May 2023

How woke won?

Wednesday/Thursday blog

I’m pushed for time today. But I’ll start this blog up and see how far I get.

I came across this quote from someone called Max Horkheimer of the Frankfurt School:

I checked the Frankfurt School on Wikipedia:

The Frankfurt School perspective of critical investigation (open-ended and self-critical) is based […]

Britain to be “clean energy superpower”. Errr……….

Monday/Tuesday blog

I guess you’ve all seen the story. Sir Kneeler “I don’t know what a woman is” Starmer has pledged to make Britain into a “clean energy superpower” when Labour boot out the useless pretend Conservatives at the next election. This is part of Labour’s “Green Prosperity” plan for what pathetically little is left […]

California dreaming or just a woke nightmare?

Friday/weekend blog

California Dreaming

Hopefully readers will be aware of the Mamas and Papas 1965 song “California Dreaming” (link at the end of this blog). Back then this was the image many of us had when thinking about California:

And there was also “California Girls” by the Beach Boys, also released in […]

“The science is settled” says Mr Ed

Wednesday/Thursday blog

The science is settled

Hopefully you’ve all seen the story that Sir “Mr Ed” Ed Davey, leader of the Labdums, has claimed in an interview on LBC that “the science is settled – women can have a penis”.

Here’s Sir “Mr Ed” Ed Davey:

You or I might have […]

Which side is lying about the “Climate Crisis”?

Monday/Tuesday blog

Who do you trust about the supposed “Climate Crisis”?

Ignorant nobodies like myself?

Or reliable experts like the BBC?

And all the mainstream media?

Perhaps Neil Oliver can help you decide?

Though personally I’m a little annoyed with Mr Oliver. I sent him a […]

Is the NHS too brown?

Friday/weekend blog

It’s now apparently acceptable to accuse the Royal Family of being ‘terribly white’ or ‘too white’ or whatever. In fact, it’s not only acceptable, but saying this makes one a courageous, outspoken hero for the BBC and the progressive left. So, I assume it would also be acceptable for me to […]

Maybe we were lucky to have lived in a brief historical aberration?

Wednesday/ Thursday blog

The elites give us monkeys a few bananas

I’m increasingly coming to the view that we have been fortunate to have lived in a period which can only be described as a brief historical aberration. It’s an historical aberration because it has been a period during which the elites have partially reduced […]

Why are they doing this to us?

Monday/Tuesday blog

We elect politicians supposedly to make our lives better. But for the last few years, it seems that the political elites, enthusiastically cheered on by the prostitute mainstream media and funded by big business, have decided that we – who are not members of the political, business or media elites – need to […]

Our useless NHS managers haven’t got a clue and the joys of immigration

weekend blog

1. Our useless NHS managers haven’t got a clue

If you’d been watching the news, you might have got the impression that there was a bit of a problem in our NHS (which is, of course, the envy of the world). You might have heard about 7.2 million people waiting for treatment, continual […]

Phew, it’s almost over – oh no, there’s still Eurovision

Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday blog

I didn’t watch the (IMHO) rather pointless coronation of the King of Eco-loons and his gorgeous Queen Godzilla. And there’s been so much guff said and written about the whole ghastly spectacle that one would think it impossible to add anything which hadn’t already been covered.

But there were a few anomalies I […]