February 2023
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Starmer you idiot – growth and green are mutually exclusive

Wednesday/Thursday blog

Explaining ‘mutually exclusive’ to a stupid politician

Britannica Dictionary definition of MUTUALLY EXCLUSIVE: related in such a way that each thing makes the other thing impossible: not able to be true at the same time or to exist together. A clear example is the set of outcomes of a single coin toss, which […]

Calling all ladlords! Calling all landlords!

Monday/Tuesday blog

This blog is a follow-on from my weekend blog about how Sunak is going to allow up to 150,000 mostly uneducated, mostly unemployable. mostly violent, many deeply-criminal illegal migrants to stay in Britain. Then Sunak will claim that he has solved the problem of paying £7m+ a day for hotels for the migrants.


Illegal migrants – Sunak ‘does a Blair’. I warned you this would happen

Friday/weekend blog

Blair disappears 100,000 asylum-seekers

On 19 December 2022, I wrote a blog in which I explained how the (IMHO) reptilian liar Blair managed to make magically disappear over 100,000 asylum seekers.

When Blair was criticised for the large number of asylum applications over the five years from 1997 (when New Labour were first […]

What will the Empress of Scotland do next?

Wednesday/Thursday blog

Our hearts go out to the Empress of Scotland

We are truly living through troubled times. One of the world’s wokest politicians – wee Nickie Sturgeon, someone who believes that a man in a wig with a full meat and two veg who rapes women is a woman – has decided to call […]

Destroy the doubters!

Monday/Tuesday blog

Are they really antisemites?

Hopefully you’ve noticed the Establishment and mainstream media’s desperate efforts to destroy anyone daring to question the safety and effectiveness of the fake mRNA vaccines by accusing vaccine critics of spreading conspiracy theories.

Get Bridgen!

First was Tory MP Andrew Bridgen. You may remember he gave a speech in […]

The stupidest climate-change article of the year? So far?

weekend blog

I have just come across what may be the most idiotic climate-change article of the year so far – a Euronews article claiming that climate change is triggering an increasing number of earthquakes:

It’s almost worth reading the article to understand how deranged the climate catastrophists are becoming.

The author claims that: […]

A wonderful “if ….., then …..” story in the Daily Mail

Thursday/Friday blog

In my last blog (Tuesday/Wednesday) I suggested how climate catastrophists use the “if ….., then ….. trick” to fool us into believing that climate Armageddon is just around the corner.

Then on Wednesday (yesterday), the Daily Mail published a perfect “if ….., then …..” story:

Global sea levels will rise by 4.6 FEET […]

The climate catastrophists’ “if ……, then ……” trick

Tuesday/Wednesday blog

First apologies for going AWOL for a few days. But I had a bit of a medical emergency. However, after blood tests, x-rays, scans and much else it turned out to be a false alarm.

The climate catastrophists’ “if ….., then …..” trick

The climate catastrophists have many ways of manipulating and faking […]

Cheap energy = lots of jobs Expensive energy = fewer jobs

Wednesday/Thursday blog

Energy costs and GDP growth

I looked again at the charts I used in my Monday/Tuesday blog and had a crazy idea – I wondered if the lower a country’s energy costs, the more manufacturing jobs it will attract and the faster that country will grow. Conversely, the higher a country’s energy costs, […]

How do the eco-liars get away with such nonsense?

Monday/Tuesday blog

Having written THERE IS NO CLIMATE CRISIS, I find it useful/amusing/worrying (delete as appropriate) to see what nonsense the climate catastrophists are churning out. So I subscribe to an e-newsletter called Inside Climate News produced by a bunch of eco-fanatics.

The latest e-newsletter had an article claiming: “New Wind and Solar Are Cheaper […]