July 2020
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This isn’t the first Wuhan flu. Why does nobody mention the 1996/7 Wuhan flu?

(Friday/weekend blog)

Why don’t the mainstream media mention the 1996/7 Wuhan flu?

There are many strange things about media reporting of the current 2019/20 Chinese Covid-19 flu.

One is the apparent desperation of the mainstream media and all the supposed ‘scientists’ they interview to insist that the current flu is “zoonotic” – that it naturally […]

Prepare for a lot of Greeny excuses and lies

(weekend blog)

As CO2 emissions plummet, what excuses will the Greenies make now?

My thanks to a reader for making this comment:

The western economies have been shut down for approx 2 months due to Covid-19. This might be an intended outcome for dangerously committed extreme lunatic lefties and climate alarmists.

So, in effect, the […]

Is the Bonking Boffin a dangerous fraud?

(Wednesday blog)

Hopefully readers have all recovered from their justified hilarity watching the farce of Professor Neil ‘Mystic Meg’ Ferguson, the Bonking Boffin, being exposed for ignoring his own rules about social distancing and self-isolation so he could reportedly enjoy amorous trysts with his married f**k-buddy:

Now the Bonking Boffin seems to […]

Does Joe ‘China’ Biden work for the corrupt Chinese Communist Party?

(Tuesday blog)

As tensions increase between the free West and the corrupt, lying, disease-ridden Chinese, President Trump is considering how to punish China for unleashing the Chinese Covid-19 plague on the world.

But one person who won’t be supporting any moves against the corrupt, dirty, lying Chinese is Democrat presidential candidate – ‘honest man of […]

Was much of our “economic suicide” lockdown unnecessary?

(Monday blog)

Could Trump be right and the BBC wrong?

Every day at the Downing Street briefing we’re shown a chart of Covid-19 plague deaths by country. (I realise this chart is fairly unreadable, but I’m sure you’ll recognise it):

(With previous versions of WordPress, you could click on the image and […]

China is our enemy! China is our enemy! China is our enemy! China is our ……..

(weekend blog)

Beware the media’s weasel-wording to discredit Trump

First, let’s celebrate that President Trump has said what no other world supposed leader has dared to say – it’s almost certain that the Chinese Covid-19 plague was accidentally leaked from one of the two research institutes in Wuhan – either the biosafety level-4 Wuhan Institute […]

How management consultants McKinsey betrayed America

(Wednesday blog)

More sad news from Iran

First some terribly sad news from the glorious people’s democratic Izlumic paradise on earth Iran. Sadly, at least 700 bearded crazies have died in the last couple of weeks after drinking methanol in the mistaken belief that Allah and methanol would protect them against the Covid-19 plague. A […]

It’s not great being a chick in Iran

(Tuesday blog)

No, today’s blog is not about the oppression of girls in Iran:

It’s about how Iranian farmers have just buried alive about 16 million newly-hatched chicks while 33 percent of the country’s population live in absolute poverty and six percent are starving and their children are stunted from malnourishment:

Has China already conquered us – but we just haven’t realised?

(Monday blog)

Today I just wanted to suggest that China has already conquered the USA, Europe, the Antipodes and Africa but that we just haven’t realised what has happened.

When I write “China”, I mean the corrupt Chinese Communist Party (CCCP). Of course, the CCCP doesn’t conquer directly using the Chinese military. Instead, the CCCP […]

“The Wuhan Song” – my latest YouTube video

(Friday blog)

Well, my latest video “THE WUHAN SONG” was a complete waste of my time.

I asked readers “Please, please send the link out to your contacts and your network so we can increase the number of people who see it”.

The result? Many fewer people watched the video than read the blog.

I […]