August 2021
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Are most of us really in mixed-race relationships like we see on TV?

Friday/weekend blog

First – a bit of climate news

Hopefully you’ve all been driven to bed-wetting terror by the ‘frightening’ reports on the BBC and C4 News of record heat and a few heat-linked deaths in Canada. Clearly, this one weather event proves that man-made global warming is going to fry us all.

But the […]

My latest book and the fight-back against ‘woke’

Friday/weekend blog

Why we must win the culture wars

Probably the most important issue facing us all is not President for Life Xi Pingpong’s Wuhan lab Chinese plague. Instead it’s the battle against ‘woke’ – the cultural battle against the West-loathing, self-righteous, virtue-signalling, useful (for our enemies), pig-ignorant woke idiots who want to abolish free […]

Are the Northern Irish smart enough to ever live in peace?

(Monday to Thursday blog)

I imagine many people who live outside Northern Ireland are looking at the recent outbreaks of violence and wondering what on earth the Northern Irish are fighting about now – so many years after the supposed Peace Process.

I came across a blog I wrote a couple of years ago highlighting […]

Britain’s “kakistocracy”?

(Monday/Tuesday blog)

Britain’s “kakistocracy”?

I’d like to thank a reader for making me aware of the word “Kakistocracy”. A kakistocracy (/kækɪˈstɒkrəsi/, /kækɪsˈtɒkrəsi/) is a system of government that is run by the worst, least qualified, and/or most unscrupulous citizens.

The word was coined as early as the seventeenth century. It apparently comes from the Greek […]

Douglas Murray at his best?

(Wednesday/Thursday blog)

I normally never watch any Youtube videos longer than about five minutes. I believe that if someone has something important to say, five minutes should be enough. Therefore there’s no need to go blethering on and on and on…..

But even though this recent Douglas Murray video is over 45 minutes long, I […]

Americans and Australians can still expose bollox – even if we’re afraid to

(Monday/Tuesday blog)

As far as I know (and that’s not very far), Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp owns two main TV stations – Fox (including Fox News) in the USA and Sky (including Sky News) in Australia. Until 2018, News Corp also owned Sky (including Sky News) in the UK but sold out its remaining stake […]

Three stories today – about sheep and goats

(Wednesday/ Thursday blog)

Let us pay tribute to multi-millionaire virtue-signallers

First I’d like to celebrate the multi-millionaire F1 drivers taking the knee and sacrificing so much to signal how much more virtuous they are than us filthy racists:

These fearless anti-racism, anti-slavery warriors seem to be led by the (IMHO) most fearless, […]

Bring back Shamima! Bring back Shamima!

(Wednesday/ Thursday blog)

I have been shocked, horrified, outraged, incandescent etc etc etc at the cruel and heartless way our evil, Izlumophobic government has treated the adorable and innocent British teenager – Shamima Begum.

Shamima represents the best of modern Britain

Shamima is just a normal modern, well-integrated British Muzlim girl. She likes […]

A website you must NEVER visit! A video you must NEVER watch!

(Monday/Tuesday blog)

Don’t become guilty of “wrong-thought”

The purpose of this Monday’s and Tuesday’s blog is to beseech you to never watch this 9-minute website video:

(were you to visit this video and click on play, you might get misdirected once or twice to some unwanted other websites. But you just need to close […]

Hey Lewis Hamilton – wanna free 600,000 black slaves?

(Wednesday/ Thursday blog)

I have watched in admiration and awe as Britain’s greatest historian and F1 driver, Lewis Hamilton, has bravely spoken out against slavery and the oppression of Blacks and encouraged other F1 historians/drivers to take the knee in submission to Black Lives Matter:

I have previously blogged about how Mr […]