June 2011

Did Cherie give Tony the most expensive orgasm in British history?

Multimillionaire ‘Yuman Rights’ lawyer and sex goddess Cherie Blair delighted in revealing details of her sex life in her dreadful book in the hope that this would sell a few more copies. So Cherie, tell us what you did to get Tony to sign Britain up to the European Convention on Human Rights? Did you […]

Gaddafi’s winning, Cameron’s losing – ha, ha, ha!

A few months ago lying pompous bag of shit David “Conqueror” Cameron and his pygmy mate Nicholas “Smallcock” Sarkozy (brave leader of the cheese-eating surrender monkeys) launched their great war against the evil emperor Gaddafi. But Cameron and Smallcock haven’t had their great victory parade through Tripoli cheered by enthusiastic crowds. In fact Bag of […]

Time to end the foreign aid farce

Britain gives £12.6 billion in foreign aid every year – equivalent to almost £800 per year for every British family where someone can be bothered to work and pay taxes. Yet studies by the UN (itself as corrupt as the day is long) have shown that 80% to 90% of all foreign aid is stolen […]

A message from rich Chris Huhne – “Sod you all!”

Multimillionaire owner of 7 homes, Environment Secretary Chris Huhne must have a great life. He pockets over £200,000 a year in salary and “expenses” and a massive pension all paid for by poor sods who often earn less than a tenth of what Huhne gets. So Rich Chris can go around posturing and posing and […]

War on terror? My arse!

The rich and powerful have always used wars and the threat of terrible enemies to keep us in our place so they can go on stealing our money and ruining our lives without us seeing how we are being fleeced. The great US/UK “War on Terror” is no exception. More people in the UK die […]

Fireworks display at the Giggs home tonight?

Do you like a good fireworks display? If so, perhaps you should head over to the house of footballer Ryan Giggs or his brother’s place. Given the revelations that Giggs has been putting his penis into the vagina (and maybe other places) of his brother’s wife for possibly the last 8 years, there are sure […]

Does Crapello give a toss?

After the England football team’s dismal performance against footballing nobodies Switzerland, you have to ask whether England’s manager Crapello actually gives a toss whether England win or lose. It’s easy to get the impression that like the randy Swede Erikson and the Wally with the Brolly, the England manager gets paid so much by the […]

Are you winning your war, Mr Cameron?

A few months ago our lying PM David “Conqueror” Cameron and his new European best friend Nicholas “Smallcock” Sarkozy started a war with Libya in order to boost their own reputations as great international statesmen. Libya is just a bit of desert with a few towns spread out along the coast. Yet with the combined […]

FIFA scum rally round Sepp “The Bribe” Blatter

As expected, some of the most corrupt, self-serving freeloaders on earth, the FIFA members, all rallied round to protect their great leader Sepp “The Bribe” Blatter. Electing someone honest would have threatened their five-star bribe-fuelled lifestye. But by re-electing “The Bribe” the FIFA trash ensure the continuation of their corrupt freeloading. Soon FIFA will be […]

16 organic idiots killed by cucumbers

One should not laugh at others’ suffering. But there is something vaguely ironic about 16 people who bought organic salads being killed by their organic cucumbers. After all, the self-righteous, holier-than-thou, healthier-than-thou people who buy organic products do so in order to live longer, healthier lives than the rest of us. They spurn ordinary food […]