May 2022
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What, if anything, do our police actually do?

Monday/Tuesday blog

Wonderful news from our police bosses

Hopefully, you’ll have been as excited as I was to learn about our police bosses’ latest brilliant plan – the Police Race Action Plan.

Our police proudly announced their great idea a few days ago:

The Police Race Action Plan has been developed jointly by the National […]

Three unconnected issues

Friday/Saturday blog

Is having Sky or Netflix essential to preserving life?

As our financially-incontinent chancellor splashes around money which we don’t have, I began to wonder how impoverished the supposedly ‘impoverished’ really are. The professional bleaters and moaners in the mainstream media (MSM) warn us of an ‘apocalypse’ from rising prices, in particular energy prices. […]

The Great Replacement really is happening. And there’s nothing you can do to stop it!

Wednesday/ Thursday blog

First some great news

The NHS – our great national religion – apparently has so much money and so much time on its hands that it is opening a special clinic to offer free female-to-male surgery for anyone who wants it. I won’t go into detail about what this surgery involves. But […]

You WILL take the medicine! You WILL take the medicine! You WILL ……

Monday/Tuesday blog

The latest Amazon review of my book – THERE IS NO CLIMATE CRISIS

First, I thought I’d mention the latest review of my book – THERE IS NO CLIMATE CRISIS – posted on Amazon:

Extremely useful as an example of anti-scientific propaganda

Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 21 May 2022

Every debunked, […]

Stupid – stupider – stupidest – woke

weekend blog

Only the woke shall work?

On my Friday blog about some crazy woke woman claiming that men could get pregnant and possibly need abortions, one reader commented: “How do these people ever get an effing job…?”

I would like to turn this question round: “Do you really think it’s possible to get a […]

I hope I don’t get pregnant and need an abortion

Thursday/Friday blog

Political correctness going ever crazier?

A witness called by Democrats to a Judiciary Committee hearing in the House on Wednesday 18th May claimed that men are capable of getting pregnant and having abortions if they please.

Aimee Arrambide, executive director of pro-abortion non-profit AVOW was grilled by Republican North Carolina Rep. Dan Bishop, […]

W.H.O. rules the world?

Wednesday/Thursday blog

If you watch GB News and in particular Mark Steyn at 20.00h each weekday evening, you’ll know all about this story. If you get your information from other sources, you’ll probably have heard nothing at all about this latest horror.

It’s another example of our leaders signing us up to various international treaties […]

Intelligence and ethnicity – a minefield for the societally suicidal?

Monday/Tuesday blog

Of all the possible areas for scientific research, examining any links between intelligence and ethnicity must surely be the most reliable road to guaranteed career and social suicide. It’s an even more heinous crime than daring to question the climate change nonsense pumped out by the climate catastrophist crazies enthusiastically supported by the […]

A reader asked: “why is there a high crime rate among black Americans?”

Friday/weekend blog

Following my previous blog in which I pointed out that 89.5% of all African-Americans murdered in the USA were murdered by other African-Americans, a reader asked “why is there a high crime rate among black Americans?”

So, let me start to suggest an answer for the US and also make some observations about […]

Are Blacks who murder other Blacks “racists”?

Wednesday/Thursday blog

We all know that we ghastly white people are all racists. Apparently, we’re either ‘conscious racists’ or ‘subconscious racists’ or perhaps both at the same time. Who knows?

And we all know that US police are even more racist than anyone else as they all leave home each morning for work hoping they […]