Other countries laugh as we suckers in Britain and US pay to fight Ebola

I’ve pointed out in a previous post how the well-fed, utterly corrupt, thieving rulers of the Ebola-hit countries will be laughing all the way to their offshore banks as they get the chance to steal much of the money flowing in to supposedly fight the Ebola outbreak. Here’s a reminder of the number of deaths […]

EU’s “dirty tricks” campaign to help Miliband by destroying Cameron may backfire

Our eurocrat masters love Ed Miliband. He’s their chosen man. He has all the right credentials, not least that he is inept, uncharismatic, unimaginative but most of all an ardent Europhile.

He has everything the EU needs or wants of a national leader and will sycophantically do whatever his EU masters command. But that means […]

Britain’s supposed “GDP growth” – it’s mostly benefits for immigrants

As you’ll know, the EU is demanding an extra £1.7bn from Britain because of the UK’s supposed “growth”. But let’s look at where this “growth” may be coming from.

In the last 15 years, about 8 million people have moved to the UK. Of these, around 5 million are non-EU and 3 million from the […]

The Eurozone disaster that we’re paying for

It’s almost pathetic watching the shallow, PR spiv Dodgy David Cameron squealing about the EU’s demand for £1.7bn when he probably knew all about it months ago. But Dodgy is trying to look tough ahead of the Rochester by-election.

But hopefully the EU’s latest attack on cash-cow Britain has shown even the stupidest Brits that […]

Another humiliating retreat from Afghanistan?

After 13 years of fighting – longer than WWI and WWII together – and with 453 killed and 2,188 wounded – British troops finally leave Afghanistan.

But are we marching out in triumph? Or scuttling away in humiliating defeat? (click on images to see more clearly)

Our military bosses, with their honours, […]

Management gobbledigook and buzzword alert

I’ve just seen the new boss at Tesco explain his plan for rebuilding his collapsing business – “We need to rethink and re-energise around the customer agenda”.

OK, it’s fairly easy to work out what he means. But where on earth did he learn to speak like that? And why?

Like so many other once […]

Nazis and *sl*mists – Can you spot the differences?

I had to go up to London early today.

But before I left, I thought I’d leave you with a little “Spot the Differences” competition.

So, can you spot the differences between Nazis and *sl*mists?

Now there is another “Spot the Differences” competition we could play: […]

Which of these 11 incidents “has nothing to do with *sl*m”?

1. The murderous rampage of the *sl*m*c State in Syria and Iraq?

2. The hacking to death and attempted beheading of Drummer Lee Rigby in London by M*sl*m converts Michael Adebolajo and Michael Adebowale?

3. The murder of a Canadian policeman on Monday this week by Martin Couture-Rouleau a M*sl*m convert?

4. The murder of […]

The great University Fees rip-off, scam, c*ck-up, disaster

Our greedy, expenses-fiddling, financially-incontinent politicians are always looking for new ways to take ever more of our money. One of the best tricks for doing this, without appearing to raise taxes, is to make us start paying directly for things that used to be covered by our taxes. In order to ease these changes in, […]

Cheer up! Things are even worse in crazy Russia

Readers might get depressed reading my endless predictions of gloom and doom and impending national bankruptcy. So, on a more cheerful note, things are much worse in Russia.

I recently bought a dashboard camera on Amazon for my car after seeing a TV documentary about “cash for crash” fraudsters who deliberately slam on their brakes […]