October 2021
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Making Africa the world’s wealthiest continent?

Friday/weekend blog

We need to help poor Africa?

In my last blog I unkindly suggested that the $100bn-a-year fund to supposedly help supposedly poor countries supposedly fight the supposedly terrible effects of supposed climate change or climate crisis or climate breakdown or climate emergency or whatever it’s called this week might magically disappear into the […]

West goes woke/broke – China’s masterstroke?

Friday/weekend blog

Britain goes woke and broke?

As the UK rushes headlong towards the ‘renewable energy’ Nirvana which obsesses our scientifically-challenged, Greta-worshipping rulers, our climate catastrophist media seem somewhat reluctant to mention the practical economically-disastrous consequences.

Firstly, there seems to be little understanding that our energy prices are already over three times those in China […]

The NHS’s “worst winter ever” extortion scam?

Wednesday/Thursday blog

2021 – Worst winter ever for NHS?

As summer – yes the the few hot days we had before the cold and rain started yet again, that was our supposedly ‘catastrophic global warming’ summer – becomes a distant memory, we’re being warned that our beloved, envy-of-the-world NHS is facing its “worst winter ever”:


A policeperson even more useless than Cressida ‘Dickless’ Dick? Yes. Really.

Wednesday/Thursday blog

Britain’s Keystone Cops?

I imagine you’ve all seen our useless police’s latest gimmick – police cars painted with the LGBTQ++++ rainbow:

I believe these cars are the ‘brainchild’ of a certain high-ranking policeperson – Deputy Chief Constable Julie Cooke of the Cheshire Police. Deputy Chief Constable Julie apparently thinks that […]

How ‘woke’ is destroying the West

Monday to Wednesday blog

We are living in strange times

Life has never been so good in our so called ‘developed’ countries. Never before have so many people lived so long in such good health and enjoyed such quality of life. Yet we have many thousands of self-styled ‘activists’ going mental searching for more and […]

Are Britain’s police still the envy of the world?

Friday/weekend blog

Sorry, we’re too busy

If you tried ringing the police to report that your house was burgled or your car stolen, it’s unlikely they’ll bother to send someone round to investigate. The police will probably claim they’re far too busy investigating other crimes. So, here are three recent examples of the types of […]

Are most of us really in mixed-race relationships like we see on TV?

Friday/weekend blog

First – a bit of climate news

Hopefully you’ve all been driven to bed-wetting terror by the ‘frightening’ reports on the BBC and C4 News of record heat and a few heat-linked deaths in Canada. Clearly, this one weather event proves that man-made global warming is going to fry us all.

But the […]

My latest book and the fight-back against ‘woke’

Friday/weekend blog

Why we must win the culture wars

Probably the most important issue facing us all is not President for Life Xi Pingpong’s Wuhan lab Chinese plague. Instead it’s the battle against ‘woke’ – the cultural battle against the West-loathing, self-righteous, virtue-signalling, useful (for our enemies), pig-ignorant woke idiots who want to abolish free […]

Are the Northern Irish smart enough to ever live in peace?

(Monday to Thursday blog)

I imagine many people who live outside Northern Ireland are looking at the recent outbreaks of violence and wondering what on earth the Northern Irish are fighting about now – so many years after the supposed Peace Process.

I came across a blog I wrote a couple of years ago highlighting […]

Britain’s “kakistocracy”?

(Monday/Tuesday blog)

Britain’s “kakistocracy”?

I’d like to thank a reader for making me aware of the word “Kakistocracy”. A kakistocracy (/kækɪˈstɒkrəsi/, /kækɪsˈtɒkrəsi/) is a system of government that is run by the worst, least qualified, and/or most unscrupulous citizens.

The word was coined as early as the seventeenth century. It apparently comes from the Greek […]