August 2022
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Hey Ceylon, maybe you’d have been better off as a British colony?

Thursday blog

Looting – Sri Lanka’s favourite national sport?

As you probably know, the once glorious island paradise of Sri Lanka is bankrupt and descending into a failed state. The three main reasons seem to me to be:

decades of utterly incompetent government massive, unrepayable loans, especially from China’s Belt and Road debt colonialism/enslavement alleged […]

China outmanoeuvres us again and again and again?

Monday/Tuesday blog

China’s hungry dragon

I’ll start with a fact that many readers may not be aware of: China was the fifth-largest petroleum and other liquids producer in the world in 2019.

But China has a more than small problem. China’s consumption of petroleum products (the blue line on the chart below) is growing while […]

The ruinous cost of ‘cheap’ renewables?

Monday/Tuesday blog

What’s really causing rising energy prices?

Today (Monday) the Times newspaper warned:

Millions of families in England will be dragged into fuel poverty overnight when energy bills soar this April, research has found.

The number of households who will find them unaffordable is to treble to 6.3 million when […]

Let’s give them billions! No, let’s give them trillions!

Friday/weekend blog

Hidden censorship blocking my book?

I want to write about money today, big money, big amounts of our money. But first just a brief little story about my latest book THERE IS NO CLIMATE CRISIS.

In March, when I decided to write THERE IS NO CLIMATE CRISIS, I emailed my literary agent asking […]

African billionaires thank you for your generous stupidity

Monday/Tuesday blog

Today – two stories about how we get fleeced when we think we’re giving to charities in Africa.

Story 1 – Ethiopian billionaires laughing at our gullibility

It makes you proud to be British, Last week the UK Government decided to chuck another £29m into supposedly tackling starvation in Ethiopia. Here’s part of […]

What have the Afghans ever done for us?

Wednesday/Thursday blog

Does the news come from another planet?

I guess it’s something that comes with age – that one increasingly feels that what is reported in the supposed ‘news’ seems to come from another planet. Just a few examples:

Giving priority to Afghan animals?

Many media outlets have praised the supposed ‘hero’ who shipped […]

An excellent week for Afghanistan?

Wednesday/Thursday blog

Great bleating and moaning from the holier-than-thou elites

Oh dear. As Afcrapistan falls under Taliban control, there is much wailing and bleating and moaning from our moral superiors. After all, as the Western NGOs and do-gooders scarper, who will be left to teach the poor Afghans about climate change and gender fluidity and […]

Idiotic policies to ‘fight’ a non-existent problem?

Friday/Saturday blog

I really want to write about something else other than supposed ‘climate change’. But there’s so much stupidity going on, I can’t ignore it.

EU kills loads of starving Africans

When you fill up with petrol, you’ll probably notice that the fuel is called “E5”. That means it consists of 5% biofuel (ethanol) […]

Let the corrupt Chinese vaccinate the billions of poor in the corrupt Third-World

Friday/weekend blog

As usual it’s us ‘racist’ Whities who have to pay

Here we go again. The UK is bankrupt. The EU is bankrupt. The US is bankrupt. Why? Mainly because of a rapidly-mutating, highly-infectious plague leaked from dirty, toilet-level labs by corrupt Chinese virologists trying to create new bioweapons working for the corrupt Chinese […]

Covid-19 – the Chinese laugh as we suckers in the West pay?

(Monday/ Tuesday blog)

How many has Xi Pingpong killed so far?

Here he is – the laughing Chinaman. This is the man mostly responsible for covering up the Covid-19 plague and (deliberately?) allowing it to spread around the world while brutally controlling it in China:

And here he is with his obedient sidekick from […]