August 2022
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Diversity is our strength – crime is our speciality

weekend blog

Prices aren’t the only thing rising

Some new figures have come out showing crime levels in England and Wales:

Police forces in England and Wales have recorded the highest number of crimes in 20 years, driven by a sharp rise in offences including fraud, rape and violent attacks.

A total […]

How many of Telford’s diversity enrichers are not paedophile gang-rapists?

Friday/weekend blog

Rotherham, Rochdale, Oldham and now Telford

You’ll all know about the recent report on the gang-raping of over 1,000 underage white working-class girls by ‘Asian’ men in Telford over a period of thirty years. So Telford joins a long and shameful list of English towns – Rotherham, Rochdale, Oldham, Oxford, Blackpool etc etc […]

Have our useless police given up or just gone mad or both?

Wednesday/ Thursday blog

First the ‘good news’

You could never accuse me of being a pessimist as here’s some wonderful news from our (IMHO) increasingly unhinged police.

Seven police forces in England and Wales have decided to allow criminal suspects to be recorded on their computer systems as non-binary, meaning they consider themselves neither male […]

What, if anything, do our police actually do?

Monday/Tuesday blog

Wonderful news from our police bosses

Hopefully, you’ll have been as excited as I was to learn about our police bosses’ latest brilliant plan – the Police Race Action Plan.

Our police proudly announced their great idea a few days ago:

The Police Race Action Plan has been developed jointly by the National […]

Stupid – stupider – stupidest – woke

weekend blog

Only the woke shall work?

On my Friday blog about some crazy woke woman claiming that men could get pregnant and possibly need abortions, one reader commented: “How do these people ever get an effing job…?”

I would like to turn this question round: “Do you really think it’s possible to get a […]

An unbelievable degree of stupidity?

Tuesday/Wednesday blog

The Blair creature rises again

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but the (IMHO) repulsive, lying war criminal, Tony Blair, has thrust his way back into the fawning media. This week he’s getting media attention by claiming that 70% of all young people should go to university. At the moment the figure is […]

A policeperson even more useless than Cressida ‘Dickless’ Dick? Yes. Really.

Wednesday/Thursday blog

Britain’s Keystone Cops?

I imagine you’ve all seen our useless police’s latest gimmick – police cars painted with the LGBTQ++++ rainbow:

I believe these cars are the ‘brainchild’ of a certain high-ranking policeperson – Deputy Chief Constable Julie Cooke of the Cheshire Police. Deputy Chief Constable Julie apparently thinks that […]

Are Britain’s police still the envy of the world?

Friday/weekend blog

Sorry, we’re too busy

If you tried ringing the police to report that your house was burgled or your car stolen, it’s unlikely they’ll bother to send someone round to investigate. The police will probably claim they’re far too busy investigating other crimes. So, here are three recent examples of the types of […]

Dear Merseyside police – is this a parody?

Monday/Tuesday blog

You can’t be serious, can you?

Below is a short (less than 2 minutes) video apparently put out by the Merseyside police in support of a LGBT++ day or week or month or year or whatever.

When I first saw it, I assumed it was a parody mocking our increasingly progressive, liberal, intersectional, […]

An important message from Home Secretary Priti “pretty useless” Patel

There follows an important message from Home Secretary Priti “more than totally useless” Patel:

To British citizens

If you are a British citizen returning to the UK from around 30 Third-World countries, you’ll be forced to go into quarantine in some of the worst hotels in Britain – total dumps with filthy carpets, peeling wallpaper […]