September 2015

How likely is it a Swedish woman will be raped by M*sl*m immigrants?

Sweden has sometimes been called the “rape capital of the world”. Although Sweden is a country, not a city, so the description is a bit odd. International comparisons suggest that Sweden has the highest rate of rape of any country apart from Lesotho in the number of rapes per 100,000 inhabitants:

But […]

The speed of the *sl*mification of Britain is truly terrifying

(My thanks to a reader for making me aware of the subject of today’s blog)

Anyone who worries about the *sl*mification of Britain is immediately branded a “waaaccciiisssttt” and a “bigot” and accused of *sl*mophobia. Plus we’re told that, as there are ‘only’ 2,706,000 M*sl*ms in Britain, they make up just 4.5% of our population […]

Putin is a true leader and should be our friend

As our useless rulers – Cameron, Merkel, Hollande and O’Bummer – finally realise that deposing strong Middle East leaders and replacing them by the Islamic State isn’t such a great idea and that they need to talk to Putin, I’d like to re-use a post I wrote just over two years ago about how we […]

The ultimate taboo – are some races much more intelligent than others?

Today I’ll touch on a subject no journalist or media ‘expert’ would ever dare cover as they’d immediately be accused of “waaaccciiisssmmm” and be hounded out of their jobs. And how would they then pay their mortgages and send their brats to private school?

However, having just been in China, I did start to wonder […]

The West has shown the way – why can’t the others just follow?

Below is a link to a 28-minute ‘podcast’ by a Canadian Stefan Molyneux about Europe’s slow but accelerating suicide;

(If you want to listen to it, you click on the above link and then on the ‘play podcast’ symbol in the top left of your screen)

Today, I thought it might be worthwhile summarising […]

The *sl*mic Invasion in pictures – a simple 8-step guide

When I went away a couple of weeks ago, the M*sl*m hordes were pouring over Europe’s borders in their thousands every day. Now, two weeks later, the numbers flooding in seem to increase by the day. Meanwhile the holier-than-thou ‘opinion leaders’ preach to us about our humanitarian duty to house the millions heading our way […]

I’m off for a couple of weeks

I wanted to blog about the inevitable consequences of the migrant swarm. But I didn’t want a visit from the Thought Police so funked it:

However, I do wonder if all those parading with “Migrants Welcome” signs and applauding the arriving migrants will be quite so cheerful when the bombings and beheadings […]

Soon everyone in the world will be happy – thanks to the United Nations

My thanks to a reader who alerted me about an upcoming important UN conference which will surely solve all the world’s problems. Here are the details:

1. We, the Heads of State and Government and High Representatives, meeting at the United Nations Headquarters in New York from 25-27 September 2015 as the Organization celebrates […]

Five billion heading our way! Should we let them all in?

1. The five billion

This shortish (6 minutes) YouTube video of an American former journalist and now public policy analyst using gumballs explains the utter stupidity of allowing a mass migration of millions from poor countries to Europe

2. I wish we had the Hungarian PM

The Hungarian Prime Minister seems to be the […]

“Women and children last” and beware – new email scam

As Syrian mainly M*sl*m migrants pour into Christian Europe from perfectly safe M*sl*m Turkey, a cynic might wonder about a couple things:

1. Why are so many fit, young men of military age, who could be fighting for their country’s freedom, scarpering to safety in Europe? It’s lucky that in WWI and WWII British men […]