November 2011
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NATO’s bureaucrats in uniform screw up yet again

The incompetent careerist bureaucrats in uniform who work for NATO have really f…..d up this time. They sent an airstrike against two Pakistani border posts and managed to wipe out over 20 Pakistani soldiers. What were these idiots thinking? OK, I know Pakistan is our enemy. And I know Pakistan hid Osama Bin Laden just […]

Chris “7-homes” Huhne wastes £330m to make himself look a hero

Self-important waste of skin Chris “7-homes” Huhne has just jetted off to another pointless climate change hot air conference. To make himself look good, this self-serving buffoon is going to throw about £330m of our money into the pockets of corrupt, incompetent African leaders, supposedly to offset the effects of climate change. There are two […]

What has Vince Cable ever done for us?

Before the last election “Saint” Vince Cable portrayed himself as the only person who foresaw the carnage that would follow Gordon Liar Brown’s “borrow, waste and lie” economic policy. So what has “Saint” Vince done for us since he’s been drawing his generous minister’s salary? Well there was…. No. And he….. No nothing there. And […]

New Zealanders get stupider, but country gets smarter

Almost one in five New Zealanders have left to find jobs and a future abroad (most in Australia). Usually it is the intelligent, talented and those with get up and go who have got up and gone. This means the average intelligence of the population has declined year after year. New Zealand has made up […]

Pompous Portuguese nobody threatens Britain

EU Commission head Barroso has threatened Britain. He has warned Britain not to demand any reduction in the EU’s powers in return for agreeing to EU treaty changes to bail out the bankrupt eurozone. Let’s remember who this Barroso is. He is a nobody from a crappy little, thoroughly corrupt bankrupt country. And he is […]

Turning South Africa into a new Zimbabwe

In South Africa the incompetent, corrupt, thieving ANC government has introduced a new law to prevent the press reporting on politicians’ incompetence, corruption and thieving. I know it’s politically incorrect to write the truth but next we can expect South Africa’s extraordinarily productive, white-run farms to be confiscated and handed over to corrupt, incompetent ANC […]

In a few years Balls will be back to bankrupt Britain

The economic situation may be looking pretty grim at the moment. But just wait till after the next election. As events in Spain have shown, voters soon get tired of governments that impose cuts and austerity. In Britain we can expect the Coalition to lose the next election and Labour to regain power. Then Gordon […]

Why is Coward Cameron afraid of Muttonhead Merkel?

Merkel and Sarkozy may need a change in the Lisbon Treaty (aka the EUSSR Constitution) if they want to trick German, Dutch and Swedish taxpayers into bailing out the bankrupt PIIGS (Portugal, Italy, Ireland, Greece, Spain). These gives Britain a once in a lifetime opportunity to use the treaty change as a bargaining tool to […]

Why is Osborne wasting £200bn a year??

In most private-sector companies about 20% of all money spent is wasted. In the public sector this is usually over 30%. So with our government now spending about £750bn a year, at least £200bn a year – £4bn a week – is being wasted. If you think I’m exaggerating, remember Gordon Liar Brown more than […]

Euroscum blame everyone else for their own stupidity

Here we go. All around Europe, politicians are lashing out against markets, the US, Britain, rating agencies and anyone else they can think of. Their aim – to try to blame someone for the fact that most European countries spend much more than they take in taxes because they (like Britain) all have hugely bloated, […]