March 2020
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Correcting two recent Covid-19 mainstream media lies

(Tuesday blog)

Today I just wanted to correct two recent mainstream media lies about the Chinese Covid-19 plague.

Lie 1 – We should have joined the EU ventilator scheme

This lie has been widely reported in the Europhiliac, Brexit-hating media. The claim is that British lives will be lost because the UK didn’t join an […]

America created the Coronavirus just as America killed over 4,000 Americans on 9/11

(Monday blog – 2)

And here are more words of wisdom from our friends from the world’s most enlightened religion.

Dr. Taha Al-Mutawakkil, the Houthi Minister of Public Health in Yemen, said in a Friday, March 20, 2020 sermon that aired on Al-Eman TV (Yemen) that the world should ask who and what is behind […]

Having non-Muslims as friends is more dangerous than the Coronavirus

(Monday blog – 1)

I just wanted to remind readers that having non-Muslims as friends is more dangerous than the Coronavirus according to Canadian Imam Younus Kathrada.

However, on a more positive note, unlike many other learned scholars from our favourite religion, Younus Kathrada does accept that Jews and Christians are human beings and that […]

Will you be one of the lucky ones to get a ventilator?

(weekend blog)

I suppose I should start by paraphrasing Dickens’s Mr Micawber: “10,000 serious cases of Covid-19, 12,000 ventilators – result happiness. 12,000 serious cases of Covid-19, 10,000 ventilators – result misery”.

There seem to be a few things becoming clear about Covid-19:

The figures for numbers of cases in each country are worthless as […]

Are the experts doing a “reverse ferret”?

(Friday blog – Chinese plague day 30)

Firstly, I hope you all watched the film “Contagion” on TV2 yesterday evening at 21.00h. If you didn’t see it, the film was about a virus which originated in China when a bat infected a pig and then quickly spread around the world from people travelling. The virus […]

Covid-19 is a “soldier of Allah” sent to smite us infidels and unbelievers!

(Thursday blog)

It would clearly be discriminatory and waaccciiissst of me to only give limited opinions about the Chinese Covid-19 plague seen from Westerners’ point of view.

So for balance, here are some of the greatest brains from the Religion of Total Craziness (sorry, I meant ‘Religion of Wonderful Peacefulness’) explaining the real origins of […]

Epidemiologists, climatologists and filthy, disease-ridden Chinese?

(Wednesday blog)

Still on about the Chinese plague, I’m afraid.

Is this much worse than the flu?

There has been much talk of more people dying each year from ordinary flu than from the Chinese Covid-19 plague. On average 17,000 people have died from the flu in England annually between 2014/15 and 2018/19. However, the […]

Time to learn a new phrase – “viral load”

(Tuesday blog)

We’re now all familiar with such delightful Covid-19-related words such as “comorbidities” and charming expressions such as “social distancing”. But today I’d like to add to the new Covid-19 lexicon by copying a comment made by a Times reader on the Times website.

Most comments on the Times website are made by people […]

Two Chinese plague stories today

(Monday blog)

Story 1 – Virtue-signalling kills

At the beginning of February, the (IMHO) woke, libtard, moronic, virtue-signalling mayor of Florence, Dario Nardella, suggested residents hug Chinese people to encourage them in the fight against the novel coronavirus.

Meanwhile, a member of Associazione Unione Giovani Italo Cinesi, a Chinese society in Italy aimed at promoting […]

How stupid are the BBC’s ultra-woke correspondents?

(weekend blog)

In this weekend’s blog, I’d like to bring you a story from my own sad, boring, insignificant little life.

Water load of rubbish from the BBC

Most Saturdays I listen to Radio 4’s MoneyBox presented by Paul Lewis. Often I switch the radio on a bit early and so catch a few of […]