July 2016
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One day we will regret demonising Israel

(Weekend blog) One day we will regret demonising Israel and idolising Israel’s enemies – the 1.2 billion people who want to destroy Israel and conquer Europe to take us back to the Dark Ages.

Here’s a 58 seconds impression of the relationship between a politically-correct Europe, a continent in denial about the threat facing it, […]

Hinkley Pointless – the Titanic of power stations?

The Government has suddenly got cold feet and delayed approving the construction of the Chinese/French nuclear power station at Hinkley Point.

Of course, as with all great projects there are cynics who question the wisdom of the whole enterprise. Some of the criticisms these cynics have aimed at the Chinese/French nuclear reactor include:

1. It’s […]

Does Hillary hate America?

Hopefully you were all using your “Blame Bollox Bingo” cards yesterday when, commenting on the Jihadist attacks in Europe, the Pope said they were due to a war between the people and the rich or something equally stupid and, of course, NTDWI.

Today, I have another game for you. It’s “Spot the Difference”. Here are […]

Let’s all play “Blame Bollox Bingo”

Another day, another bloody attack.

The London bombings. The World Trade Centre. Drummer Lee Rigby. Charlie Hebdo murders. The Florida nightclub shootings. Attack on a train in France. Massacre in Paris. Massacre in Brussels. Attack on a train in Germany. Bomb at a music festival in Germany. Priest beheaded in France. Shooting at a shopping […]

Waaayyycissst people weally get me vewy angwy indeed

Don’t you just get extremely angry at people like Pat Condell with their misguided opinions of the Religion of Tolerance and Peace?

We cannot have opinions like this.

We cannot allow people to tell the truth.

We need new laws stamping out the last vestiges of freedom of speech.

Censorship – bring it on!

Syria – 2: Germany – 0

The Germans are good at football and used to be world champions at mass murder – even better than the Japanese. But in the mass murder league they seem to have lost their touch. Never mind, the New Germans (Syrians, Afghans, Pakistanis, Libyans etc) are pretty experienced with the killing skills our German neighbours seem […]

Mad Cow Merkel has blood on her hands – the blood of her own people

‘Schadenfreude’ is one of those wonderful compound German nouns. It means ‘pleasure in others’ misfortune’. I don’t take pleasure in Germans being murdered by rampaging followers of the Religion of Peace. But I can’t help feeling a certain satisfaction in seeing what we all knew would happen – Mad Cow Merkel’s open door to the […]

Let’s all help a progressive, liberal lefty

I admit I’m worried. Deeply, deeply worried.

I’m worried about how our sneering, progressive, liberal, lefty elites are going to cope with a Donald Trump presidency.

Life hasn’t been easy lately for the contemptuous, morally superior, progressive, liberal lefties. Last year a Tory majority won power in Britain in spite of the lefties’ brilliant candidate […]

Britain’s “Parasitocracy” – just another example of how the 1% fleece us

Below is an attempt I’ve been making for years to report a suspected fraud to our useless NHS who always claim to be short of money.

The story is fairly self-explanatory: Over 100 construction companies investigated by the Office of Fair Trading were found to have conspired to massively inflate prices on public-sector contracts for […]

Yet another meaningless forecast from the self-serving elites

Yesterday, the useless, always-wrong IMF issued yet another of its utterly worthless forecasts. The IMF, of course, claimed that Brexit (which hasn’t happened yet and probably won’t happen for about two years) will negatively affect UK economic growth. Just like former Goldman Sachs banker Carney and all the other establishment elites, the IMF is trying […]