June 2023
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I don’t trust Putin. I don’t trust our lying media either

Thursday/Friday blog

I recently wrote a short article for The Conservative Woman about how all our supposed experts have repeatedly misjudged what is happening in Russia.1 All our mainstream media have claimed that the Wagner mutiny had weakened Putin. Typical headlines were ‘Ukraine can now end Putin’s crumbling regime‘2 and ‘How Wagner’s mutiny left Putin […]

Is Putin weaker or stronger?

Tuesday/Wednesday blog

Without exception, every media commentator has claimed that the one-day Wagner mutiny has mortally wounded Putin and that it’s only a matter of time before he’s deposed.

I believe this may be an excellent example of ‘Confirmation Bias’.

Confirmation Bias is defined on Wikipedia as ‘people’s tendency to process information by looking for, […]

Nobody says it better

Tuesday blog

I have written several times on this blog about how I believe that the freedoms and material well-being we have in the West, and which so many people take for granted, are just a tiny unrepresentative historical blip. I have proposed that 99.9% of all the people who have ever lived or who […]

We demand the Government celebrates a ‘Greta Thunberg month’

Monday blog

A great article in The Conservative Woman today:

Who’s on board for Greta Thunberg Month?

Was it woke diversity that destroyed the Titanic submersible?

Friday/weekend blog

I’m writing and posting this blog on Thursday everning. So I don’t know if the mainstream media will cover this story. If they do, I apologise for wasting your time. But I suspect this won’t be mentioned as it contradicts the mainstream-media narrative that youth and diversity are wonderful and white middle-aged men […]

Shhh. Don’t criticise the Chinaman or the Ethiopian

Wednesday/Thursday blog

The laughing Chinaman

Here’s a very happy Chinaman:

He’s directly responsible for over 7 million deaths from the Chinese Wuhan lab-leaked plague. Though, if you add in all those who died from being unable to asscess medical care for other conditions, all those killed by the ‘safe’ and ‘effective’ vaccines […]

Yet another over-promoted, useless, woke progressive?

Monday/Tuesday blog

I have previously written blogs about two individuals who a really cynical cynic might suspect were promoted more for their woke credentials than for any proven ability or experience.

First there was the (IMVHO) utterly useless Dame Cressida ‘Dickless’ Dick who seems to have almost single-handedly wreaked havoc in the collapsing Met police. […]

Black lives matter. British lives don’t

Friday/weekend blog

If it wasn’t for GB News and Talk TV, I wonder how long it would have taken for us to find out that the suspect in the Nottingham murders was a multi-cultural enricher from Africa.

Of course, there were clues that anyone who understands how biased our mainstream media are against Britain and […]

The sad sad saga of Dame Sharon ’empty-shelves’ White

Wednesday/Thursday blog

Time to celebrate!

On Friday 9 June, I received an email from Waitrose telling me to “Get ready to celebrate Pride”.

This email flaunted how woke Waitrose was: “It’s Pride month, and we’re looking forward to celebrating with family, friends and colleagues – and of course, delicious food and drink!

“At Waitrose […]

The Ministry of Truth really is watching you

Monday/ Tuesday blog

You learn something new every day

Until this weekend, I wasn’t aware that the UK Government has a Counter Disinformation Unit (CDU).

Though I wasn’t aware of it, apparently the Government announced the existence of its Counter Disinformation Unit in March 2020:

In George Orwell’s novel ‘1984’ there was a Ministry […]