September 2021
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No aspiration to ‘aspirate’?

Wednesday/Thursday blog

(a slightly different subject today, but hopefully one some readers will find mildly interesting and one which none of the mainstream media will dare touch for reasons that I hope will be obvious)

You’re fired!

Something rather odd is happening in New York State. A mandate came into effect that by Monday evening […]

Hooray! UK taxpayers to save the world from climate change

Monday/Tuesday blog

Proud to be British?

Doesn’t it make you proud to be British? Under Boris ‘Churchill’ Johnson’s magnificent leadership, Britain is once again about to save the world. We did it in WWI and again in WWII. And now, as humanity battles the non-existent threat of non-existent climate change or climate crisis or climate […]

Making Africa the world’s wealthiest continent?

Friday/weekend blog

We need to help poor Africa?

In my last blog I unkindly suggested that the $100bn-a-year fund to supposedly help supposedly poor countries supposedly fight the supposedly terrible effects of supposed climate change or climate crisis or climate breakdown or climate emergency or whatever it’s called this week might magically disappear into the […]

Hooray for Boris! Let’s give gazillions more to corrupt, multi-billionaire Third-World kleptocrats!

Wednesday/Thursday blog

Making Flop26 another disaster for us stupid taxpayers?

As you’ll all know, our wonderful prime minister, Boris the Brave, is busy battling away at the UN in New York trying to save us all from supposed climate breakdown. (Yes, last week it was called “Climate Crisis”, but now we apparently must use the […]

“California dreaming …. on such a winter’s day”

Monday/ Tuesday blog

(Hopefully readers of a certain age will recognise the title of today’s blog from a 1966 Mamas and Papas song – California Dreaming)

The Good News and the Bad News

The good news is that our wonderful government is turning Britain into a version of California. But that’s also the bad news.


West goes woke/broke – China’s masterstroke?

Friday/weekend blog

Britain goes woke and broke?

As the UK rushes headlong towards the ‘renewable energy’ Nirvana which obsesses our scientifically-challenged, Greta-worshipping rulers, our climate catastrophist media seem somewhat reluctant to mention the practical economically-disastrous consequences.

Firstly, there seems to be little understanding that our energy prices are already over three times those in China […]

The NHS’s “worst winter ever” extortion scam?

Wednesday/Thursday blog

2021 – Worst winter ever for NHS?

As summer – yes the the few hot days we had before the cold and rain started yet again, that was our supposedly ‘catastrophic global warming’ summer – becomes a distant memory, we’re being warned that our beloved, envy-of-the-world NHS is facing its “worst winter ever”:


Why are so many non-blacks employed? Why are so many blacks unemployed?

Monday/Tuesday blog

The perpetually outraged are outraged yet again

There was a brief burst of outrage last week by those who spend their lives trying to find something to be outraged about. The reason for the outrage was a new report on levels of youth unemployment by ethnicity from the Office for National Statistics (ONS).


Wondrous week for useless, overpaid, over-pensioned NHS burearistocrats

Friday/weekend blog


I thought it worth quoting the latest review of my book THERE IS NO CLIMATE CRISIS posted on Amazon:

Thankfully, this author’s type of blinkered attitude is now going the way of the dinosaur. But he has such a deep level of misunderstanding that I […]

The Wuhan lab leak – the smoking gun finally found?

Wednesday/Thursday blog

Here’s a more than important story I suspect you won’t find in any of our ‘widely-respected’ British mainstream media.

It seems that journalists – I mean real journalists, not the biased, Trump-loathing, West-hating, migrant-hugging, climate-catastrophist garbage who produce most of our supposed ‘news’ – in the U.S. have finally found the smoking gun […]