November 2022

The true state of the Russian military

Monday/Tuesday blog

I’ve spent a bit of time in Russia – I used to speak Russian but I’ve forgotten most of it now. So I have a little experience of how things work there. Basically everything happens “po blaty” – through corruption.

So I found this video both interesting and even rather amusing. I rather […]

Management madness in our failing NHS

Friday/weekend blog

Letting children destroy our country?

First I wanted to mention a (I believe) rather important news item you may not have noticed.

New Zealand’s highest court ruled on Monday this week that the country’s current voting age of 18 was ‘discriminatory’. This judgement has forced […]

Our useless, lying politicians talk big and deliver nothing

Wednesday/Thursday blog

The invasion that gets ever worse

Hopefully you’ll all have seen this chart:


For the last few years our various Home Secretaries have all promised and promised and promised to reduce the number of illegal migrants crossing the Channel. The result – a massive increase every year. The solution is simple […]

An impressive article in “The Conservative Woman”

Monday/ Tuesday blog

Footballing fun?

I have absolutely no interest in football. But I was rather surprised to see that World Cup hosts Qatar lost the opening game against Ecuador. I had rather assumed that, having paid millions in bribes to corrupt FIFA bosses to get the tournament held in Qatar and hundreds of billions […]

Don’t get fooled into being put on the charities’ Christmas “suckers list”

weekend blog

It’s the time of the year to be charitable

As Christmas approaches, it’s the ‘giving’ time of year when we get bombarded with TV ads for some of Britain’s more than 200,000 registered charities. Hopefully, you’ll have noticed that many charity TV ads ask you to text a word like ‘care’ or ‘heart’ […]

Please give generously to the homelessness gravy-trainers

Thursday/Friday blog

It’s Christmas and, as usual, we’re being blitzed with ads from homelessness charities. I understand that there can be few things as depressing as being alone and homeless at Christmas. But that doesn’t mean we can’t have a little look at these homelessness charities demanding so much of our money.

Moreover, having written […]

Did ‘blabbing’ Stanley Johnson just spill the beans?

Tuesday blog

I hope you watched the Mark Steyn Show on GB News yesterday evening. If you did, you’ll have seen a short clip in which (IMHO) blabbing big-mouth Stanley Johnson, father of our former PM, rather gives the game away about our rulers’ plans for imposing CO2 allowances on us.

In our rulers’ plans, […]

I couldn’t have said it better

Monday/Tuesday blog

Are the NHS’s problems mostly self-inflicted?

NHS bosses and medics are bleating and howling about how this winter’s NHS crisis will be the worst ever. And, of course, they’re demanding many billions more of our money. But I’d like to humbly suggest that many of the NHS’s problems are either caused by our […]

Are our ‘angelic’ nurses really underpaid?

weekend blog

The BBC and most of the mainstream media tell us that our ‘angelic’ nurses are so badly paid that some are having to rely on food banks to survive. So, let’s test this latest nonsense from the worthless, UK-hating, biased, woke, progressive, transgender-hugging, migrant-adoring, climate-catastrophist, Tory-loathing national broadcaster and other mainstream media.

There […]

Get ready for weeks/months of climate drivel and lies

Thursday/Friday blog

First just a minor comment. I didn’t blog yesterday as a fault with the electricity cable to my house meant I didn’t have any power for over 14 hours. Our stupid, brainwashed, snowflake, woke Generation Z are going to get a big shock when the fossil fuels they hate so much are replaced […]