ever know?

As Trump keeps claiming massive election vote-rigging, the British mainstream media keep claiming there is absolutely no evidence for Trump’s claims of election fraud.

Well, of course there’s no evidence yet as no investigations have yet been conducted into some […]

Australia quickly learns what a Joe ‘China’ Biden presidency means

(Monday blog)

China stomps on Australia

Well, that didn’t take long. As soon as the corrupt, lying, disease-spreading Chinese were confident that their stooge, Joe ‘China’ Biden, would soon be in the White House, they launched an all-out trade war against Australia.

Australia has infuriated the corrupt, lying, disease-spreading Chinese by demanding an international investigation […]

Wild celebrations in Beijing, Brussels and Bogota?

(Thursday blog)

It’s unlikely that Trump really can successfully challenge the election result. There are reports from Michigan that postal workers have been instructed to separate out any late ballots so they can be back-dated with a postmark to make them eligible for inclusion. And overnight in Michigan, Biden got an infusion of 138,339 votes, […]

Congratulations to the Daily Mail – for exposing the truth about the Covid-19 lies

(Wednesday blog)

Yesterday I wrote a blog which tried to show how the numerically-illiterate Johnson and his equally clueless cabinet colleagues were putting England into a totally unnecessary lockdown based on misleading data from our friends Vallance and Whitty.

A few hours after I wrote the blog, I found this excellent article in the Daily […]

Do ‘lead’ and ‘lag’ indicators expose our rulers’ stupidity and lies?

(Tuesday blog)

The importance of ‘lead’ and ‘lag’ indicators

I have to start today’s blog with a very brief explanation of ‘lead’ and ‘lag’ indicators. Apologies if you already understand this. But as our supposed ‘scientists’ and journalists and politicians don’t seem to have a clue about ‘lead’ and ‘lag’ indicators and, as understanding this […]

Arab journalist dares mock the crazy, hate-filled Palestinians

(Tuesday blog)

At last a tiny breath of fresh air from the otherwise backward, intolerant, violent, poverty-stricken, hate-filled, excrement-covered Middle East. An Arab journalist has dared to criticise the Palestinians accusing them of being the authors of their own misery.

Lebanese journalist Nadim Koteich mocked a statement by Palestinian ambassador to France in an October […]