April 2020
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Yippee! We can now stop all foreign aid and save £13bn a year

(Wednesday/ Thursday blog)

I’ve got some great news. There are no poor countries in the world. There are no countries which do not have sufficient natural resources and agricultural land to feed and house their people and to build schools, universities, hospitals, power plants, roads and all the other stuff a country needs to give […]

Developed, developing and disintegrating countries

(Friday/weekend blog)

I haven’t had the time or sufficient brain power to fully think through this weekend’s blog. But I’ll start it anyway and see how things go.

How can you solve a problem you won’t admit you have?

The basic premise of this weekend’s blog is that you cannot solve a problem if you […]

There isn’t a word in English strong enough to describe the plundering of Africa

(Wednesday/ Thursday blog)

In Monday’s blog, I mentioned that Isabel dos Santos, the daughter of Angola’s president, is the owner of a rather attractive £13m property in London. But £13m is mere small change for Isabel dos Santos who has mysteriously amassed an estimated $2.3 billion fortune by the still young age of 47 in […]

Why Africa will always be just a “Continent of No Hope” – an “Empire of Dust”

(Monday blog)

Continent of No Hope?

Using simple arithmetic, I worked out how many more Africans are born every minute. Assuming that the population of Africa increases by around 50 million a year, this works out at around 100 more Africans every minute, 6,000 more Africans every hour, 144,000 more Africans every day and, of […]

Please give generously! The Crocodile needs/wants your money!

(Friday blog)

If you were watching TV last night you probably saw the Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC) appeal for your money to help all those millions supposedly affected by Cyclone Idai. And you would have been told what £10 and £20 and £50 would buy for these poor people. For example, £50 would buy food […]

Good news! Tropical storm causes no damage and no deaths in Africa!

(Wednesday blog)

The BBC are reporting that hundreds have been killed and tens of thousands have been made homeless in Mozambique and Rhodesia (also known as Hell-hole Zimbabwe) due to a tropical storm or cyclone. And the BBC have blamed “the effects of rising waters brought about by climate change” for the storm.

But I […]

“Self-inflicted” – the adjective the mainstream media never use

(Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday blog)

I want you to imagine the population of the UK doubling every 20 years. Officially there are just over 66 million people living in the UK. But if you include all the unregistered illegal immigrants, the real figure is probably comfortably over 70 million. However, for the purposes of this exercise, let’s accept […]

It’s not an “accident of birth”, you idiots!

(Monday blog)

Can you spot the similarities?

Today I wanted to write about knife crime in London. Especially now that 4 people have been stabbed to death over the weekend while the (IMHO) utterly useless Met boss, Cressida Dickhead, claims “knife crime has plateaued”. But looking at photos of just 20 recent teenage victims of […]

Rejoice!!!!! Trump cuts all aid to the corrupt, barbarous, hate-filled Palestinians

(weekend blog)

The latest wonderful news from the US will have the progressive, Izlumophiliac libtards at the BBC and C4 News foaming at the mouth.

First President Trump froze $125 million in aid to UNRWA. (The full name of the UNRWA is United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East). […]

How our lying charities perpetuate poverty

(Wednesday/Thursday blog)

Readers will all be aware of the current wave of scandals hitting our politically-correct, holier-than-thou, virtue-signalling, greed-driven charities. It appears that many charity and aid workers with big salaries and even bigger expense accounts – the Lords of Poverty – sent to poor countries and disaster zones were exploiting their positions of wealth […]