January 2021
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I ain’t no epidemiologist, but ……

(Sunday/Monday blog by David Craig – proudly banned from commenting by the Times and Sunday Times for insufficient political correctness such as supporting Donald Trump, supporting Brexit, ridiculing free-speech-hating trans-nazis, calling BLM rioters ‘fascists’, worrying about the uncontrolled Third-World migrant invasion and calling Man-Made Climate Change/Extinction a ‘scam’)

I ain’t no epidemiologist, but….

In fact […]

Why was Covid-19 downgraded by ‘experts’ just days before UK put into lockdown?

(Monday/Tuesday blog)

Utterly useless government run by Bojo the Clown?

I agree that the UK government’s response to Xi Pingpong’s Covid-19 Chinese plague has been disastrous:

the UK has the second highest rate of deaths per million of population in Europe Hancock, Williamson, Sharma and all the the other lightweight politicians have been worse than […]

Heatwave – I blame our useless government

(weekend blog)

Party time in Beirut?

Firstly it might be worth mentioning that the next few months are really going to be party party party in Lebanon’s capital Beirut:

Of course, ordinary people won’t be partying too much. Almost 200 are dead and about 300,000 may have had their homes damaged:

Africa’s corrupt, thieving murderers ‘take the urine’ – yet again

(Thursday blog)

Great news for Zimbabwe’s farmers (not!)

Here’s a heart-warming story you might have missed last week.

Last Wednesday Zimbabwe’s government signed an agreement supposedly worth $3.5 billion to compensate white farmers who were evicted from their land during a controversial and often violent land redistribution program in the early […]

WTF do we need new huge nuclear power stations for?

(weekend blog)

In this weekend’s blog I’ll be writing out of my rear end in that I’m not a technical person, I have absolutely zero understanding of the subject and I know that several readers know much more about this subject than I do. But I have worked in project management for almost 100 organisations […]

We all know you’re lying Boris, Matt, Dominic, Yvonne, Jonathan, Chris etc etc etc

(Friday blog)

At first I tried watching the daily Downing Street briefings. But with all the lies and cover-ups and denials of reality by establishment political and medical pygmies, the briefings became so farcical that I just can’t be bothered. In fact, the briefings are so painful to watch, I’m embarrassed to think that this […]

How many weeks before the rioting and looting start?

(Friday blog)

Government incompetence breaks the unwritten agreement with the people

Democratic government depends on an unwritten agreement. The people agree to obey laws and pay taxes in return for the government making a reasonable effort to provide basics like healthcare, education, national defence, utilities, roads etc etc.

At the start of the Chinese laboratory-produced […]

HS2 – why are our politicians so dumb-arse stupid?

(Friday/weekend blog)

Oh no, here we go again. At the time of writing, it looks like our useless politicians are going to approve the hugely-costly and totally unnecessary HS2 project.

Ask the wrong questions – you get the wrong answer

Let me bore you with why I think the idiots in Westminster have blundered into […]

Will battling Boris biff and bash the useless HS2?

(Thursday blog)

Nein, nein…….vielleicht

Remoaners must be tearing their hair out. Boris was in Germany with Merkel yesterday and the sore loser Remoaners (plus the europhiliac BBC and snarling, UK-hating idiots at C4 News) expected Merkel to give Boris a very firm “nein, nein, nein” when Boris insisted the Irish backstop must be scrapped. But, […]

What do Britain’s well-paid admirals do all day?

(Tuesday blog)

A Royal Navy farce?

When Britain ‘hijacked’ an Iranian oil tanker, the Iranians helpfully informed us that they would ‘hijack’ one of ours in return. Given this warning, ordinary people might wonder why our Royal Navy failed to react to protect our shipping.

As the Royal Navy now belatedly scrambles around to find […]