August 2020
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Three stories today – about sheep and goats

(Wednesday/ Thursday blog)

Let us pay tribute to multi-millionaire virtue-signallers

First I’d like to celebrate the multi-millionaire F1 drivers taking the knee and sacrificing so much to signal how much more virtuous they are than us filthy racists:

These fearless anti-racism, anti-slavery warriors seem to be led by the (IMHO) most fearless, […]

Bring back Shamima! Bring back Shamima!

(Wednesday/ Thursday blog)

I have been shocked, horrified, outraged, incandescent etc etc etc at the cruel and heartless way our evil, Izlumophobic government has treated the adorable and innocent British teenager – Shamima Begum.

Shamima represents the best of modern Britain

Shamima is just a normal modern, well-integrated British Muzlim girl. She likes […]

WTF do we need new huge nuclear power stations for?

(weekend blog)

In this weekend’s blog I’ll be writing out of my rear end in that I’m not a technical person, I have absolutely zero understanding of the subject and I know that several readers know much more about this subject than I do. But I have worked in project management for almost 100 organisations […]

It’s difficult parking a car with a bag over your head!

(Friday blog)

Why do our judges hate us so much?

I couldn’t watch the news yesterday. I just couldn’t face hours of smug, UK-hating, Globalist-loving, Izlumophiliac newsreaders gloating over the fact that three dumbass judges have decided that the (IMVHO) West-loathing, terrorist-loving, maniacal, head-bag-wearing ‘Izlumo-whore’, Shamima Begum, must be allowed back into Britain:

(I was […]

Allah made Arabs as our superiors to guide and lead us

(Wednesday/Thursday blog)

There seems to have been nothing but bad news in the media over the last few months.

The main story has, of course, been the Chinese Covid-19 plague which accidentally leaked from a research lab in Wuhan and was then allowed to spread throughout the world by the Chinese Communist Party wrecking Western […]

Great news about your virgins!

(Tuesday blog)

Before I get on to the serious stuff, here are just three small remarks

Remark 1 – Chicago shootings reach record high

Chicago officials report the city’s highest number of shootings in a single weekend this year. From Friday evening to Monday morning, 102 people were shot, 14 of whom have died, five […]

Latest news from the Religion of Peacefullness

(Friday blog)

With all the news about the Chinese Covid-19 plague and the confected fury of the Labour-loving, Brexit-loathing media (yes, IMHO that’s you Emily Maitliss) over a 30-mile car journey taken by the PM’s key advisor, you might all be wondering what our friends from the Religion of Wonderfullness and Peacefullness have been up […]

Final score – Ramadanadingdong 2020

(Tuesday/Wednesday blog)

Millions of sports fans must be gutted, sick as a parrot etc etc that there has been no proper sport in Western countries for at least two months because of the Chinese Covid-19 plague. But fortunately our friends from the world’s peacefullest religion have not been put off from their favourite sport – […]

It’s not great being a chick in Iran

(Tuesday blog)

No, today’s blog is not about the oppression of girls in Iran:

It’s about how Iranian farmers have just buried alive about 16 million newly-hatched chicks while 33 percent of the country’s population live in absolute poverty and six percent are starving and their children are stunted from malnourishment:

Wouldn’t it be tragic if Israeli scientists discover a Covid-19 vaccine?

(weekend blog)

Busy, busy people?

So far the number of people viewing my latest video (link below) is pathetically small. I guess most of my readers are far too busy doing vitally important things and so don’t have a spare moment to spread the link to my latest Youtube video using FaceBook and Twitter and […]