July 2024

Lying, useless fake Tories blame voters for the coming debacle

Monday – Tuesday blog

Tories blame us ‘stupid’ voters

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but there have been a flood of articles and interviews in the media in which the lying, useless, incompetent fake Tories are blaming us voters for the coming Labour landslide and (hopefully, IMHO) annihalation of the waste-of-skin, sleazy Tories.


Why would Nigel Farage want to be associated with the crooks at Coutts?

Monday/Tuesday blog

Coutts Bank apears to be a highly disreputable bank which discriminates against millionaires in favour of multimillionaires and seems to be happy to take money from any passing kleptocrat or fraudster. Being associated with Coutts could be damaging to Nigel Farage’s reputation.

Coutts’s Wikipedia page reports of enormous financial malpractice by Coutts, which […]

Britain’s “Greek Tragedy”?

Wednesday/Thursday blog

The main purpose of this blog is to try to pass on information that the mainstream media either won’t cover or else about which the mainstream media lies. Oh, and I also hope that the occasional reader might be tempted to buy a copy of my latest book – THERE IS NO CLIMATE […]

Maybe Boris Johnson could be good?

(Christmas blog)

Congratulations to British voters! What a wonderful Christmas present!

(weekend blog)

There will be so much blethering and blathering by the supposed ‘experts’ in the mainstream media that I doubt there’s anything a deplorable ignoramus like myself could add.

But I would like to express my delight at the election result and my admiration for the British electorate for yet again defying the instructions […]

Will the lying, UK-hating Remoaners be demanding a “People’s General Election”?

(Friday blog)

I write this just after the exit polls have come in, but before any real results. So, much can change by the time you read this. But the big question is: if the exit polls are right and Boris wins a reasonable working majority, how will the lying, hypocritical, europhiliac, UK-hating Remoaners react?


How to destroy a civilisation – in ten simple steps

(Monday blog)

Today I’m going to plagiarise a couple of readers’ comments.

Western civilisation is probably the greatest civilisation ever achieved by humanity in terms of scientific, social and political progress. More people have been brought out of poverty and given relatively comfortable lives by Western civilisation than by any previous civilisation.

It’s always easy […]

It looks like the Remainers have won

(Tuesday blog)

Oh dear. It looks like the Remainers have won. They have, of course, been ably assisted by the (IMHO) low-life, lying, hypocritical, garbage like Bercow, Letwin, Grieve, Hammond and Starmer.

We can now see the Remainers’ plan for sabotaging Brexit and keeping us in their beloved, German-run Fourth Reich also known as the […]

Why don’t Brexiteers use the courts too?

(Sunday/Monday blog)

What a mess! What a f**king disaster! Brexit delayed yet again and again and again by (IMHO) scumbag lying Remainers. Letwin, Grieve, Soubry, Gauke and all the other (IMHO) lying Remainer garbage.

But, if the Remoaner scum can use the courts to block the Government and Brexit, why can’t Brexiteers use them to […]

Today – a Brexit-free blog. Well, almost Brexit-free.

(Saturday blog)

No point mentioning Brexit today. We’ll have to see what happens in the House of Scumbags. But if our useless, self-serving, greedy, expenses-fiddling MPs delay Brexit yet again, well…………… I’m speechless in my fury at their lies and dishonesty.

Ghandi was a ‘racist bastard’

Like me you might have thought that Mahatma Gandhi […]