July 2020
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Still no mention of the W*h*n Institute of Virology?

(Thursday/Friday blog)

This is quite extraordinary. Not a single serious UK mainstream media has even mentioned the possibility that the current Coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak could have started by an accidental leak from the W*h*n Institute of Virology.

There was a mention of the Institute of Virology in the Daily Express a few days ago. But […]

“There was a transgender from Khartoum”

(Monday/Tuesday blog)

Let’s start today’s blog with a little Limerick I found floating around in cyberspace:

There was a transgender from Khartoum

Who invited another to his/her/its/ze’s room

But they spent the whole night

In a terrible fight

Arguing who would do what with what […]

Truth is lies. Lies are truth.

(Thursday blog)

Hopefully readers all know how George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four starts:

This prepares us for Doublethink where the Party, run by Big Brother, has decreed that words mean the opposite of what they say. And so the book also has:

The Ministry of Peace oversees war The Ministry of […]

Who was right? Orwell or Huxley?

(Thursday blog)

Orwell vs Huxley?

Three of the greatest political novels in the English language are probably George Orwell’s Animal Farm and Nineteen Eighty-Four and Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World.

Animal Farm (published in 1945) was a brilliant prediction of how communist/socialist societies would develop into dictatorships. The novels Nineteen Eighty-Four (published 1949) and Brave […]

Mrs/Ms Abubaker – you want a home? Stop sponging and start earning?

(Friday blog)

Running late today. So I thought I’d just bring you this short video clip from Sky News.

It features a woman, apparently from the Religion of Successful Integration, explaining why she and her four or five or six or however many children should be provided with a nice large home at British taxpayers’ […]

Dying to be friends with the Clintons?

(Friday blog)

I wanted to write about a story closer to home today. But then I came across the (IMHO) amazing video below. Normally I never recommend a video of more than 3 or 4 minutes. This one is about 16 minutes. It concerns the death of Jeffrey Epstein and 46 other people connected to […]

Facebook knows you better than you know yourself

(Tuesday blog)

Thanks to a few readers who have alerted me to the fact that, if you want to ‘like’ any of my blogs, you have to do this by signing into your Facebook account. At least, I think this is what happens.

What does this mean? It means that Facebook knows your political and […]

Two subjects – a Boris blunder and political correctness

(weekend blog)

Oooops Boris – I bet you wish you hadn’t written that!

Personally I believe that Boris Johnson – love him or hate him – is the only candidate for Tory Party leadership who can save the Tories from electoral oblivion. We all know Boris’s character flaws. But he’s also optimistic, charismatic and an […]

Are government statistics waaacccisssstttt?

(Monday blog)

I came across this ‘infographic’ published by the Office for National Statistics

The clear message from this ‘infographic’ seems to be that black people in Britain are four to five times more likely to commit criminal offences and be sent to prison than white people. Chinese Brits seem to have the lowest […]

Mueller report proves there definitely was collusion

(Monday blog)

We don’t yet know in detail what’s in the long-awaited Mueller Report. But I’m pretty certain it proves there was collusion. There was collusion between the Deep State, the sore-loser Democrats and all the US media (with the honourable exception of Fox News) to destroy democratically-elected President Trump and replace him with someone […]