May 2024

It’s time to give up on corrupt, worthless, basket-case Africa and Pakistan

Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday blog

I’ll start this blog with a couple of paragraphs about the foreign aid fiasco from my 2015 book THE GREAT CHARITY SCANDAL

In the last sixty years around $3 trillion has been donated by developed countries to help poorer countries. There have been some huge successes – extreme poverty has been more […]

Don’t get fooled into being put on the charities’ Christmas “suckers list”

weekend blog

It’s the time of the year to be charitable

As Christmas approaches, it’s the ‘giving’ time of year when we get bombarded with TV ads for some of Britain’s more than 200,000 registered charities. Hopefully, you’ll have noticed that many charity TV ads ask you to text a word like ‘care’ or ‘heart’ […]

Please give generously to the homelessness gravy-trainers

Thursday/Friday blog

It’s Christmas and, as usual, we’re being blitzed with ads from homelessness charities. I understand that there can be few things as depressing as being alone and homeless at Christmas. But that doesn’t mean we can’t have a little look at these homelessness charities demanding so much of our money.

Moreover, having written […]

Maybe it’s time to stop all foreign aid? It’s a waste of our money

weekend blog

Using the Kami-Kwasi excuse

As I predicted in my Friday blog, the trade union bosses have started to use the Kami-Kwasi tax breaks for the rich as justification for their strikes. I saw two trade union leaders on the TV news this morning both saying that if the richest are getting thousands of […]

Hooray for Boris! Let’s give gazillions more to corrupt, multi-billionaire Third-World kleptocrats!

Wednesday/Thursday blog

Making Flop26 another disaster for us stupid taxpayers?

As you’ll all know, our wonderful prime minister, Boris the Brave, is busy battling away at the UN in New York trying to save us all from supposed climate breakdown. (Yes, last week it was called “Climate Crisis”, but now we apparently must use the […]

Is Britain’s bloated charity industry making fools of us all?

(weekend blog)

It’s the time of the year for giving. And one group of people who rather hope we’ll all give generously are Britain’s many charities. So, let’s have a quick look at what really goes on in Britain’s charity industry.

Over 200,000 charities raking in over £85bn!!!

The 185,000 charities registered in England and […]

Covid-19 – the Chinese laugh as we suckers in the West pay?

(Monday/ Tuesday blog)

How many has Xi Pingpong killed so far?

Here he is – the laughing Chinaman. This is the man mostly responsible for covering up the Covid-19 plague and (deliberately?) allowing it to spread around the world while brutally controlling it in China:

And here he is with his obedient sidekick from […]

Want to know what the Salvation Army really does with your money?

(Friday/weekend blog)

In this blog I’m going to do something that might upset a few readers. I’m going to look at what the Salvation Army really does with the hundreds of millions of pounds of your money it gets every year:

The Salvation Army is probably one of Britain’s most trusted organisations. It’s a bit […]

Are you wasting your money giving to “Crisis at Christmas”?

(Wednesday/Thursday blog)

‘Tis the season for gimme gimme gimme charity TV commercials.

In one of my many idle moments I came across this blog I wrote in 2015 about the charity “Crisis UK” aka “Crisis at Christmas”.

Five years have passed since I wrote the blog below. So, many things might have changed since then. […]

We’re at war and China is winning (has won?)

(Thursday/Friday blog)

We’re at war and we don’t even know it

Sun Tzu was a Chinese general, military strategist, writer and philosopher who lived in the Eastern Zhou period of ancient China. Sun Tzu is traditionally credited as the author of The Art of War, an influential work of military strategy that has affected both […]