April 2020
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America created the Coronavirus just as America killed over 4,000 Americans on 9/11

(Monday blog – 2)

And here are more words of wisdom from our friends from the world’s most enlightened religion.

Dr. Taha Al-Mutawakkil, the Houthi Minister of Public Health in Yemen, said in a Friday, March 20, 2020 sermon that aired on Al-Eman TV (Yemen) that the world should ask who and what is behind […]

Having non-Muslims as friends is more dangerous than the Coronavirus

(Monday blog – 1)

I just wanted to remind readers that having non-Muslims as friends is more dangerous than the Coronavirus according to Canadian Imam Younus Kathrada.

However, on a more positive note, unlike many other learned scholars from our favourite religion, Younus Kathrada does accept that Jews and Christians are human beings and that […]

Covid-19 is a “soldier of Allah” sent to smite us infidels and unbelievers!

(Thursday blog)

It would clearly be discriminatory and waaccciiissst of me to only give limited opinions about the Chinese Covid-19 plague seen from Westerners’ point of view.

So for balance, here are some of the greatest brains from the Religion of Total Craziness (sorry, I meant ‘Religion of Wonderful Peacefulness’) explaining the real origins of […]

Proof that the Coronavirus is an American and Jewish plot?

(Thursday/Friday blog)

Here we have an Arab intellectual (yes, I know some cynics may think that’s an oxymoron) explaining that the Coronavirus is really an American and Jewish plot.

Iraqi political analyst Muhammad Sadeq Al-Hashemi said in a February 26, 2020 interview on Al-Ayam TV (Iraq) that in the 1981 thriller novel titled The Eyes […]

Flying over misery with a G&T or two

(Wednesday no blog)

I’ve just got back from a 13-hour flight from the Far East (the land of the RFFM to be more precise) and won’t be able to do a proper blog today.

But there’s one thing I always find difficult to fully grasp.

As I’m sitting in my plane seat drinking my third […]

Two themes today – Covid-19 and the ‘Crazy/Hot Matrix’

(Monday/Tuesday blog)

First some more fun Covid-19 stories:

Shiite-hole Iran makes great effort to improve the human gene pool

More great news from the worthless Shiite-hole country Iran. As I explained in my previous blog, the slightly scientifically-challenged Ayatollahs have declared that the Covid-19 didn’t come from China at all. In fact it was developed […]

Covid-19 – shiite for brains and conspiracy theories

(weekend blog)

Two issues around the Covid-19 pandemic in this weekend’s blog

1. Do Shiites have shiite for brains?

I mentioned a few days ago that ‘Iranian scientists’ have analysed the Covid-19 virus and concluded it didn’t come from China at all. According to these ‘scientists’ and their mad ayatollah masters, the Covid-19 virus is […]

Good news! Iranian ‘scientists’ identify the real source of the Covid-19 virus

(Thursday/Friday blog)

It was the evil ‘Great Satan’ what did it!

Good news from the leading centre of culture, science and learning – Iran. It seems that the greatest scientific and medical minds in Iran have been studying the Covid-19 virus and have revealed the results of their tremendous research.

The Friday Prayer Imam of […]

Clitoris-cutters above the law?

(Monday blog)

The video from yesterday

Firstly, this is just to say that the video of highly-educated engineers, scientists, brain surgeons and academics from the Middle East who had moved to Germany that I linked to in my weekend blog is now available after being mysteriously taken down on Saturday just after I had written […]

The world’s most humorous religion?

(Thursday blog)

With so much ghastly stuff going on the world, to lighten things up, I thought I’d bring you two stories today which prove that the Religion of Peacefulness’s God must have a sense of humour, even if many of his followers apparently don’t. I’ve also added a link at the end of today’s […]