December 2019
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Oh dear, another bit of a blog

Maybe Boris Johnson could be good?

(Christmas blog)

Let’s end the year on a high

(Monday blog)

There’s lots to write about. But perhaps this year it’s worth leaving for the Christmas break on a high note – the win for patriotism, common sense, decency, fairplay and democracy in last Thursday’s General Election.

In spite of continual pro-EU media bias by the BBC and C4 News against the Tories; in […]

Congratulations to British voters! What a wonderful Christmas present!

(weekend blog)

There will be so much blethering and blathering by the supposed ‘experts’ in the mainstream media that I doubt there’s anything a deplorable ignoramus like myself could add.

But I would like to express my delight at the election result and my admiration for the British electorate for yet again defying the instructions […]

Will the lying, UK-hating Remoaners be demanding a “People’s General Election”?

(Friday blog)

I write this just after the exit polls have come in, but before any real results. So, much can change by the time you read this. But the big question is: if the exit polls are right and Boris wins a reasonable working majority, how will the lying, hypocritical, europhiliac, UK-hating Remoaners react?


Unsure whether to vote? Or who to vote for?

(Election Day blog)

Still a bit undecided about whether to vote today and who to vote for?

Here are just a few of the main points on the two main parties.

On the one hand the Conservative Boris Johnson is a bit of a rascal with the ladies and can sometimes bend the truth a […]

Diversity ain’t no strenf, bruv!

(Wednesday blog)

Today I’d like to introduce you to 21-year-old Sheareem Cookhorn and 18-year-old Tyrell Graham. Fine-looking chaps aren’t they? And a huge benefit to our diverse, vibrant, multi-cultural society:

I don’t remember which is which and really don’t care. The thing I do care about is why these two […]

In Iran, they hang women who fight back against rapists

(Monday/Tuesday blog)

Here’s a lovely, heart-warming story from one of the advanced world’s most civilised countries.

A woman who defended herself against rape was hanged this week in Iran, according to the Women’s Committee of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI).

Somayyeh Shahbazi Jahrouii, 33, had been imprisoned for six years. She had […]

Someone mocking the Religion of Wonderfulness?

(weekend blog)

In Britain, nobody would dare poke fun at the Religion of Fabulousness. If they did, they’d risk arrest and prosecution for supposed ‘hate speech’ and might even get killed.

But somewhere floating around cyberspace is this short (2 minutes) video of someone actually daring to have a laugh at our Izlumic friends. It’s […]

A 12-year-old girl enriched again and again and again and …………

(Thursday/Friday blog)

I know that the vast majority of British people value the vibrant, diverse, multi-cultural enrichment that mass, uncontrolled Third-world immigration brings our once great country:

Therefore, I’m pleased to bring yet another heartwarming story of how our ethnic minorities (which may soon be a majority) have improved life for us […]