September 2020
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Do’s and Don’ts in the new woke, fascist BLM Britain and USA

(Wednesday/Thursday blog)

Given some recent events, some readers may be getting confused about what is permitted and what is forbidden in the new, exciting, woke, Orwellian, politically-correct, fascist Black Lives Matter Britain and USA. So, snouts-in-the-trough is pleased to provide a new guide to what is acceptable and what will get you cancelled, reviled, sacked […]

Oh dear, another bit of a blog

That was a waste of time – don’t you agree?

In my latest blog, I asked my readers to forward on the link to my “Brexit Song” video to drive up the number of people who watch it.

Going from the number of people who visit my blog each day, I expected the video to have anywhere between 3,000 and 5,000 views by now. There […]

The Brexit Song – coming soon

(Monday blog)

I’m trying to put together my next YouTube video – The Brexit Song – so there will not be a blog today.

Video now virtually complete. Blogging will restart on Tuesday 7 May

Does ‘honest’ Joe Biden belong in the sewer? Not the White House?

(weekend blog)

It seems that my new Brexit video, “The Brexit Song” is being more than slightly delayed. A bit like Brexit itself. Though hopefully, unlike Brexit, my video will eventually be delivered.

So instead, let’s start today’s blog with a touching (in the real sense of the word) family photo. This was taken at […]

‘Peaceful’ Rohingas do a bit of slaughtering too

(Friday blog)

I suppose that the main purpose in writing a blog like this is to bring my small but exclusive band of readers stories, facts and figures that the politically-correct mainstream media wouldn’t touch with a well-sterilised bargepole.

So, here’s one that you definitely won’t see on the BBC or C4 News. And this […]


(weekend blog)

Can’t type due to a hand injury. So here are some photos taken yesterday of some of the ten fox cubs which have taken up residence in my back garden


The real reason for General Mike Flynn’s contacts with the Russians?

We’ve all seen the headlines – Trump’s security adviser, General Mike Flynn, lied to FBI about contacts with the Russians. But, as far as I know, no mainstream media has bothered to report the nature of Flynn’s contacts with some highly-placed Russians.

That’s why I found the piece below by US commentator, Pat Buchanan, interesting. […]

How to be a progressive feminist

I am a progressive feminist. This man has hurt my feelings. This man has offended me. This man should be arrested, prosecuted and imprisoned for speaking the truth and offending people like me:

BA – is it the world’s most hated airline?

Do you remember those glorious days when BA used the slogan “The World’s Favourite Airline”? As far as I can see, BA no longer makes this claim. For good reason!

I’ve written before about how I believe that BA’s “Avios” points scheme is a scam as, however many points you collect, there never seem to […]