July 2020
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Trump predicted the statue attacks three years ago

(Monday blog)

Trump predicted the fascist leftists’ statue destruction

Here’s a very brief piece of video from 2017 in which President Donald Trump virtually predicts that the US-hating, West-hating, supposedly ‘woke’, fascist leftists would start tearing down statues of anyone they chose to disapprove of.

The rest of the world was asleep, totally unaware of […]

African Americans – some very inconvenient truths for BLM

Wednesday/Thursday blog

I’d like to start today’s blog with a chart I used a few days ago. It shows the percentage of African-American children born into single-parent households. I don’t use the word ‘family’ because having just a single parent isn’t really (in my humble prejudiced, prehistoric opinion) a ‘family’:

I used […]

Blacks’ Nikes Matter

(Monday/Tuesday blog)

Where to start?

How about with this picture?

(if you want to see the image more clearly, you can just left-click on it once then once again. Then you can even left-click on it a third time to enlarge the image)

This shows the parts of nature-made and man-made CO2 in the […]

Mainstream media bias is truly vomit-inducing

(Friday blog)

I can hardly watch most of the supposed ‘news’ any more as the anti-West, anti-white, anti-democracy bias is so blatant.

Two examples today – “Black Lives Matter” and Hydroxychloroquine

Africa’s weekly “Hiroshima” – Black Lives Matter couldn’t give a damn

The massive media weep-fest over the death of one black American criminal, George […]

Here’s one black life that didn’t matter to “Black Lives Matter”

(Thursday blog)

Black retired cop shot by looters – Black Lives Matter couldn’t give a toss

I don’t know how many readers will be familiar with the circumstances of David Dorn’s death. David Dorn, aged 77, was a retired police captain in St Louis:

Following his retirement after 38 years on the […]

Do black lives matter – to other blacks?

(Tuesday/Wednesday blog)

As the violent supposed ‘Black Lives Matter’ protests continue throughout the USA and in some other countries, nobody is asking the question “Do black lives matter – to other blacks?”

Africa – black lives clearly don’t matter to other blacks

Let’s start with Africa. There are a lot of black people there. About […]

Looting against USA police racism

(Monday blog)

Protesting looting against USA police racism

I fully understand the anger of many Americans over the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis. And I understand why many protests have become violent. Though I suspect that many of the protests are actually organised by the usual antifa lefty Trump-haters terrified that senile old Joe […]

China is our enemy! China is our enemy! China is our enemy! China is our ……..

(weekend blog)

Beware the media’s weasel-wording to discredit Trump

First, let’s celebrate that President Trump has said what no other world supposed leader has dared to say – it’s almost certain that the Chinese Covid-19 plague was accidentally leaked from one of the two research institutes in Wuhan – either the biosafety level-4 Wuhan Institute […]

Can Joe Biden even remember his own name?

(Tuesday blog)

Today I wanted to try to deal with the torrent of lies we get in the UK mainstream media – especially the corrupt BBC and C4 News – about President Donald Trump. There are two main areas of lies – Trump’s reaction to the Chinese Covid-19 plague and Trump’s chances against Democrat Joe […]

The smoking gun? Proof the virus leaked from a filthy Chinese lab?

(Thursday blog)

I wanted to cover something else today. But then I thought it important that readers knew about the latest evidence that the Covid-19 Chinese Coronavirus plague didn’t come from the Wuhan ‘wet market’ as the BBC and C4 News and most UK media claim.

Today I feature an article from Tuesday’s Washington Post.