September 2020
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Trump stomping all over Biden? Or Biden stomping all over Trump?

(weekend blog by David Craig – proudly banned from commenting by the Times and Sunday Times for insufficient political correctness)

I thought we could all relax this weekend by enjoying a few of Trump’s and Biden’s most recent campaign ads.

Trump kicking Biden?

Here’s one possibly questioning whether Old Joe is really up to the […]

Greenies only lie to us for our own good, don’t they mommy?

(Friday blog by David Craig – proudly banned from commenting by the Times and Sunday Times for insufficient political correctness)

With Greeny, Greta-worshipping stuff you can find whatever figures you want to justify either:

Global warming will wipe us out within the next ten years There has been no warming at all Burn baby burn! […]

Mad Hillary still blames the Russians

(Monday blog)

You couldn’t make it up

This weekend we had the fervent Remoaner and (IMHO) lying war criminal, Tony Blair, criticising Boris Johnson’s government for supposedly ‘breaking international law”. They even had Blair’s sidekick, Alistair Campbell, being interviewed on TV also putting the boot in.

I seem to have a vague recollection of a […]

How low will the lying, progressive, libtard, Trump-hating media go?

(weekend blog)

Australia’s fascist biased BLM-loving police?

Yesterday I wrote a blog about how the Australian state of Victoria sent its police to arrest a pregnant woman for supposed “incitement”. Her ‘crime’ was to write something on Facebook encouraging people to take part in a protest about Victoria premier Daniel ‘China’ Andrews’s draconian State of […]

Defund dem mutha-f**kin police! Vote Biden/Harris!

(Monday/ Tuesday blog)

Here’s a nice muthaf**kin graph to kick off the week:

It’s a graph of shootings in New York this year (red line) compared to the five previous years.

And here are a couple of tough muthaf**kas:

In the three-day period from Aug.13 through Aug.15, 49 people […]

Don’t let creepy Joe anywhere near your daughter

(weekend blog)

Very short memories?

In Wednesday’s blog, I focused on the lying Democrat liars’ very short memories as they queued up during the Democrat convention this week to blame President Trump for acting too slowly on the Chinese Covid-19 plague. Yet when the Chinese plague originally reached the USA in January 2020, they all […]

Lying Democrat liars have very short memories. Don’t you agree Michelle?

(Wednesday blog)

‘Forgetful’ Democrats?

If you watched any of the TV supposed ‘news’ programmes yesterday, you’ll have seen grovelling reports of Saint Michelle Obama (wife of Nobel-prize-winning Saint Barry Saint Obama):

I can’t quite remember exactly why Saint Barry Obama got his lucrative Nobel Peace Prize before he actually did anything as […]

My mother had dementia – so I wouldn’t vote for her to be US president

(weekend blog)

Free speech anyone? Not at Yahoo!

First just a quick comment some readers might find mildly relevant in today’s woke, fascist, free-speech-hating, social-media-mob times.

I use a US company called Yahoo for my email. I don’t know why I picked Yahoo. I think someone set it up for me years ago.

When one […]

Peaceful BLM protestors prevented from destroying US cities by evil Trump

(Friday/weekend blog)

(on the advice of a reader, I have removed Friday’s/weekend’s blog about my favorite religion)

So here’s something else.

On Wednesday, I watched a video presentation from an organisation of which I’m a member and once spoke at – The Economic Research Council. The speaker this time was an Indian academic who has […]

How the Biden-adoring, Trump-loathing UK media never mention the new US civil war

(Monday/Tuesday blog)

Day after day after day the UK mainstream media bombards us with two main stories from the USA:

the appalling infection and death rates from the Chinese Covid-19 plague (though, of course, the UK media never mentions China and always blames Trump and not state and city politicians) how son of Saint Obama, […]