April 2020
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Maybe we crazy conspiracy theorists were right after all?

(Wednesday blog)

What to say about the Chinese Covid-19 plague that hasn’t already been said a thousand times by a thousand experts and supposed ‘experts’?

Is hospitalisation almost a death sentence?

First the numbers. We know that comparing the total number of cases by country is meaningless as it depends on the amount of testing […]

May the Lord save us from stupidity and lies!

(Friday blog)

I’ll take a sort of break today and just bring you two short videos that will hopefully have you holding your head in your hands in despair at the total stupidity and lies all around us.


First stupidity – here’s a campaigner against VAT on tampons accusing Julia Hartley-Brewer of being “transphobic” […]

BBC loves broadcasting Democrats’ lies and lies and lies and ………

(Wednesday blog)

If we were stupid enough to believe the UK mainstream media, we’d think that the Democrats had a strong case for impeachment and that Trump was toast.

The worst offender in the “get Trump” witch-hunt has, of course, been the BBC, especially a dreadful fake news programme called something like “After 100 Days” […]

Republican congressman kicks some lying Democrat ass

(Friday blog)

I must admit, I don’t really understand what the Democrats are up to by trying, yet again, to impeach Trump. But anyone following the UK mainstream media would be led to believe that Trump had committed some awful crime.

There are two main reasons for my confusion:

Biden did what they’re accusing Trump […]

More lying lies from lying liar Elizabeth ‘Pocahontas’ Warren?

(Thursday blog)

Andrew Neil scores again

I hope some readers saw the BBC2’s Andrew Neil Show yesterday. One of his interviewees was some stupid woman from Extinction Rebellion (ER). Andrew Neil utterly ridiculed her and ER’s claims that billions would die due to climate change and she was left floundering unable to answer a single […]

They lie and lie and lie and lie and lie and lie and ………………

(Friday blog)

A few bits and pieces today about lying liars lying:

Paris – not a terrorist attack!!!!

After the murder of four police employees at a police HQ in Paris yesterday, we were informed that this was definitely, absolutely and without any doubt NOT a terrorist attack and that the man had just suddenly […]

Why Arabs don’t want to live in Arab hell-holes?

(Thursday blog)

A tale of two shooters (continued)

First, just a quick continuation of yesterday’s blog about US mass shootings and British media bias.

In the BBC News report yesterday evening, they finally mentioned that there had actually been two mass shootings recently in the US and not just the El Paso shooting by a […]

US shooter was left-wing Democrat supporter – did the BBC forget to mention that?

(Wednesday blog)

Oh dear. A rather disappointing reaction to my blog yesterday about “alarmism”. I thought it was rather good. Obviously readers didn’t share my opinion of my own brilliance. Though it is actually quite difficult to try to find something almost original and almost interesting to write every morning at 07.00h.

Anyway, let’s move […]

Making America Muslim?

(Monday blog)

Apparently I’m a “rancid racist”

Here’s a rather unpleasant email I received at the weekend from

Comment: You’re the David Craig who comments on the Times, aren’t you? What a rancid racist you are and I hope everyone on the Times finds out about you Perhaps amusingly, Adrian G. Sykes sent this […]

Trump is right – they can (should?) leave

(Thursday blog)

Conservative cat amongst progressive pigeons

Oh dear, President Trump has really put the conservative cat amongst the progressive pigeons. And there has been a great deal of flapping, squawking and flying feathers from the progressive pigeons.

Trump, like many Americans, is fed up of people from foreign backgrounds constantly pissing on America and […]