August 2022
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Stupid – stupider – stupidest – woke

weekend blog

Only the woke shall work?

On my Friday blog about some crazy woke woman claiming that men could get pregnant and possibly need abortions, one reader commented: “How do these people ever get an effing job…?”

I would like to turn this question round: “Do you really think it’s possible to get a […]

I hope I don’t get pregnant and need an abortion

Thursday/Friday blog

Political correctness going ever crazier?

A witness called by Democrats to a Judiciary Committee hearing in the House on Wednesday 18th May claimed that men are capable of getting pregnant and having abortions if they please.

Aimee Arrambide, executive director of pro-abortion non-profit AVOW was grilled by Republican North Carolina Rep. Dan Bishop, […]

Intelligence and ethnicity – a minefield for the societally suicidal?

Monday/Tuesday blog

Of all the possible areas for scientific research, examining any links between intelligence and ethnicity must surely be the most reliable road to guaranteed career and social suicide. It’s an even more heinous crime than daring to question the climate change nonsense pumped out by the climate catastrophist crazies enthusiastically supported by the […]

Our rulers’ new “Ministries of Truth”

Tuesday/Wednesday blog

Apologies if readers are already aware of this story. But as I think it’s quite important, I’ll cover it anyway.

The USA’s “Ministry of Truth”

USA’s Department of Home Security (DHS) is setting up a new Disinformation Governance Board. The Board is being set up to coordinate countering misinformation related to homeland security.


Is this why the NHS needs lots more of our money?

Monday blog

I don’t believe you

First, just a quick observation. It was reported this weekend that 4.9 million people in Britain have Covid. Obviously they didn’t test everybody, so this figure must be based on some kind of ONS (Office for National Statistics) sampling. So, if say there are 300 people living in your […]

A checklist to identify your level of “Artificial Stupidity”

Friday/weekend blog

As readers will be aware, we in the West are moving into an era of thought-totalitarianism in which there is only one accepted viewpoint on every issue facing us.

Here are just twenty three of the most widespread beliefs we must agree with if we are to be an accepted member of society. […]

The African-American Philosophers Society strikes again

Tuesday blog

Hopefully most readers know about the entertaining incident at the recent Oscars when one member of the African-American Philosophers Society – a Mr William Smith – thumped another member of the African-American Philosophers Society during a discussion about the purpose of human existence or whatever:

To show that this is […]

Democracy is extraordinarily rare and should be cherished

Wednesday/Thursday/Friday blog

I find the attitudes of the woke, West-hating, virtue-signalling, Greta-worshipping, anti-progress, globalist, self-styled supposed progressives more than incomprehensible. What we have in the West is far from perfect and is open to criticism, particularly due to the depressingly low quality of our kakistocratic leaders. But our reasonably-functioning democracy is such a rarity that […]

How the arrogance of victors causes the next war?

Monday/Tuesday blog

Humiliating your enemy

British Treasury official, John Maynard Keynes was so disgusted by the punitive conditions being imposed on Germany at the Treaty of Versailles, that he resigned from the negotiations and began work on The Economic Consequences of the Peace. The first print run of 5,000 copies was published in December 1919 […]

Snivelling, spoilt, self-indulgent, narcissistic brats?

Wednesday/Thursday/Friday blog

Spoilt, miserable, demanding, ill-disciplined brats?

If you read the Sunday Times, you’ll probably have noticed that in the Rod Liddle column last Sunday, Liddle quotes the brilliant US writer and satirist PJ O’Rourke who died last week. “At the core of liberalism is the spoilt child — miserable, as all spoilt children are, […]