April 2020
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The great British inheritance robbery?

(Monday/Tuesday blog)

I suspect that millions of pounds a year are being stolen from vulnerable pensioners and that most people in Britain don’t know this is happening.

So, in a change of style from my usual blogs, in this one I’ll tell you about my dear mother

My mother

My mother died a couple of […]

Those ‘starving’ Palestinians need to lose some weight

(Tuesday blog)

1. Amnesty International

I’m a bit sad that just one person liked yesterday’s piece on how Amnesty International has lost sight of its original purpose and has become just another left-wing, Greenie, anti-West, money-obsessed monster serving its jet-setting bosses rather than the prisoners of conscience it was set up to support.

I believe […]

Let us give thanks to Saint Bob of Africa

(Thursday/Friday blog)

All hail Saint Bob

I know you’ll all be as excited as I was to hear that Saint Bob Geldorf of Africa has just been awarded an honorary doctorate by that great and prestigious academic institution – the University of Limerick. In a press interview following the receipt of his obviously well-earned doctorate, […]

Overpopulation and corruption kill! Monsoons don’t! Ebola doesn’t! Famines don’t!

(weekend blog)

Was it the monsoon wot did it?

Here we go again. It’s monsoon season and there are floods – floods of water pouring down the hills and floods of tears as the BBC and C4 News interview survivors whose family members have supposedly been “killed by the monsoon”. And, of course, the rising […]

BBC “Executives in Need” – please give generously

You’ve probably noticed that the BBC is gearing up for its annual CHILDREN IN NEED appeal. The big night is Friday 17 November 2017.

The BBC claims that “every penny you give makes a difference”. But a difference for whom? The children in need? Or the BBC bureaucrats and pen-pushers?

Before you […]