August 2022
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A month of fasting, prayer, reflection and murder? – final score

Monday blog

Censored for “misinformation”

Readers might be amused to learn that I have been censored for spreading “misinformation”. I posted part of my weekend blog questioning the need to vaccinate babies against the Chinese lab-leaked plague on a business networking site called “LinkedIn”.

Within an hour, my article was deleted by the LinkedIn thought-controllers […]

Putin and his rotten, corrupt, murderous, barbaric Orc army

Sunday/Monday blog

First a bit of nonsense. Then the serious stuff.

Azog, Putin and the Orcs

I saw a bit of a film on TV on Saturday evening. It was the third part of Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings trilogy – The Battle of the Five Armies.

The piece I saw featured the evil […]

Not laughing now, eh Fritz?

Thursday/Friday blog

How the Germans all sniggered and mocked when President Trump gave a speech at the United Nations in 2018 warning that Germany would become totally dependent on Russia for its energy.

Click on link below to see Trump’s warning, Germans’ reaction and latest US media headlines about Germany’s dependence on Russia for its […]

China loves Russia’s Ukraine war and the West’s supposed ‘sanctions’

Tuesday blog

Kicking ourselves in the testicles with both feet?

Have you ever tried jumping in the air while shouting “I support net zero” and “Down with Putin” while kicking yourself in the balls with both feet at the same time? I haven’t tried this. And I imagine it’s quite difficult to do. And possibly […]

Putin warned us – “not an inch eastwards”. NATO spat in his face. That was stupid!

Friday/weekend blog

First, let me make it clear – I am not condoning Putin’s invasion of Ukraine. But Putin has made it very clear for at least the last 14 years that he saw Ukraine and Georgia joining NATO as an existential threat to Russia and warned, “not an inch eastwards”.

When a large, vicious, […]