August 2022
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Did you have a good pandemic?

Monday/Tuesday blog

How was your pandemic? Did you become a lot richer? Probably not.

America – From billionaires to squillionaires

As the U.S. crossed the grim milestone of 1 million deaths from Covid-19, U.S. billionaires have seen their combined wealth rise over $1.7 trillion, a gain of over 58 percent during the pandemic. While billionaires […]

Who is Klaus Schwab?

Monday blog

I don’t have a story today. But I found this shortish (10 minutes) video quite interesting. It explains the background of James Bond-ish villain Klaus Schwab and his World Economic Forum:

When watching this, we should probably remember one of Adam Smith’s most famous quotes:

And here’s […]

Putin and his rotten, corrupt, murderous, barbaric Orc army

Sunday/Monday blog

First a bit of nonsense. Then the serious stuff.

Azog, Putin and the Orcs

I saw a bit of a film on TV on Saturday evening. It was the third part of Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings trilogy – The Battle of the Five Armies.

The piece I saw featured the evil […]

Do we have too many “Yes Ministers”?

weekend blog

Back to slightly more serious stuff. But nothing too controversial. Here’s an aspect of our greedy, self-serving, net-zero-obsessed, incompetent government of which readers might not have been aware:

Yes Ministers?

One of the many ways for MPs to increase the amounts of our money they can pocket is by becoming government ministers. In […]

Hey Ceylon, maybe you’d have been better off as a British colony?

Thursday blog

Looting – Sri Lanka’s favourite national sport?

As you probably know, the once glorious island paradise of Sri Lanka is bankrupt and descending into a failed state. The three main reasons seem to me to be:

decades of utterly incompetent government massive, unrepayable loans, especially from China’s Belt and Road debt colonialism/enslavement alleged […]